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Emerging Sexuality

It is well known fact that little boys have lots of erections. Charlie has been having them since he was a newborn, especially during a nappy change.

They seemed random, and often were I suppose.

Now he is older, he has questions about his willy ‘going big’. I answer them all as best I know.

A couple of weeks ago, he came to me with an erection to show me. I asked him why he thought his willy did those things? He replied that it occurred,

‘When he thought of certain things’


‘What things do you think about to make that happen?’

He said,

‘I was watching Scooby do, and a women took her clothes off to go swimming, and I could see her bra and her knickers.’

So at the age of 6, he is having erections with appropriate thoughts. He is developing a sexuality. I must say I am surprised it has occurred so young. 6 seems so little.  We had a nice chat about such things, I reassured him that all was ok and normal.

Then Stacy and I had a chat. Even though we moved into a bigger house, and each of the children have their own rooms and beds, Charlie and Rosa choose to sleep together in the same bed. She has a double, so they have space and are comfortable. But one night on checking on them before we went to sleep, we found Charlie completely naked.

We made the decision that they could no longer sleep together in the same bed and they were distraught. I was unhappy too, because I enjoyed finding them snuggled up together, loving each other.  I felt like it was the end of innocence (it is not).

They have found it difficult to accept our decision, and even though they are put to bed in separate beds and rooms, they still find their way into each others beds before falling asleep. I am ok with this. I would rather the process was not traumatic and gradual.

My children are growing up.


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