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I sobbed that he wasn’t my baby any more. He assured me he still was, and always will be ❤


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Rosa the confident

Confidence in a child is mostly a good thing.

But today, Rosa scared the living shit out of me.

My friend and her neighbour are feuding and involving police etc..
The neighbour who isn’t my friend has been reporting my friend to the RSPCA daily for leaving her chickens whilst she is on holiday. They are in a large enclosed coop with lots of food and water.
But anyway as the RSPCA are calling on her house daily and leaving notices stuck to her door, she got her Mum to mail me a key and asked me to go and check on them.
So today I went in, unlocked her front door, went through her back door and into her garden. Opened the coop and removed the eggs and checked they were all ok.
Then I couldn’t get the coop closed again and spent like 15 minutes trying to close it.
When I finished I called Rosa to come out from wherever she was and there was no answer. I frantically searched the garden and house and she was no where.

I went out onto the street and accosted a man who was pulling onto his drive and said in a blind panic ‘help me!’

It occurred to me she may have decided to go home to our house, so went to get the key to lock up Emma’s house, but the key was gone.

I realised at this point, she had taken the key, thinking it was our house key and had gone home. I left kind neighbour at the front door to guard from burglers and also to look out for her possibly returning and  I ran the two streets (and 2 roads!) home to find her in our garden.

I was beyond livid! I ran back to Emma’s house to relieve the kind man and lock up her house and returned to ours to try and instil in Rosa just how bad what she had done was. She didn’t seem to get why I was so upset. She is so headstrong and confident it’s unbelievable!

We had a lovely weekend with my Mum last week. Charlie misses seeing my Mum as much as he used to before he started school. We went to a historic Anglo Saxon site and it was very hot!


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When I was pregnant with Rosa, I joined an online group of women with nothing more in common other than we were all due to give birth in the same calendar month.

The group evolved over time and eventually there was a splinter group of ladies who were interested in an Attachment Parenting philosophy.

I share pretty much everything with this group of ladies, as do they. We know intimate details about relationships and events. We are the first to know when someone is pregnant, when someone experiences a loss, when someone is worried about something, when a child achieves something, or develops a rash.

They have been a lifeline during lonely moments of being the at home parent.

I love them all.

Then one day last year, my virtual friends became real life in person friends when we all met up for a camping holiday. It was strange for about 30 seconds before we were all totally comfortable. Stacy found it a bit weird bless her, but quickly adapted to these people she had no idea who they were, but who knew absolutely everything about her!

Then this weekend we all met up again in Brighton for my very first festival.

I absolutely LOVED IT! As did the kids.


We started off with a proper scary hailstorm, and then we sang Happy Birthday to all the children who celebrated over the last 6 weeks or so (and ate cake!)


The parachute was a massive hit with the children, and we kept returning to it over and over again over the weekend.bff20bff24

The day times were sunny and warm (we all even got a little sunburnt!) but by night it dipped below freezing so that there was ice on the outside of the tent and our water carrier became full of ice. We were very cold!

On Saturday morning, we headed into the woodland to attend a fire making workshop. The children all lit a piece of cotton wool covered in vaseline, and then we lit a main fire in the centre of the group.

We then all mixed flour and water and added the dough to the end of sticks before cooking it over the fire.

The kids were totally stoked with their achievement and the bread actually tasted rather nice!



After that we all gathered leafs for leaf bashing. We sandwiched leaves between material and bashed them to death to leave the imprint of the leaf on the fabric. They came out rather beautiful.

bff45bff46There was also painting using natural materials like charcoal and mud.bff51

We were delighted to find a little train that ran around the local area. It was a good 20 minutes long, steam powered and ever so fun!bff52bff53

We learnt circus skills in the afternoon.


Bought butterfly wings, tiaras and ribbons.bff60bff61

Wrote down our dreams and attached them to the dream tree.bff64

There was even time to attend a music workshop for singing and dancing before the sun went down.bff70bff76bff77

Sunday was a lazier day, much hotter and we chilled and enjoyed each others company. We did drawing,


Played with giant inflatable footballs,bff82

Did some toddler yoga,bff85

Made clay goddesses, bff87

Made headbands out of natural things we foraged, bff92bff93

I went and attended a tribal singing workshop whilst the kids played in the woods.bff95

It really was a beautiful, magical, bonding weekend. I am so lucky to have these women and their children in my life.

Mike, a husband of one of my friends told me that Charlie was a lovely boy, a real credit to us. He had taken care of a lot of the younger boys, made sure that they each had a turn in the games and looked out for their well being. After Charlie’s recent struggles with his friendships at school, his lovely comments did make me cry.

Reports afterwards tell me that they all hero worshipped him!

Everyone’s children were well behaved. Group living is wonderful for happy children. They can’t get bored when there are so many people to play with. Adults are happier too as their children aren’t badgering them all the time for attention or food. There is always a pair of eyes on your child, so you can take the time to go and do something else.

I am seriously considering some kind of future communal living!

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