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Balance bike fun!

We attended a local event this morning where they had lots of balance bikes and a racetrack. They also had really cool on the floor bike thingies that I don’t know what they are called.

Several of Charlie’s school mates came along and it was nice to see him interact with them. I decided to stay as long as I could manage to give him this time with them and it ended up being nearly 2 hours! Luckily, the centre had a coffee morning on and so I took the girls in for drinks they they played with the toys in there.

Even after that much time he still didn’t want to leave!

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I’ve recently taken my little cottage business on a slightly different course. I fell in love with dyeing my own yarn a little while back, but I don’t really want to sell just skeins of dyed yarn…so I decided to use what I dye to make really unique baby items.

They are a LOT more labour intensive. First of all I knit a blank, then I dye it as a gradient, then I let it dry, then I wind it into two identical balls, before I then crochet it into the desired item.

I am currently experimenting with how much yarn each size needs so that I can make exact sized blanks. It’s no use making them too large, as you will never finish the grad! Can you imagine dyeing a rainbow grad and never making it to the purple?? It would be dreadful! lol

Here are my first few experiments which I am pretty happy with actually!

IMG_7783IMG_7793IMG_7726 edited

I’m taking Rosa to the ballet again on Friday to see The Sleeping Beauty. I think I am excited as she is!


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and I think Charlie might be a music natural. He has always been able to sing in tune and enjoyed making noises with toys when little…but beyond that he hasn’t explored too much.

So I was sorting through a pile of Charlie’s drawings (he draws a LOT and I have to pull out the good ones to keep and make sure he doesn’t see me throw the others away lol) and I found this one:


It was immediately obvious to me that he was writing music and I was intrigued by it. I called him over and asked him to explain it to me.

He told me that the notes on the bars meant ‘do re mi’ and that the notes at the bottom were a rhythm.  He then performed the rhythm for me and I carefully followed his music and it was perfectly the same 🙂

Some things at school he struggles with. We are getting there on the reading, but it certainly hasn’t come naturally for him.

I don’t know how many music lessons he has had, but this has gone in, and it has stuck and he is going to be good at it!

We are now thinking of starting him on an instrument. When questioned, he said he liked the idea of the guitar. I play the guitar and it is a good instrument to learn because you can play it on your own, you don’t require a whole orchestra, and it’s really really cool!

I can teach him the basics, and then we can think about lessons if he takes to it.

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