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House stresses

I have no idea how hard it is to buy/sell houses in other parts of the world, but here in the UK it is hard, and it sucks.

Totally reliant on solicitors to make things happen, they are all incompetent and need their hands holding, as well as nagging at every stage.

considering we accepted the offer on our house back in October, we are only looking to complete this Friday!

What has happened in the mean time? Well the house we were trying to buy was being sold by a divorcing couple. He had moved out and she was still living there with an 18 year old son. She had been delaying the sale by a year but not actually allowing anyone to come and view it! After the court fined her £5k, she starting letting people view. Her next tactic was to reject every single offer anyone gave her. Then we came along. I asked her directly what offer she WOULD accept, and the next day we offered that amount and it was accepted. The court was putting pressure on her to move forward and I felt ok that it was going to happen.

Then, she stopped responding to all phone calls, emails and letters.  We had at this point spent £1000 on fees and surveys. Our buyers were also getting annoyed at the delays. After 6 weeks of trying to convince her to answer the phone or return contracts, we withdrew our offer.

So we were then in the position of having sold our house, but with no where to move to…

We went along to a new build office on our estate and they had a beautiful 5 bed house due to be completed this August. It was £30k more than the house we had previously been trying to buy, and it also had one less bedroom! We had to swallow that pill and we bought it.

Luckily for us, our buyers were buying to let. We asked them if we could be their first tenants and as of Friday (fingers crossed!) we shall no longer own our house, and shall be instead renting it back from our buyers until our house if finished late summer.

All very stressful. All very exciting.

There has been soooo  much paperwork associated with all this, help to buy, tenancy contracts as well as all the normal stuff and no one just does anything without us having to ring up and nag them. They lost important contracts, and then didn’t tell us for 2 weeks!


But anyway, with all the stress of it all, I had gained EIGHT pounds this month alone. That is hideous.. A lot of takeways and a lot of chocolate will do that you know.

So I am back on the Slimming World and so far going through massive sugar withdrawals. I felt so ill at work yesterday, my head was pounding and I felt so sick. I’m hoping this goes away quickly!

I am trying to convince Stacy to join me in this weight loss. She gained a lot of weight the last 2 years mostly through depression and she needs to lose it for health reasons if nothing else. She is lacking the motivation at the moment, but hopefully I can get her to join me!

We have however had a lovely half term. We did lots of nice things with the children including a trip to the Dino park with friends.



Some swimming


A sleepover at Nanas and lots of home crafting!


My Mum made the girls super cute matching outfits!





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Giving up breastfeeding

Long time readers of my blog will know how much breastfeeding has meant to me. When I had Charlie, I encountered every problem under the sun, and fed him for 4 months exclusively, and another 2 months combi feeding. I gave up in the end due to low supply. I was very very sad.

When I had Rosa, I had many less problems until she was about 6 months old when I encountered low supply again. This time I asked for Domperidone from the GP, and managed to feed her until she was 9 months old pretty much exclusively. I gave up when the GP withdrew the Domperidone and my supply vanished.

With Cleo, the low supply problem arrived when she was 4 months old. My new GP prescribed me Domperidone and didn’t limit my supply, nor put an end date on it. So I have been taking it ever since she was 4 months old. I have tried several times to come off it, but my milk dries up so very quickly, and I start taking it again. I have gained weight being on it so long (plus there are some concerns about long term use).

So I stopped taking it about 2 weeks ago. Cleo is still feeding, latching on, asking for a breast feed…..but I can’t hear any swallowing going on.  It still calms her in the middle of the night when I want her to go back to sleep. I am pretty sure she is not actually getting much milk out of there. When I squeeze after she comes off, I get small droplets, no squirting.

So, I am sad 😦 I would love to feed into late toddler hood, but the struggle to maintain a supply does get to me. I will continue to allow her to latch on when she asks, but I am sure she will get fed up of trying at some point soon.

She just looks so much like a baby when latched on. She peers into my eyes and we connect. She is my last, and she is growing up.

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