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Crown hat crochet pattern

I’m still busy in the background with my crochet business. I really want to get some more of my patterns written up and into my Etsy shop and this week I managed to get my crown hat done. It’s currently out with my testers. Feels good!

crown hat photo 222crown hat photo

I have also been investing in my photography recently including buying Lightroom and a later version of PS Elements and also some actions and editing tutorials. After watching them for several hours, I now want real proper photoshop! It’s amazing what you can do with even a small amount of knowledge when it comes to editing. Some things I have been doing in my own way I developed, are much much easier to achieve using a layer mask. I would really like to have a go at one of those photos that are more like a piece of digital art than the reality that they were taken in.

Watch this space!


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Charlie’s teacher made a point of pulling me to one side this week to tell me how well Charlie has been doing at school. She said he has really turned a corner and has been producing some amazing work. He is one of the youngest in his class, so it is no surprise to me that he is (was) lagging a bit behind in his achievements.

He has found learning to read a bit of a struggle. He learnt all the letters and sounds very very quickly, but has found blending the sounds much harder. Something has just clicked now and his sounding out is spot on in 90% of cases. He is also now managing to sight recognise lots of words without having to sound them out, making reading a lot more enjoyable to him.

He is no longer content to just listen to a bedtime story any more, preferring to be involved in the reading. He takes a lot of pleasure from it. I am excited for him, to be on the reading journey with all the delights yet to be experienced.

His writing has also taken a leap. He has always wanted his handwriting to be neat, and it really is! He likes to keep it small and regular sized, and I think it is really cute.

His mind and imagination is beginning to make it onto the written page and I just love how his mind works. I adore the way his spellings take form:

I yoosd (used) baloongs (balloons) to mac (make) the lights. I yoo (used) carbord (cardboard) to mac (make) the weeyls (wheels). I cut the doors to that the peole (people) can get in.


I just ❤ him 😀

Cleo is also starting to talk. She has signs for food, drink, milk, more, cat and she says:

dilk = milk

ooos = shoes

sit = sit

eye = eye

wasat = what’s that?

Rosa can now write her name beautifully and adorns all sorts of things with it. All her work from nursery always includes her name and she is having a go at writing other things with help. She does delightful little drawings of people with massive eyelashes. Even her animals have eyelashes (she drew the birds in the garden the other day with eyelashes!) A picture of me also included nose eyelashes! haha

12510509_10153933832197783_9030130048539446375_n (2)

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