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Christmas Eve eve!

I’ve been a pretty pants blogger these last few months and I aim to get better at it again next year!

Stacy has taken the whole of this week off work and we have been doing lovely family Christmassy things with the children. We had the in-laws over at the weekend and did a mini Xmas with them which the children always love.

Yesterday and today we did baking, crafts, watching Christmas films, going to the cinema and having friends over to play. It’s been lovely and laid back (and also cheap!)

Rosa is worrying us a bit as she complained today that her tummy hurt, then her head hurt, she went a bit grey and then had a 2 hour sleep in the middle of the day. She woke up with a temperature and complaining that her neck hurt. We have dosed her up with Calpol and she is fast asleep but I am hoping hoping hoping whatever it is is gone by the morning!

Due to the fact that we have sold our house and are buying a new one, money is very tight this Xmas! Stacy and I are not going to give each other gifts which is a bit sad, but we are going to treat ourselves to a new bed once we are in the new house instead (hehe).

Cleo is doing so well and has recently exploded in her talents. Her 2nd ever word turned out to be ‘eyes’ which seeing as I am an Optometrist, we thought was hilarious. She says is so perfectly as well 🙂 She is fully walking around everywhere so she got her first pair of proper shoes. They are so damn cute, I fawned over them for days.



Alfie the cat has caused us some worry. He started bleeding from the mouth and we took him along to the vets thinking he had some kind of gum infection, but no, the blood was  coming from his actual teeth. He had holes that were so deep his teeth were actually bleeding (ew) The poor mite was in a lot of pain and so he had a GA and surgery to remove them. It didn’t go to plan and the vet ended up accidentally breaking his jaw. She had to put it all back together and he looked a right sorry state for a few days. Thankfully he is fine and on the mend now (but we are several hundred pounds lighter in the purse!)

IMG_5423 copy

Rosa had her first ever ballet performance. I missed it as I am doing extra days at work to help pay for the house move 😦 Stacy however videoed it for me and she did so well. She is a proper little ballerina, so graceful and so into it all.

Both children were in nativity plays at school and nursery. Both did wonderfully well, singing and doing all the actions (Charlie was under a small bribe) I just love being a parent at these kind of things. I actually cried proper tears when Rosa came onto the stage looking so beautiful and small in her angel costume.

Stacy recently became chair of governors at the children’s school. It’s going to be hard for her to fit it all in with working full time, but it ended up being a necessity to stop someone awful taking on the role! Poor Stacy has been quite poorly recently. She is struggling with pain in her joints, specifically her ankles, hips, shoulders and thumbs. Some days it is so bad she can’t even lift Cleo up. It seems to come in waves of how bad it is. We are trying to work out what is causing it all. She has been referred to the hospital to see a rheumatologist.

Think that’s a good round up of our December.

Merry Christmas from me and all of my clan!

christmas photo with snowflakes


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The Nutcracker

Have I mentioned how Rosa is ballet mad? Well she is. She attends weekly ballet classes and absolutely loves it.

I found out that The Nutracker was on in my local theatre on the day of the last performance. We must have rung up 10 times that day in the hope that someone returned some tickets.

5 minutes before the box office closed, it happened! We bought them with 45 minutes to spare before it started!

We said to her,

‘Rosa, would you like to go and watch a ballet at the theatre?’

and she leapt up off the floor, and flung her arms around my neck saying

‘yes yes yes!’

I took her upstairs and put her into a party dress. I did her hair and added a flower. I put on her gold sparkly shoes. She looked so beautiful.

We went out to the car and we chatted the whole way there about the story and what was going to happen. She was so excited!

Everyone in the lobby was surprised to see such a small child there. I could tell a few people thought it a tad irresponsible, but I didn’t care. I know my child, and I knew she was going to be a good girl.


She sat transfixed through the first half. She did want to keep asking questions but I just kept reminding her to be silent. At one point I laughed at something funny happening on stage and she turned to me and said ‘shhhh’ whilst putting her finger over her lips!

In the second half she began to feel quite sleepy and cuddled in to me. I kept poking her to make sure she hadn’t fallen asleep and she made it all the way to the end.

The lady that was sitting next to her, make a point of telling me how impressed she was on how she had behaved. I was very proud to be her Mummy.

It really was a magical bonding experience for us both. I hope that she remembers it for years to come ❤

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