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My next door but one neighbour had three baby girl triplets recently. Until yesterday, they were all being fed through feeding tubes, but they had them out yesterday evening.

I had a message from their Mum to invite me round to take some photos. I had been *hoping* she would ask me! Last night I sat up to the early hours making them three matching bonnets, one tiny tiny one as her head is teeeeeny! I went round this morning with all my new lighting sets and took some nice natural shots.

I then went for a posed shot wearing the bonnets. I KNEW it was going to be hard. I had attempted newborn photography with all three of my babies with limited success and here I was with three babies in front of me I had to get settled. Three hours I was there, feeding, rocking, shhhhing until FINALLY they were all asleep and all wearing the bonnets. I had literally 10 seconds to take the photo before the triplet on the left began wailing and my window was gone!

But I did get a nice shot, at least the parents seem happy anyway 🙂

The bond girls


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Yesterday we went for a beautiful day out at Blickling. The sky was blue and it wasn’t at all cold. We were able to run around in the leaves without bulky coats on.

It was made all the more special because my Dad came along as well. He very rarely comes out with us (he is quite a grumpy person!) and he only had couple of moments of grumpyness…and the rest of the day he had such a lovely time with his grandchildren.

IMG_1394 copy IMG_1426 copy IMG_1457 copy IMG_1467 copy IMG_1469 copy IMG_1478 - Copy IMG_1500 copy IMG_1539 copy IMG_1575 copy IMG_1636 copy IMG_1689 copy

Cleo is now walking pretty well! She can go from room to room on her own and is no longer scared of falling over. She still walks with her hands out in front of her above her head, hands in little fists, and fairly often she flexes are fingers as she goes. It is all pretty damn cute! She is so desperate to get up to speed so that she can join in on equal terms with her brother and sister!

Rosa hit me with an unexpected question today:

Rosa spots two pumpkins in the kitchen .
Rosa : why are there two pumpkins mummy?
Me: one for you and one for Charlie
Rosa: ah ok….. why have I got two mummies?

I just answered that some people just do! Charlie hadn’t ever asked me this, that I can remember anyway… She is a thinker for sure, and knows how to catch me off guard.

Tomorrow is halloween and I am doing two photoshoots for friends. One is for baby triplet girls! and the other for a little friend of Rosa’s, hope the weather hold out for both those and for some trick or treating!

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There have been so many comments on my last post regarding this asking for an update. Well here it is.
I am still in the trialling all sorts stage of perfecting these. All I want to achieve is a bead that looks milky, and that doesn’t change colour in time. I’m not much interested in making jewellery out of it or anything.

As I said previously, the plasticising method did not work at all for me . I added acid and nothing, even with heat. I tried all different concentrations, and heat temperatures. Nada. So I moved on.

I first mixed plain milk with a resin mix. I added extra hardener as suggested by another blog post I had read. They came out looking lovely! Milky white and really cool! I was so pleased….however….

breastmilk shapes

A few months later they had turned a lovely chocolate brown!!! Phahahaha!

I did some research. The reasons this happened were
A) I used extra hardener to make them set and hardener can change colour over time
B) I left them to set on the window sill in the middle of summer and exposure to UV can turn them yellow (or brown!!)
So I did another batch using straight milk, (the second set of 2 in the photo) This time I set them (with extra hardener) in pitch black. So far they haven’t changed colour much.

Then my friend bought a food dehydrator to do her placenta in when her baby is born and I asked to borrow it.

The third set of two in the photo is dehydrated breastmilk (turned into a powder) and mixed with the resin with the normal amount of hardener and set in the dark. They came out well, but a bit clear for my liking.

The final set is done the same as above but with a larger quantity of dehydrated milk power!
I shall update again in due course as to if there is any further changing of colour.
The shells are from the final set and I just thought it would be nice to cast some pretty sets.
I also had an idea of adding dyes and pigments to create coloured pieces that also contain BM. They could be cool, as only the wearer/owner would have any idea that there was breastmilk contained within them.

Hopefully this shall answer most of the questions I get asked quite frequently!

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Center Parcs

We had a little cheeky weekend away last weekend. We tend to go in the middle of winter (when it is cheap!) but I was keen to go earlier in the year, whilst it was a bit warmer. It turns out October is a wonderful time to go, the forest is so beautiful in Autumn.

We spent most of our time in the pool which all three kids just adored. Cleo managed long stretches in there also due to her wetsuit we bought her, and she really was loving coming down all the flumes on my lap and splashing about in the water.

week 39 cleo week 39 charlie

Other things we did included a 45 minute session on a segway! That was great fun, but I had a sore bum the next day from all the clenching lol.

My Mum and Sister joined us for 1 day and we had a lovely time with them in the parks and walking around as well as having a killer curry in the evening time. It was great to have a babysitter there to enable us to do some more adult things.

Most of all, it was good to just soak each other up as a family.

week 38 cleo week 40 charlie week 40 cleo week 41 charlie IMG_0831 IMG_1032 IMG_1130 IMG_1205

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Cleo Walks!

Last week she began letting go of surfaces she was cruising on and taking 1 or 2 steps in-between things. A couple of days later she just let go and set off!

We caught her actual first steps (more than just a couple) on film which I am super happy about!

Charlie has been a superstar in encouraging her. She stands her up and catches her when she falls. He just adores her, it is so sweet!

IMG_1238 IMG_1251 copy

I just love the tongue of concentration poking out there, we all do it in this family!

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I thought I would write a post dedicated to Rosa. She is turning into a delightful little girl.
First of all she is just soooo beautiful. I know every mother thinks her daughter is gorgeous, but mine actually is! She holds herself with such elegance and poise. Her hair is like finely spun threads of gold, with several colours running through it.

IMG_0756 copy

Her smile lights up my world. She smiles a lot. She is so happy and so full of joy. She takes pleasure in so many things.

IMG_1136 copy

She often disappears into a world of make believe. She has the cutest little conversations with herself, or she puts them to a tune and makes up a song. They often make me giggle with their subject matter. I can hear myself and my phrases coming out in the role play. Sometimes it makes me stop and think about what I do actually say to her.

She is a good girl. She is rarely naughty, and even then it never seems to be with malice. She does like to take things and hide them away. I have lost several items to my little magpie. She goes mad for jewellery and nail varnish. I bought her some of that peel off nail varnish and we enjoy a moment together whilst I paint it on.

If you ask her what her favourite colour is, she will tell you ‘pink, and sparkly pink’. She loves dresses, shoes and handbags, princesses, ponies, fairies and animals. She is every stereotype you could ever come up with. She loves it all, and she craves it.

At nursery and playgroup she is popular with both the teachers and her peers. I had a parents evening the other day and her teacher told me she regularly throws tea parties, and everyone is invited! She is everyone’s friend, and likes to include anyone that wants to be included. Her teacher congratulated me on making an ‘awesome kid’ (she is American)

This week she passed her level 3 swimming qualification! Pretty much a whole year ahead of Charlie. She is amazing in her swimming lessons. She listens, absorbs and applies each instruction. She is very strong willed and hates any kind of support from the teacher, insisting she does it herself. He thinks she may end up as Prime Minister one day, and I wouldn’t put it past her 😉

week 39 rosa

She loves to read books. Every evening she climbs into my lap and we read stories together. She likes to interrupt and ask lots of questions…which if she just carried on listening, she would probably hear the answer to :p

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Can you believe it? Cleo is 1! No way, I hear you say? Yes!

1 year project
We had a totally lovely day. We got up early and did presents with all the children, they were so good with her and helped open her presents from other people (we didn’t wrap any of hers from us)


Then Charlie had to go to school 😦 Boo to school!

Stacy took the girls both to their swimming lessons whilst I stayed at home and prepared all of the food for her party. My Mum arrived and we decorated the hall and awaited our guests.

We had a Tinytalk themed party and 6 little friends came along.


We played lots of games and did lots of singing and ate lots of food!


Cleo’s card I made her made it onto the TV, Cbeebies! It was twirlywoo themed and I cut all the pieces out of foam.

IMG_0497copy IMG_0597

Once the party was over we came home again and opened yet more presents and ate yet more food before we decided we all needed to take it in turns to have a nap!

It really was a lovely day.

Of course I turned 31 the day before and will forever remember being in labour with Cleo on my birthday for every birthday yet to come. We are off on a little weekend break this weekend to celebrate mine really, as it passed without much to mark it. I spent most of it preparing for Cleo’s!

We have put our house on the market, its so so stressful. We need to sell quickly to get the house we want. All the timings need to work, and I can’t see it happening. I wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep for worrying about it all.

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