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I just hadn’t realised how long I had left it. We have had an absolute whirlwind of a summer. It has been amazing. Stacy was off for the whole thing, I worked a *little more* than I would have normally, but also took some large chucks of annual leave.

We went all over the country, first up to Sunderland to see my Grandad, then back down to home, then to Sheffield to stay with my auntie (who spoiled us rotten) and then back home, and then down to Essex for a camping break. It was full on, there wasn’t really any time to relax at any point and it has left us with absolutely NO money left whatsoever.  We have spent every last penny we own, there is no money left. Haha! That’s what money is for spending right? You can’t take it with you……!!!

We didn’t actually do everything on my bucket list, because there just wasn’t time. I guess that is a good enough reason.

6. Have a sunflower growing competition. We did do this. The slugs and the snails ate the first batch and that was so annoying as I planted about 50 sunflowers in various places around my garden. I had to re-plant, and a lot of those were eaten too. We were left with 2 very lonely and frankly quite pathetic sunflowers, but at least we did get SOME in the end!


10 Ride in a train. This we did a few times! We actually spent a whole day at a little stream museum. My Dad has an uncle who is a little bit ‘out there’ and has remarried a young woman from Kenya at the age of 77. He has had two children with her and they are the same age as mine. He came to visit for a few days and we all got on really well!

11. Camp in a tent. Yep. Did this. I actually went on a big meet up with some internet friends I have known since being pregnant with Rosa. We talk to each other every single day and I know them so well. It was beyond weird to actually meet them. We all camped together and went out for the day. Afterwards we drove to Mersea Island in Essex and met up with some of my extended family and had another few nights in the tent. I rocked my leopard print onesie!

So now the summer is over and life is sort of back to normal here. We are thinking of moving house and went to view one yesterday which I have fallen in love with and want to move in tomorrow.  So currently our lives revolve around trying to get our current house sellable.

We have booked a little holiday in a few weeks time to Center Parcs. I am really looking forward to that. We can’t afford it but what the hell.

Cleo is growing up so bloomin fast. She is now 11 months and we are planning her birthday party in a few weeks time.


Rosa started school nursery and is really enjoying it so far. She is such a social butterfly and thrives on having friends of her own choosing (rather than children of my own friends)


Charlie started year 1 and it has been a relatively easy transition. He seems happy and is learning quickly.

week 34 charlie

Oh my goodness, we started Rosa at ballet! She absolutely LOVES it! She was born to do ballet. We bought her the outfit and we couldn’t get her out of it for a whole week. I just love how girlie she is and I am not ashamed to say it. She is everything I ever wanted in a girl.

week 37 rosa


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