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Those that had been long time readers know I like a bit of art and craft. I was taken by the idea of a breastmilk keepsake after I had finished feeding Rosa and no longer had any milk supply. She was supposed to be my last bio baby and I was sad I would never get to create one of these.

Of course I am now feeding again and whoop get to make one!

I being the personality that I am decided I wanted to make them myself because:

A) It would be fun

B) I’d KNOW that they contain MY breastmilk (not that I am saying the more commercially ones wouldn’t do)

I ordered all the things I would need and spent like twice as much money as just ordering one from the websites lol. I bought a resin casting mould, some resin and some silver jewellery pieces to set my finished piece in.

I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to plasticise the milk (a simple process of adding acid to milk will turn it into a plastic). It seems my milk doesn’t contain enough casein for this to work. I wasted a whole bottle of precious breast milk trying to get it to turn. I used citric acid in place of vinegar as I didn’t want any smell or odour on the finished piece. I tried all sorts of things to get it to work, but alas it just wouldn’t.

So then I thought I had better just mix the milk with a clear resin to preserve it.

My first attempt was a little dodgy. Half the batch didn’t cure at all, and the other half cured only after I stirred them again after a couple of days. They set a bit lumpy and after about a week they all started to turn yellow.

My second batch came out a lot better. I was a bit more methodical and measured out my quantities carefully using syringes. Having also worked out that agitating the mixture helped, I did this at hourly intervals for the first 4 hours. I also added 10 seconds of heat in the microwave before pouring into the moulds. This worked brilliantly and after 12 hours they were set hard and perfectly and I was really pleased with them!

milk beads

Of course there is still a possibility these will yellow like the first batch, only time will tell me that.
I’m not sure what to do with them now. Stacy suggested putting a jump ring on the large heart and making a pendant. I thought I might set some of the smaller shapes into the larger versions of themselves (inside a clear resin casing) and just put them into memory boxes as keepsakes.

I’ve got loads of friends asking me to make them for them too. I am happy to do it for them, I just hope they preserve properly and don’t go mouldy or something like that!

And to top all of this off, I ordered a pendant from a website as well 😉 Poor Stacy does put up with a lot from me 🙂 ❤


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I have had a bit of a shock this week.

I work in an Opticians and we recently got into stock some adorable Disney frames. My kids went mad for them and my director kindly said they could both choose a pair to be made into sunspecs.

Rosa came in to choose hers and I thought it would be a good opportunity to check her vision and do a quick eye test. She was all fine and chose her some Rapunzel specs.



Charlie came in on Sunday to choose his and again I thought I would do a quick test. I hadn’t tested his eyes before because I knew he would be hard to test and I also knew that they had a pre-school vision screening check done in reception which would catch any problems he *might* have.

Anyway as soon as I shone my ret into his eyes my stomach lurched as I realised his left eye was extremely hyperopic. He had no stereopsis (he doesn’t use both eyes together) and his left eye was very amblyopic (the vision was poor). I even got a colleague to check I wasn’t imagining it! I put drops into his eyes to confirm the result and prescribed him some specs (full time wear) and referred him to our local hospital for patching treatment (if they decide he needs any).

I’m a bit gutted! How could I have let him get to FIVE years old and never pick this up? I counsel loads of parents who feel guilty, I tell them that it is not their fault, that they could have never known…but I could have known if I had ever thought to test his eyes….duh!!! I feel a bit angry the pre-school screening missed him.

My boy is going to have to wear specs!

Cyclo eyes…


One bonus is that I chose him three different pairs and had thinned down lenses and anti-reflection coatings added to all the pairs and it cost me… NADA 😀 Silver lining and all that.

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