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A new obsession

Because I totally needed something else to add into my life right? Haha! I received for Xmas a yarn dyeing kit. I knew it would take time to do properly so hadn’t done it yet, but Stacy gave me some time a couple of weekends ago to give it a bash.
I enjoyed it sooooo much! This opens up so many more possibilities for me. I always use the same brand of yarn in my work (well almost always) and was getting a bit bored. I had lost my crochet mojo 😦 After realising I can now dye any colourway I desire I am rejuvenated immensely!
IMG_2210 copy

and then some reds and oranges
IMG_2241 copy

and then this weekend I tried dyeing cotton after looking at the cherry blossom on the trees against the lovely blue skies we have had this week.
dyeing inspirationIMG_2407IMG_2414IMG_2432copy

I had a wisdom tooth pulled out today 😦 It has begun crumbling in my gums and was always causing me problems. I had put it off for as long as I could, cancelling several appointments. Today I finally went and it was bloody awful and am suffering now. My mouth keeps filling up with blood, it is minging!
Stacy is also experiencing teeth woes after one of hers literally fell out whilst chewing on a toffee (she should know better!!) She has her appt tomorrow morning and is bricking it.

We bought a new car! Our current car began to vibrate a bit on drives. My Dad thought that our clutch might be about to go. We were going to need a new car in a few months anyway as I don’t think we could fit three car seats along the back of our current one. The threat of a clutch going made us do it a bit earlier than planned. We went along to the showroom and looked at a few. I fell in love with the Renault Grand Scenic. I wanted to buy it on the spot (£9k!!) but Stacy was so very reluctant to make an impulse purchase. Another couple were waiting to test drive it (do they keep them in a cupboard to force people in buying?!?!) and so we put down a deposit on it and went for some lunch. Whilst we were having lunch a lady dressed up as Elsa blew some glitter at Rosa! We then went back and sorted out all the paperwork but it was a long and BORING process for the kiddies and yet they were very very good. It’s exciting having a new car and it does loads of cool stuff!

Charlie is still suffering with tonsillitis. It has now been about 6 weeks of constant inflammation and time off school. Just yesterday I noticed that his voice was returning to normal for the first time in all that time. He has been on antibiotics for what seems like forever. We are still waiting for an appt at the hospital to discuss having those bad boys out!

I’ll leave you with a Charlieism 😉
Charlie: Mummy Mummy I am going to teach you how to play football! You stand over here, you are the ‘girlie’ and I am going to kick the football at you, and you have to fall over’


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Charlie has never questioned our family set up. This is the way things are, and that is that. He knows other children have fathers, he knows that I have one, that Stacy has one and that he does not.
Rosa however is very different. She keeps saying randomly and without obvious trigger:
‘You can’t have TWO mummies!’
I have questioned her on this.
‘Yes you can Rosa, you have two Mummies, why do you think you can’t have two Mummies?’
and she replies with something repetitive.
So I said to her, if you can’t have two Mummies, who are you getting rid of? And she said:
to which I said:
‘and who are you having instead?’
to which she said:

Ahhhh good. That settles that then 😀

This just might get harder in the future.

It has only just occurred to me through writing this down, that she may in fact be correcting people to mean there can’t be two of ME. She calls me Mummy and Stacy Mammy. So when she hears people say she has two Mummies, she thinks there can’t be two of me??? Who knows???

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