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Anyone on my Facebook will know that Charlie boy is really poorly. Yesterday he missed a party he and his friends had been eagerly anticipating. His whole year group were invited to a fancy dress ball. He couldn’t go and was very upset about it 😦 Then today we were supposed to be heading to Alton Towers for a 2 day mini break but he was still throwing up, had a temp of 41C and also developed a hives type rash. Poor little sausage.
He has picked up a bit in the last hour..we are hoping hoping that we will be able to go in the morning and move the break to Monday/Tuesday instead. HOPING HOPING!!
At least no one else seems to have caught it. I did put him into isolation and have done frantic hand washing. Stacy slept with him last night and has done all his cuddles and care whilst I did the other two to prevent any cross infection. We *might* have managed to contain this evil thing!
In other news, Cleo turned 4 months yesterday!
cleo 96
This week she has been like a different baby. She has decided that she will take a dummy *yay!* and this has honestly revolutionised our world. When she shows signs of tiredness I just lay her down in her moses basket with her dummy, I snuggle her face into a cellular blanket (I think her love of her face snuggled into something comes from falling asleep breastfeeding) and I walk away. She then falls asleep on her own. The beauty of this is that I then don’t get trapped under her, or have to move her and so she stays asleep for decent amounts of time. She wakes up happier and is just a gorgeous little lady when awake! She is so smiley and is now content to spend some time under her baby gym or in a bouncy chair watching the living room goings on. I couldn’t adore her more.
This is a comparison photo of me as a baby and Cleo, do you think she looks like me?
Stacy has a few days off this half term which is nice. Her time off work is getting ever closer and her mood his lifted and she is now very much bonded with Cleo and a happy person.
My Mum said to me that Rosa needed a little girl friend. Rosa does suffer a little from second child syndrome and has a lot less friends than Charlie did at the same age. So I invited around a friend with 2 girls the same age as my girls (my girls!!! I have plural girls!!). They played so nicely together and we hope to do it again soon.
I have been on a bit of a spending spree recently. One of my new buys was a new wrap to carry Cleo in. We love it to bits. One of the things I love is to see Rosa imitate me as a mother. She breastfeeds her babies and like to wear them. I caught her like this the other day:
IMG_7047 copy
She is also asking me to do her hair differently each day. I have done ‘Elsa’ hair
and ‘Anna’ hair (pigtails) and she is actually letting me do it now which is great, cos one of the reasons for having a little girl is to do her hair right?
I bought season passes to our local Zoo this week as well. They were hellish expensive, but seeing as how I am viewing money as something to be spent at the moment, I didn’t seem to care!
I have noticed that many of my past posts are missing their photos. This upsets me greatly as I like to print my blog once a year. It is going to take a long time and lots of effort to restore them all!


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They say your third child just slots in to your family. This has been the case…but she is my hardest baby yet!

She is  now 3 months old


and beginning to get a little easier. She still hates being put down anywhere in anything. I have to have her contained within my arms for most of the time. If she does let me put her down under a play gym or in a bouncy chair, I get 5 maybe 10 minutes before she is screaming like a child abandoned in the woods with wolves around her.

I do love holding her, I do…but I don’t get anything done! My house looks like a total bomb site. I have to do everything one handed (including eat) I don’t drink enough because you need two hands to make a drink and I would rather go thirsty than have her get worked up from being put down. I have gained half a stone in weight from grabbing biscuits and other unhealthy stuff to eat because it is easy.

She also has hated being anything other than upright. We are pretty sure she has some kind of silent reflux issue because she would be fine until you tilted her back more than 10 degrees. Tilt her back and her arms start flailing and she starts screaming. Still, she is growing like a weed!


12 weeks difference^^ and all on breastmilk as well. Not a drop of formula has passed her lips. She will not take a dummy, nor a bottle. I try with the dummy frequently!

I wuv her though, I really do ❤

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