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New starts

September saw both my children start new things. Charlie started proper school and went into Reception and Rosa started playgroup.

Charlie on his first day

He has been there 2 weeks and I have already had THREE phone calls from the school. Two of them were head injuries and the final one came as a bit of a shock! He has a little friend who I like a lot. I also get on well with his mother and we often meet up for play dates, or walk to and from the school together. Well this child and another child had pushed Charlie to the floor and had stood on his back pushing his head down onto the ground also. Charlie told me he couldn’t breathe. The supervisors had witnessed it and had come to his rescue. The school reacted very well IMO. The boys were not allowed into the classroom for the afternoon. Their parents were called in and they went home early. Charlie was pretty upset by the incident. The mother of the boy I know, messaged me to say how sorry she was which I appreciated. Just how many phone calls will I get before Christmas do you think?!?

He has actually adapted very well to school. He comes home happy and having enjoyed his day. He eats a school dinner which he seems to enjoy and he has not once said that he doesn’t want to go. He is also learning at a fast pace and is beginning to read which is very exciting.

Rosa’s first day at playgroup


She came home so proud that she had been to ‘school’ and was very excited to show Charlie her jumper! Charlie was so sweet with her and asked her what she had done there and if she had played with any of his fave toys. She then ran the whole way home from the school pick up holding his hand and my heart was singing. It was one of those moments where you just gaze and soak up how truly wonderful your children are.

Rosa is enjoying having me to herself. Bless her she only gets me to herself for a few precious weeks before she shares me again, but I bet that she will enjoy having a baby in the house much more than having Mummy’s sole attention 😉

Some facebook snippets to keep.

Charlie: Can I watch the TV?
Me: No, it won’t turn on.
Charlie: Have you checked all the plugs?
Me: Yes, I have checked all the plugs
Charlie: Oh well, we shall just have to wait until Mammy gets home, I think someone must have touched the TV with sticky fingers!

He actually did make it come on by turning the plugs at the wall off and on again…which I had tried a couple of times already lol He was very pleased with himself!

Something cute we have noticed Charlie does. When he wants me he says Mummy, when he wants Stacy he says Mammy, when he is referring to us both together he says Mormmy, or if he doesn’t mind who responds. I think it’s pretty clever

Rosa just said to me
‘Mummy, I am hungry, please go and make me a cheese sandwich. I’ll stay here, you bring it to me’
So I stood up to go and make HRH a sandwich and she yelled through to the kitchen…
‘and grapes!!!’

2 weeks to go! I have kept the birthday induction date, and my fluids levels were high…but they weren’t worried about them. I had a midwife appointment this week where I think she will decide when to give me a sweep. We have spent today getting all the baby girl clothes out of the loft, sorting them and washing them. The line outside is full of tiny pink outfits. Very excited!!!


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Query Polyhydramnios

I had a midwife appointment this morning. I get a chance to talk through with her everything I wanted to…I think I am going to keep my induction date of the 13/10/14 – my 30th birthday, and just hope things don’t move too quickly and I give birth after midnight. I don’t really want to share my birthday and I don’t think she will want to share hers either! I’m not going in until 2pm…and they do tend to faff about something chronic anyway before any meds are given to start things up, so I think it will be fine……

Then she felt my bump and measured me…I am measuring ahead somewhat


She said that my bump felt ‘boggy’ and that the baby was very easily moved about. She suspects polyhydramnios and I am booked in for a scan next Thursday. She said that the baby herself felt a normal size.

So I came home and googled….bad move. Now I have a week of worrying.

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3D scan

After some convincing…Stacy agreed to a fun 3D scan and we had it this morning! I was so glad we did it because the children really enjoyed it, and I feel both of them understand a bit more what is going on inside my bump, why we call it a baby etc..

One thing was clear, she has LOTS of hair! I can’t wait to see all the hair 😀


and a cute 2D profile one 🙂

We had a horrible consultant appointment this week. Things are still unresolved…so I shall post about it all once I have had my midwife appt next week and hopefully it is all sorted. But right now, as things stand, I am booked in for induction on the 13th October….my 30th birthday!

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