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Summer holidays part 2

So a round up of all the rest of the stuff we have got up to over the summer.

We went on a weeks holiday to Somerset where we hired a cottage with my Mum and my Sister. It wasn’t great if I am honest. I didn’t feel well that week with very low BP. All I wanted to do was sit in a chair and not move. This annoyed everyone else who thought I was being ‘pathetic’ or something like that..including Stacy. After I spoke to Stacy about it, she wasn’t as grumpy with me, but it certainly wasn’t an idyllic little week away. I also fell out with my sister. This always happens when we spend extended amounts of time together, as she is very immature, self centered and righteous (in a nutshell!! lol)

Anyway the kids had an amazing time, and we did do lots of fun stuff.


29 week bump picture (I am now 31 weeks)


We went to a wedding


Charlie took loads of fabulous photographs!


Used our National Trust membership to death


Went down Wookey Hole!


Played mini golf


Played in Adventure playgrounds


Made hotdogs (pirate made hotdogs)

We also went camping again…this time with extended family. It was good fun, but COLD at night! I had to buy a onesie to get me through it lol


Visited and climbed to the top of a castle


Saw a Lancaster Bomber


Played at being Robin Hood


Grew sunflowers


I love this drawing Charlie did of our family, because it includes my bump, and Mammy as a robot?!?


Operation dummy was a huge success and was quite pain free actually. Only one day of crying. By day 2 she had accepted it had gone and has not asked for it in a week. Whoop!

Stacy has this weird work thing going on…she was enrolled (not at her request) on a 3 day trip to Scotland where no details were being released about where she was going to be or what she would be doing. I will be 37 weeks when she goes but we assumed that if I were to go into labour, I would ring her, she would fly home and she would make it in time for the birth….hopefully!!
Anyway she spoke to her boss today who said they were going to a remote island via boat, camping, and then canoeing back from the island. No phone signal present and no way of getting off the island other than a friggin canoe. I have said NO WAY is she going on this ridiculous thing. Can you imagine how hurt she would feel to miss the birth of her child? I don’t think it outside the realms of possibility to go into labour at 37 weeks with a third baby. We shall have to see the outcome of this, but I think Stacy might go down with a severe case of gastro on the day they fly…..


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Operation Dummy

It was pointed out to us by a dentist friend that Rosa’s use of a dummy was affecting her bite. I had actually noticed this myself….but had chosen to ignore it.

Rosa is VERY attached to her dummy. We have tried (and failed) to limit it’s use to her being in bed or her car seat but she cries and whinges for it during the day and I can’t stand listening to it and I give it to her. It had also got to the point where it was ruining things. For example, half way through a swimming lesson she would decide that she wanted it, and would cry for the remainder of the lesson.

I can’t deny though, that it is so very USEFUL! Want her to be silent? (such as the wedding we were at at the weekend) give her a dummy. Want her to full asleep in the car so that she is awake later in the day for an event? Give her a dummy. It is as much a comfort for me as it is for her.

But I can’t ignore the affect it is having on her teeth. That I have to do something about.

So today the dummy disappeared from her life.

She cried from 9.30am until 11.30am. At that point we went out and she asked for it a few times when out, and I just said no. She cried a bit. Bedtime was the hardest. She sobbed for it, we didn’t give in. Stacy sat with her and stroked her hair and back until she settled….and then she curled up under her duvet….and went to sleep.

I felt so bloomin’ mean.

Let’s see how day 2 goes.

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Summer fun!

When Charlie was 1 year old, and I was pregnant with Rosa I had a horrible summer. The days were long and lonely. My friends went on holiday, my parents also did for 3 weeks along with my sister and my brother. Stacy would work an extra hour at work and I was dissolve into tears at the extra hour on my own.

After that first summer I was determined to never feel like that again and have planned to make sure it isn’t.

I am into my second week of school and clubs and our ‘weekday structure’ not existing and so far am LOVING the summer. I have enrolled Charlie into a rock climbing weekly course, he is swimming, we have had play dates and meet ups, we have been to the river and to the beach. Coupled with my many hospital appointments there has been NO time to get bored.

Yesterday at the river, trying to catch fast little fish!


I didn’t pack any spare clothes for Charlie so he went home in Rosa’s leggings and my cardigan! lol


Stacy made the children a chalkboard for the garden. They love it (as do we!!)10714044_10152819769967783_353007328433292581_o10498092_10152672953817783_7108124093140542295_o

We re-homed the chickens. It was a sad day. This is them just before they went. Stacy is turning their area into a fruit and veg patch.


Charlie is doing very well at growing his sunflowers! We had to buy 8ft canes to help support them. THAT was a fun car drive home lol


Charlie rock climbing


Charlie learnt to ride his bike on his own! Stacy took them for a  bike ride down an old railway path (so it is lovely and flat and straight). He managed half way then gave up and got into the trailer with Rosa (as well as his bike!) and I know from previous experience that towing the trailer, 2 children and a bike is HARD WORK!! This was whilst I was at work, but I don’t think I could manage a bike ride right now as I have sciatica in my bum, and the very beginning twinges of SPD, so I need to be very careful.

We visited my auntie of her farm for a couple of the days. To two pre-school chidlren it was the best place on earth. She has 4 horses, 2 dogs, a massive garden and a ride on tractor. My uncle was the driving force behind getting Charlie to learn to ride without stabilisers, saying he will take him out next time if he could do it. Charlie got to drive the tractor himself and mo the field. We had a BBQ and all my extended family came and fawned over the children as well as all the cousins. They had the BEST time.


My kid brother turned 18. Seriously, this blows my mind.

So still in pj’s at the moment. Chilling time has been present too. Off to go swimming in a bit. Hope you are all enjoying your summer too 😀

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