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I have a four year old boy! He had a fabulous birthday, even if it did rain, it didn’t spoil all the fun. He was showered with gifts from friends and family and got given enough money to let him choose something for himself in the toy shop (which he has played with non stop ever since).

He is a beautiful, loving, intelligent and wonderful little human being and I love him with every inch of my being.


I asked Charlie a few times what he wanted on his cake, and it changed every single time I asked him. So I went with dinosaurs. Stacy made the sponge, I made all the decorations and my sister and I assembled and painted the main cake. It was a collaboration of love and I thought it was pretty epic.

We then dressed up as pirates and hired a boat on the Norfolk broads. We picnicked inside the boat whilst moored next to a nature reserve. Charlie had a go at driving the boat, and he got to play with his new toys whilst he wasn’t driving.



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