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Big Girl Bed

I went off to work this morning and when I returned home the house was in utter chaos, stuff everywhere!! Stacy had a very busy day, first of all getting the children their chicken pox booster vaccinations, then doing some shopping and then came home and took apart the cot and built her brand new (pink with hearts!!) big girl bed!

I can’t believe my baby has gone to bed tonight in an actual bed. She hasn’t got out of it once, I didn’t think she would, she loves being in bed.

The bed has displaced a whole chest of drawers and another tall boy drawer set..hence the huge amount of displaced stuff all over the house!

It’s bank holiday tomorrow, although I am work again…but I am going to come home to a perfectly in order house….aren’t I Stacy? :p




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Gender Scan!

Yesterday morning we got up early and went out in the absolutely pouring rain to our private scan. We were all so excited. Charlie was eager to see this ‘baby’ that was supposedly in my tummy. He did think that we were brining it home with us…we realised this after he said he didn’t want to sit next the the baby on the train.

The scan itself was wonderful with theΒ  scanner showing us in detail all the little body parts like the hands and feet and a rather freaky front view of the face. We also got a 3D sneak peak but I didn’t like that much either, looked very strange!!!

and so, it is with great excitement that we announce that we are having a little girl!!!


Charlie was so funny. He had not expressed any kind of preference towards a girl or a boy, but when it was announce that she was a girl, he said,

‘No! I don’t want it to be a girl, I want it to be a boy!’ and then looked sulky for a few seconds. It was very short lived though and we found it quite amusing. He has since told people in an excited tone the baby is a girl and has even suggested some names for her, so I think he has come to terms with that now πŸ˜‰

So happy πŸ™‚ ❀

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I have been pestering Stacy for a gender scan. I really genuinely do not mind the outcome of girl or boy, I just want to know! We can find out at the 20 week anomoly scan but the last 2 times we did that, it was slightly unpleasant. The sonographer was a bit grumpy about telling us and also told us right at the end of the scan before ushering us out of the room. I understand the NHS is not there to indulge the nice things that come out of scans, but there was no time to just absorb the information or gaze at the screen in an adoring manner.

So this is my reason for wanting one. I found a few clinics locally, but they were very pricey for what was detailed as a ‘5 minute scan’ and Stacy the sensible, said no. Then a new clinic opened a few days ago and they were half the price as an introductory offer, brand new machine, eager and enthusiastic scanner. I messaged her at work…and she said yes! BOOKED!

So this Saturday, we shall know if we are pink or blue and most importantly, I can go shopping πŸ˜€

We are enjoying gorgeous spring time weather in the 20’s with blue skies and warm breezes. It does such a lot to lift your mood and make life seem so perfect. I am a very lucky lady to be so happy in life, and I often reflect on this. It’s all too easy to not realise how happy you are until something happens to take it away.


She looks so like me as a child in this one ^^ I don’t often think she does look like me anymore, she is WAY prettier. I get told by strangers in the street how pretty she is. It happens often enough that I think she might actually be quite pretty. I mean *I* think she is stunning, but she is my daughter and I am not objective. My friends gush about how gorgeous their average looking children are, and I am a realist and thought my own opinion on my children’s attractiveness would also be limited in others eyes. Charlie also gets comments. The midwife remarked how cute he was on our last visit. Personality wise, they are both sweethearts, so even if they were a bit ugly, they would still be beautiful to me ❀

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Day trip with Mummy

We took the children to Pizza Hut for their dinner tonight as a little treat as we had stayed in all day spring cleaning, putting up shelves etc… They were both very good and ate a good amount of food. Rosa had spotted a birthday party in the corner where all the children had balloons. As we paid our bill, asked our waitress if my children could have a balloon please? Of course she said and a few mins later came back with a balloon for them each.

Rosa held hers as we walked through the restaurant and outside Stacy said to her to hold it tight so that it wouldn’t fly away! At this point she began crying. As Stacy was putting her into the car she was getting more and more upset and pushing the balloon away. She was staring at it, eyes wide open in almost terror, her little legs were flailing about and she was screaming no no no!!! We moved the balloon closer, we moved it further away, she will still being very very upset. I have never seen her behave like that and I asked Stacy to take the balloon and put it under a coat so she couldn’t see it any more. As soon as Stacy did this she stopped immediately and said in the sweetest little voice ever

‘Thank you Mammy’

Everything was fine until we came to get out the of car and she saw the balloon again, same reaction, almost fear. I said shall I let it go and let it fly into the sky? This was met with a little foot stamp dance and a notch up of crying. So strange!!! Guess our Rosa doesn’t much care for balloons lol.

On Fridays I usually spend the day with my Mum. She lives an hour away and I travel down in the morning, we spend all day together (usually shopping!) she makes us dinner and then I drive home. It makes Friday really pleasurable and the children always look forward to it. My Mum is a supply teacher and usually says she isn’t available on Fridays…but this week agreed to work. No biggie I thought, Stacy then let me know that she had agreed to go out with work friends and wouldn’t be home until after 10pm. Oh my! THAT is going to be LONG day! Stacy suggested we went on a day trip somewhere. Day tripping alone is always a bit daunting, but I agreed it was a good idea.

Me: Charlie would you like to go to the Sea Life Centre today?
Charlie: Ooooh yes, I’ll just fetch my fishing net!

After some first class negotiation skills I persuaded him to the leave the net at home πŸ˜‰


afterwards we went and played on the beach where we dug for treasure!


and found some!!


I’m not chasing this pigeon, honest!


Even time to pose for some shots!


We had a LOVELY day out together. We came home and everyone was fast asleep in the car, I successfully transferred everyone into my bed and we napped together snuggled up like little hamsters for a good hour or so. We survived the day!

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Flittery fluttery

Our 3rd baby is making it’s presence known πŸ™‚ Up until now I have been in a slightly weird place where I would often even forget I was pregnant (when I wasn’t feeling ill that is!) now the baby is reminding me often with tiny little thuds and movements.

Even after being pregnant twice before, it is magical.

I am not feeling anywhere near as poorly. Sickness will hit me like a train sometimes and without warning, but gone is the lingering sicky feeling that was there all day and worse in the evenings. I have the familiar feeling first thing in the morning, don’t cough! Don’t sneeze! Don’t do anything until I have had something to eat, or I will wretch. I can’t lie in bed very long until this feeling takes over.

We had planned to have a private gender scan, but don’t feel Stacy can warrant the time off work as holiday. She has 5 days left to take before next April (the rest is all booked) and if I ended up having an emergency c-section we might just want those 5 days, so feel it is best to preserve them πŸ™‚

I bought a doppler! I never had one before and managed to find the heartbeat fairly easily actually. Stacy has found it too and we have made a little recording πŸ™‚ Always nice to have a new experience.

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