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It’s pretty rare to get a nice one of them both together…mostly because they are far too over photographed and frown at a camera facing them!


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Easter Fun!

First off….Charlie got a school place at our first choice school, we are pretty pleased and relieved!! I still can’t quite believe he is going to school….

We celebrated Easter at my Mum’s house with her extended family. We haven’t seen some of them in many years and it was lovely to see them doting on my children and enjoying my Mums wonderful cooking. Unfortunately for me, I had tonsillitis, sinusitis and conjunctivitis! I was miserable and spent quite a bit of the time in bed 😦


Eater egg hunt


They got presents as well!!


And one of the funniest photos ever of my and my Grandad. As we posed for this one he said ‘I like my new ear muffs!’ and we all laughed. We’ll just ignore the fact I look like a small whale at the moment 😦


A few recent Charlieisms

Me: Charlie if you don’t eat your lunch, when you grow up, you’ll be really small!
Charlie: What like you?

Charlie: Will you make me a drink please?
Me: Yes in a minute after I have finished my breakfast
Charlie: That’s not breakfast! That’s pasta. That’s lunch!!

Ok Charlie, let me explain about pregnancy and the weird things it does to the things I want to eat and when….

Charlie: Is there a baby in your tummy Mummy?
Me: Yes there is
Charlie: When you eat food, does the baby get messy?

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I am entering a competition to win patterns from my favourite designer. I am entering this little dress that I made for Rosa. You can check out her blog here:

If I get through to the final, you will have to come and vote for me!

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I have been an AWFUL blogger and not keeping up with stuff!

Let’s start with Rosa’s 2nd birthday 🙂

A gorgeous giant cupcake made by my talented friend Emma. It was delicious!!


Her pile of presents, she did well!

39280_10152371487792783_1583280844_n (1)

Her main presents from us, a pram and doll.


and a bike, that is too big at the moment!!

We took her out for lunch


and to the cinema to watch Frozen


She had a lovely birthday, quiet (no party) but intimate and full of love from all our family and friends.

Charlie just swam 12 metres on his front and 12 metres on his back, his teacher is so impressed with him, and I cried…again lol

Charlie: Mummy you have chicken poo in your hair
Me: Stacy will you check my hair and see what Charlie is on about please?
Stacy: That’s just Mummy’s roots Charlie

A day out at the dinosaur park


Can you spy the huge for 12 weeks baby bump???


Rosa had her first haircut


and we announced our pregnancy to the wider world.


Everything was hunky dory with the baby, measuring at 11+ 3 and perfect in every way.

Most of our friends are happy for us, there are some family members and some friends who think we should have stuck at 2 children. I can’t believe how people think they are entitled to opinions like these. Even my Mum thinks 2 was enough and that we ‘can’t afford a third’ which is bollocks. You just adjust with the money you have and the things you need and want.

Of course there has also been some confusion that it is ME pregnant again. We have always been very open with our plans with people that Stacy would carry our third baby. So people have been confused that this isn’t the case, and they have been asking! Again, I find this a very personal thing, and why people feel entitled to information on this is beyond me. I do explain the situation we were met with, because I don’t want anyone thinking I am a selfish dominating partner who ‘isn’t allowing Stacy to have a baby’. Poor Stacy though, having to explain really personal information to every man and his dog.

Lesson learnt. Never be open with your plans. People are nosey buggers who will want to know everything, rather than just be pleased for you. WE are having a baby. That has never been more true.

I still feel really poorly, plus I have a horrible cold, and I am working extra days which is making me knackered. I’ll get there!

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