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Stacy has been very busy these last few months renovating a chicken house and building a chicken run! She has very much enjoyed it! Last week we got 2 rescue chickens from a battery farm. They were being bullied and were about to be killed. Our friends drove past the farm and asked for directions and saw the chickens there…they asked about them and were told they were soon to be culled. They knew we wanted some and so picked them up for us!

The first few days they were so scared and hid inside the nest boxes all day. Over time they ventured out into the smaller bit of their run (a caged section) and started to become less scared. Now they are happy to roam their entire run and spend all their time digging up the bark and moving it around and flying up a ladder Stacy made for them. They seem really happy! We get an egg a day from at least one of them as well 🙂



Charlie has ADORED having a project to do with his Mammy. Now that this project is finished (although plenty of cleaning out to do!) they are going to start planing more veg in the patch and work on improving the lawn. Both children love being outside and since the weather is so lovely at the moment, we can spend lots of time out there.

I am feeling pretty poopy right now 😦 I am so so tired and feel sick a lot of the time. I am so hoping that this eases soon because it is so hard to work and be a (good) Mummy feeling like I do at the moment. We have a scan date of 10th April which is exciting!


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First midwife appt

Yesterday we had our booking in appt with the midwife. Stacy never came to any of my appointments with the first two…there didn’t seem to be any need and her getting the time off was difficult.

This time we are determined for her to be more involved and so part of this is making sure she comes to all of the appointments with me. So I picked her up from work and we went together.

My midwife was so pleased to see me back again. She expressed sadness that Stacy wasn’t able to conceive (we receive sadness with everyone we tell….:( ) She remembered loads of fine details about both of us bearing in mind it has been 2 years since she last saw me! We often find this with health professionals. I guess we are someone different and so stick in their mind, oh yeah that lesbian couple!! Anyway she is still as lovely as I remember and I am glad to have her again.

I am feeling pretty rotten in this pregnancy so far. I wake up in the night having nightmares. I wake up in the morning with intense stomach cramps followed by IBS symptoms and stomach cramps throughout the day. I feel sick in waves of nausea (much worse when I am feeling hungry) and it is worse in the evenings. I am sooo tired and am having daytime naps as and when I can grab them. I know it shall be for a limited amount of time, but perhaps another 5 weeks or so….oh my 😦

Charlie is obsessed with saying ‘poo’ at the moment and is banned from saying it unless appropriate. So is is currently singing ‘Winnie the Pooh’ in my face and waving the book about just to make sure I know it is allowed.


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