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So Stacy believed she was referred 8 weeks ago. Since she hadn’t hear anything about 4 weeks ago she chased it up with the GP who said she would ring the clinic and chase it for her. After another 2 weeks passed she nagged the GP again who said that again she would chase it. According to the receptionist who we spoke with, the GP added to Stacy’s notes that the referral had been chased. Twice.

So Stacy being in healthcare management decided to ring the clinic directly. They have never heard of her.

So she rang the surgery again and asked for an explanation as to why the referral has not been received there, and if the GP has chased it up twice, how come she hasn’t realised this for herself???

We were told we would get a phone call the same day. No one rang. So Stacy rang them and they said the woman she needed to speak to had gone home but that she would ring first thing in the morning. That morning came and went and no one rang.

Incompetence, lies and frustration.

This is where we are right now.


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I took Rosa to her swimming lesson today. I had got her all ready when it dawned on me that I had not packed my costume (nor a towel!!) So I went up to my teacher and told her and she said ‘do you want to borrow mine?’ and I said ‘but what will you wear?’ and she said ‘oh I’ll just wear my knickers!!’ (with a swimming top I might add) she then handed me her costume and she is at least 3 sizes smaller than me.

So I wedged myself into this tiny costume and she yelled ‘are you in’ and I said ‘yes! but it isn’t pretty!’ lol and she said don’t worry at least you can do your lesson. Which we did. Rosa had a wonderful lesson and I was very glad we didn’t miss it.

I then dried us both with a baby sized towel and returned the costume. As I was packing  the bag, I noticed something in there….Stacy’s costume!!! I could have worn Stacy’s costume which IS my size and my poor teacher wouldn’t have to have worn her knickers (all morning) and gone home knickerless either.


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Stacy is the one bugging me to post. I don’t know why I have stopped blogging so much. I have been getting loads of orders in for my crochet business and that does take up a lot of my time, but I find time for Facebook so I should find time to blog too!

So our day started with this:

Me: Charlie will go you and put some socks on please?
Charlie: No, I can’t
Me: Why not?
Charlie: I’m a bee
Me: Oh. Mr Bee, can you go and put some socks on please?
Charlie: Yup!
Amendment to parenting manual… if your child refuses to do something, first check they aren’t some kind of flying insect.

With his speech getting so much better he has me laughing several times a day. He loves it when he makes me laugh, but often trying to make me laugh doesn’t work! On that note, he has a speech evaluation last week and she has discharged him saying that he is now within normal limits. Yay! He is very into drawing and writing at the moment and we do some daily. He is still pretty useless at forming letters but he tried hard to improve. His desire to achieve writing is wonderful actually. I think when Charlie wants to do something, he will try until he can. It’s a good quality to have.

With him spending more time at pre-school Rosa and I have lots of time with just us. She does nap for large chunks of it but yesterday was a lovely cold sunny day and we went for a walk and fed the ducks.



Stacy and I are really enjoying doing Xmas shopping this year. We have hunted down and bought lots of bargains. They are each going to have a good sized pile of presents, but the cost is quite low due to our efforts! I find buying for Charlie so much easier than Rosa as he is very clear on what he likes and wants. You know you have a child of modern times when after watching an advert on the TV he requests it to be added to his ‘wish list’. He is still very much into cars, trains, diggers, tractors that kind of thing. At my Mum and Dads house the other day they were harvesting the sugar beat from the field at the end of their garden. He was in ‘tractor heaven’


Rosa just loves to sing. She was singing to the tune of happy birthday the other day:

‘Banana na na, banana na na, banana na na na naaaaaaaa, banana na na!’

I made my donation to the British legion from the sale of my poppies and my poppy pattern, with giftaid it came to £93.75 and I was very proud of that 😀

IMG_7569 edited

I am getting really into papercutting. Pretty much everyone is getting one for Christmas from me.


We are still waiting to hear from the clinic if they will help Stacy get pregnant. We are feeling frustrated by how long it is taking. Stacy thinks about it a lot, asking me questions like ‘do you think a 3 year age gap is too big?’ We need to get her pregnant and she needs to be pregnant soon. *stamps foot*

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Barbershop Convention

Last weekend I went to Llandudno for a weekend of singing and competition. The last few months have been quite intense preparing for this and the last few rehearsals before we went verged on unpleasant. Our leaders became quite unkind and very stressy, snapping at us and being unforgiving.

Rosa was poorly with a cold before I left on Friday and just wanted to cuddle me and so leaving her for 3 days was quite hard on me emotionally. I left at 7.00am on the coach and spent 8 hours travelling thinking about them. I crocheted half a blanket on the road so I made good use of my time.

On Friday evening I put on all the dress and makeup and jewellery to make sure I had eveything. My room-mate took a photo of me pouting and encouraged me to put it on Facebook…which I did. I received some nice comments on the picture and it made me feel good. I tagged a friend who had spent 3 hours the day before we left helping me alter my dress as I thought she might like to see me wearing it.

At breakfast the next morning I was taking pictures of each table (as I create our yearbook). When I reached my MD’s table she said

‘oh thank you VERY much for putting a picture of the dress up on FACEBOOK!’ to which I felt a bit like oooh is that not ok? That never occurred to me, was that not ok? and she said

‘well it’s too late now’ and turned her back on me. I walked back to our table and promptly burst into tears. I was already very nervous about competing later in the day and felt like a school child who had just been told off. Emotions were high for everyone. I was comforted by the people on my table but I spent the rest of the morning on the verge of tears. During rehearsal I think she noticed me tearful and asked me if I was alright. I sort of forgave her in that moment, but it did ruin the whole weekend for me really.

Anyway we sung our hearts out on stage and were happy with our performance.


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