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A friend sent me a message on Facebook the other day, it said you really don’t sound very happy, I am worried about you. The fact is I had posted several miserable Facebook updates and sent short curt replies to trivia I didn’t care about. I mused on her concern. The fact is, I am very used to being happy and my life being good and for this I am very lucky. A few crappy things happen to me and my friends notice because I am not gushing with smiles and love. Interesting eh?

Anyway to continue the story following Disneyland. I rang the emergency dentist on Sat morning and they gave me an appt for 12.30. I was excited to go, to have the damn pain dealt with and to get on with life pain free. I asked Stacy to come with me for support and because I was worried about driving after treatment. We left late and didn’t have time to stop for fuel on the way, the gauge said we had 25 miles left in the tank…it was fine! She dropped me off and I told her to fill up whilst she waited for me to come back out.

The dentist told me that the filling that had covered my gum had created an ulcer. There was also a ridge on the edge of the filling causing inflammation. She numbed me and drilled and smoothed the filling. It felt good to be numb. She wrote me a prescription for good strong painkillers and an anaesthetic mouthwash. I walked back outside to the car where the children were very restless. Stacy said lets go and get fuel and get your prescription. I said ‘what you haven’t filled up yet??’ and she said no, and I was like why not??? but said ok lets drive.

We had been on the duel carriageway for 5 mins when the car stopped working and we drifted to a stop on the hard shoulder. I hit the hazard lights and rang breakdown recovery.  We were just after a bend, and the traffic was having to pull out around us. We needed to get the kids out of the car and fast. The police were called. The policeman was lovely and chatted to Charlie who thought he was mega cool. We waited on the edge of the road for 45 minutes before the truck arrived. He got us into the truck and hitched up the car and got us somewhere safe. All the while Stacy and I are looking at each other thinking ‘shit, is this all because we ran out of fuel??’ Rosa was panicking I was about to leave her and was clinging to me. Charlie was letting the bloke know what he wanted for Christmas much to his confusion (he was wearing red overalls and was a bit chubby….) He concluded we had run out of fuel. Crap.

So he towed us to a petrol station and we filled up. The car still didn’t work. We were in two minds how to feel. Oh so it wasn’t because we were stupid! Oh that means there is something really wrong with the car and is going to cost us a small fortune to mend….. so he took us home and the car went to the garage.

Meanwhile the pain was beginning to return as the numbness wore off and with it my awful mood 😦

Still Charlie thought it was all a massive adventure and enjoyed the policeman and the truck. Silver linings and all that….

We thought it was all over until Stacy said ‘give me your prescription and I shall go and get it for you, where is it?’ To which I replied, ‘in the bleeding car!!!!’ which by that point was on the other side of the city not to be even looked at until Monday. Fabulous.


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Ok so I might be being a tad dramatic but for me this trip was more about misery that enjoyment. The children on the other hand knew nothing but fun and excitement and there were certainly moments that I will remember forever such as Rosa waving and saying hello to all the costumed cast members and Charlie sitting on Stacy’s shoulders during Disney Dreams singing along to all the songs he knew from our CD in the car. They were both very well behaved, especially Charlie.

While we were at the Harry Potter Studios on my Birthday last Sunday (I will do a separate post about that shortly) a piece of my wisdom tooth fell out. The sharp edges it left were chewing up my cheek and it was very sore. I made an emergency appointment on the Monday and left work at lunchtime to attend it (losing earnings). He said it needed to come out but he would put in a temporary filling for now which he did. Once I was home the pain just got worse, not better and we left for Disney on the Tuesday.

On Wednesday the pain was AWFUL! I felt with my tongue and there seemed to be a sharp bit of the filling digging into my gum. The infection spread all down into my lower jaw also and I could not do anything but think of the pain. We had pre-paid meal vouchers and I was not able to eat (or open my mouth very far) , every swallow was excruciating and I could not sleep for the pain. The French do not sell pain killers over the counter and so I had to use cold relief capsules for pain killers and they also included caffeine. I also had a cold and I felt sick as a dog!!! The nausea was awful as I felt on the verge of throwing up for the whole first day. Oh and did I mention is was PISSING IT DOWN????? (totally wet feet and leaking macs!!)

On Thursday we had to go back to the hotel room early because I was just feeling too poorly to stay out for the fireworks. I managed to snap off the bit of the filling that was digging into the gum and there was a small amount of relief after that. I felt such anger towards my dentist. His slap dash work had ruined my holiday. My trip that cost us a small fortune, that I had looked forward to for months and months. I broke down and sobbed in the middle of the Disney Village. The hotel staff were useless. There was no pharmacy within the resort. I felt that when you have such a large amount of people in an isolated place that there should be better access to facilities such as a doctor or dentist or even a sodding pharmacist for gods sake.

There were also moments where I actually wanted to pull my hair out I was so angry and frustrated. There were only a handful of restaurants open in the whole place (low season) which meant they were rammed. This would be okay if they were churning and burning the queues, but they just weren’t. Stacy had THREE people in front of her and it took her 30 minutes to gain food. This was burger and chips food, not risotto or flambé. There were THREE burgers you could choose from the menu was very limited!!!! and for this they charged us £40!!!! I wanted to walk up to them and slap them all in the face, yell at them to f**king get on with it and give us our food. I am sooo angry just writing this down and remember it. Rosa was so hungry she was pulling her hair out, she was squirming and writhing with hunger and I could do nothing. I packed loads of snacks for the remaining 2 days so she never reached that point again (which she did when we had the same experience the next day)

When it came to dinner well…. we walked into a restaurant the first night without reservations and that was a mistake because there were only 2 families ahead of us waiting but we waited 30 minutes to be seated in a very small porch area. Again the children were going mad with the confinement and the frustration. By the time we did get sat down they were too worked up to actually sit down and eat. The buffet tables were poorly stocked and there were so many people trying to grab food I felt like I was in some sort of ghetto scrabbling for bread. This was pre-paid for but would have set us back £80. I was hardly able to eat anything anyway.

The next night we thought hell not doing that again and made reservations. When we turned up to the restaurant which was closed and opened at 6pm (our reservation time) there were hoards of people all waiting outside. As they opened the door we all charged in and sorry but I lost all my English politeness in that moment and got as far to the front as I could. There were about 10 families ahead of us (and another 40 behind us) They seated each family and I timed it, 4 minutes per family to take their money and sit them down at a table in a totally empty restaurant. 4o minutes we waited to sit down!!!!! Again the children were beside themselves and I really did want to cry.


Add to that the queue jumping, the smoking, the weather, the rides breaking down, the closed for refurbishments, the pirate ship was closed the whole time and Charlie was so disappointed by that, the playgrounds were closed, fastpass systems not in use, poorly organised baby switch systems , overpriced everything…… it was the trip from hell for me. We will not be going back there, ever. We are saving up for Florida and go there next time. We might have to skip a year but it will be worth it.


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My best friend

We were eating dinner the other day when Charlie announced that Rosa is his best friend. We all said awwww and thought how cute it was. Then after that he started saying it daily to different people…often after you had made him happy. Here Charlie have some chocolate. ‘Thanks Mummy, you are my best friend.’ Then followed the demotion. Charlie stop doing that *inset naughty thing* to which he would respond with, ‘Mummy you are not my best friend any more’. We had no idea where he had got it from until I heard Peppa Pig say it on an episode yesterday, blast that damn pig!! lol

Charlie still very much needs his afternoon nap. At the moment our weekday schedule is pretty full and some days there is just no time for a nap! We were snuggled on the sofa watching TV the other day when I felt his breathing change and glanced down to find him fast asleep on my chest. It was such a lovely moment and I have to wonder if that will ever happen again? Better than the floor though!

Last weekend the children had their first trip to the cinema to see Monsters University while I was at work. Charlie declared the cinema ‘scary’ but Stacy thrust a packet of jelly worms in his hand and that was enough to keep him there until he got used to the environment. At one point there was some dancing in the film and Rosa wiggled off Stacy’s lap to have a dance in the aisle which everyone thought was adorable.

We have decided that Charlie needs to give up his dummies. It is not going to be an easy task seeing as how he is VERY attached to them and will not go to sleep without one. We began planting the idea that he was to give them up soon by saying that in return for giving all his dummies to Father Christmas, he would receive lots and lots of presents in return, but that after that he would no longer be allowed to use a dummy. Charlie contemplated this for a little while and finally responded with ‘I shall ask Father Christmas for a dummy as one of my presents’ clever lad that one 😉

Last week he had a substitute teacher in his nursery class at school that did some art with him. Ever since then he has become very into drawing and asks a lot to get his crayons out. He also leaves school with handfuls of pictures and they are wonderful pictures full of detail and quite obvious what a lot of them are. He drew the park and was explaining to me what everything in the picture was. A slide, a roundabout, a swing and a toilet. ‘A toilet!’ I said, that’s strange for a park! he replied with the fact that the park needed a toilet. As well as drawing he is singing a lot more. He sometimes yells more than sings ‘ I JUST CAN’T WAIT TO BE KING!!!!!’ haha

A giraffe (he is VERY into giraffes at the moment too!)

and writing his name

Since I am not working tomorrow we have had a very chilled Saturday which we hardly ever do. It certainly did involve a bit of ukulele playing

Rosa tried out bunches this week, instigated by Mammy actually!

I wrote a new crochet pattern for a holly headband and took some photos using my new backdrops for Christmas. I have several friends that want me to take photos for them as well which I will really enjoy doing for them.

I made Charlie a Buzz Lightyear hat for our trip to Disney (3 days people, 3 days!!)

I have managed to get him to watch a few Disney films this week in prep. I do have to skip scary scenes though…. which reminds me of that episode in Friends where Phoebe realises her mother had cut all the sad bits out of Disney films when she was a child.

Rosa got new winter shoes

A few more Charlie quotes for my book:

Charlie just noticed that his reflection was upside down inside his spoon, so he turned it the other way up and was shocked that he was still upside down!
‘Mummy my spoon is broken’


I just groaned because my back was hurting… Charlie came over and said
‘are you sick Mummy? Is it an emergency??? Do you need CALPOL!!??’


Sorry for the bitty post, I need to keep up better! Still having problems printing my blog this time. Aside from blog2print is there anywhere else I can use? It just keeps crashing on me!

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