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More results

We had Stacy’s blood-work results back yesterday and she didn’t ovulate again 😦 That is 3 cycles in a row with no ovulation. Her GP has agreed to write to a clinic and ask them to see her. It is unclear if we will be entitled to clinic assistance because we already have children. If we aren’t entitled the GP has said she will prescribe Clomid herself for 6 cycles and then no more because of the risk of ovarian cancer.

So that’s where we are right now, 6 more tries on Clomid and then that’s it.

I asked her how she was feeling and she said she was happy there was a reason it wasn’t happening, and that more goes with help seemed positive, and that if it didn’t work we would stop and be happy with what we have. Of course there is always the idea of me going again, we always wanted three children but we won’t discuss that again until we have to. Let’s see if we can reach the end of the road with Stacy first.


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I am one of those mothers who is often late, is always forgetting things, has to have things repeated to me several times before they sink in (especially dates) etc..

I try quite hard to be more organised, but I find it very difficult! This morning I packed Charlie’s swimming bag without actually packing him a swimming costume. How can you do something so carefully and forget the main (only?!?) piece of equipment needed for swimming?!?

I had a rummage and found Rosa’s frilly pink costume was in there…. so I put him in it!
We walked onto poolside and his teacher laughed and said
‘Real men wear frilly pink Charlie!!’
Charlie had no idea why we were all laughing. How can I keep him so innocent for the rest of his life?

We had to skip school this afternoon which was a shame as they were having a little party with a building theme and we had made him an outfit and everything. He had a really bad night last night with coughing and falling out of bed and crying. He was so tired after his swimming lesson that he fell asleep in the car and I let him sleep. He needed it, and he would have been a right pain if I had tried to wake him up. It was nice to chill and we watched 101 Dalmatians.

Charlie is really easily scared by films. Even mild scariness like Cruella Deville and he was getting upset by her and wanting me to cuddle him and asking me to turn it off. I am desperate to watch more Disney films but they all contain some form of peril or scariness. I think Cars in the only one that doesn’t! Even Toy Story had bits that scared him. Anyone have any suggestions of ones he might be able to cope with? He had a total meltdown at The Lion King!!!

I’ll leave you with this conversation from last night:

I just groaned because my back was hurting… Charlie came over and said
‘are you sick Mummy? Is it an emergency??? Do you need CALPOL!!??’

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Rosa has started biting. Not biting anyone, just Charlie. I have watched events carefully. Charlie is annoying her, she squeels, he carries on, she shouts, he carries on, she tries one more time to get him to leave her alone, she bites him. Honestly it is the only way he actually stops whatever it is annoying her so I understand why she does it!

Today I was watching an argument involving my Kindle and he was trying to take it off her and she was squeeling. She decided to try and bite him and he is wise to this now and was getting out of the way of her mouth but she was making several attempts to get him and she looked like a really cute and pretty little piranha ! It was all I could do not to giggle and in fact sort them both out, one for trying to take the others toy, and Rosa, biting is not nice!

I decided yesterday that I wanted a new camera and announced it to Stacy. My old one had developed a tiny weeny little fault, but it was driving me crazy and Stacy wanted to get it mended and I wanted a new one. After intense negotiations she agreed to visiting a camera shop today to ‘have a look’. We came home with not only a new camera body, but 2 new lenses too. Happy Laura!!! I did sell my old one and have had hundreds of people want to buy it off me. I get asked a lot,

‘your photos are great, what camera do you have?’

and I tell them what camera I have, but what I don’t say is…it’s the £500 lens that makes the photo great, not to mention a good eye and some capabilities with editing software. So when my camera became up for sale, every man and his dog wanted it because owning my camera will enable them to take photos like mine right?…..hehe, nah!

So what else have I failed to blog about recently?

Well Charlie is doing well at his new nursery. It tires him out good and proper, especially when we go swimming as well!

Charlie: What am I doing today Mummy?
Me: You are going to school this afternoon.
Charlie: Again?!?!?!?

Photo: He's had a tiring day bless him. Do I leave him there or move him??

We had a day at Great Yarmouth last weekend. We bumped into a street performance festival and a reggae dance party on the seafront whilst there. We ate fish and chips and played in the 2p arcades as well as visiting an old prison museum. It was a fab day.

Photo: Enjoying fish and chips at great yarmouth on a day trip that keeps surprising us!

Stacy and I are booked to go on the Warner Brothers studio tour of the Harry Potter films. I am so excited! You’ll be hearing more of this don’t you worry 😉
Nana bought Charlie his first car….

Photo: Our garden is perfect for it!

Stacy turned 30 and we had a murder mystery dinner party,

Photo: A fabulous murder mystery party for Stacy's 30th this weekend ;) Thank you to everyone who came and for making it such a lot of fun!

We harvested our potatoes

Charlie has enjoyed growing things so much this year that we have expended the veg plot and plan to grow all sorts of things, onions, garlic, peppers, beans, strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes and spring onions!

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Things a changing

So we are into our second week of our new routine of pre-school and things are shifting in balance in this house. This is most apparent in Rosa. She has changed from the angelic always happy child to one that is often frustrated, squwarks a lot, is refusing affection and is generally much harder work than she ever has been in the past. It is making me feel a little upset. I know it is only natural to test boundaries, and she is very wilful, but I feel like my cuddly smiley little girl has left for a bit and I want her back 😦 It must be due to missing Charlie as they play together all the time when he is here and she is having to play on her own a lot more. I am trying to give her some special one on one time, but I am realising (and remembering) how difficult it is to have a 1 year old on their own. They don’t stay concentrated on anything for more than a few minutes! I often have things of my own to be getting on with such as washing/cleaning or crocheting orders and I am feeling quite guilty.

I have enrolled us in a little class that will start next week called tumbletots and we are going with a friend which will be nice. Getting out the house really lets you concentrate on your child without distractions.

Charlie has cracked the breathing during his swimming lessons! This mornings lesson was so emotional for me watching it as he swan across the pool taking 3 breaths along the way. He also did a whole width on his back holding a float. I am so excited to see where his swimming will take him.

A pregnant friend asked me this week to photograph her birth. I am so touched and honoured to have been asked. It is going to be an amazing experience for me. She also asked me to attend her hypo-birthing classes with her. I am already really worried about doing a good job, blurry photos, underexposed photos and dead batteries are plaguing my dreams! lol We have both also applied for volunteering positions at the hospital to support breastfeeding mothers on the post-natal ward.

Disneyland is getting closer and is occupying more of my mind than it should be! I am so bloomin’ excited about going, I just can’t wait to get there!!

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1st Day of Nursery

I have just returned from dropping him off. It is REALLY hot here today, not like I remember first days back as a child, they were always crispy. Ah well, I guess climate change has changed that!

Anyway I have spent all morning feeling so nervous about him going. I have no idea why. I know he will love it there, make new friends and just generally learn and grow. Perhaps it is a marker of a passage of time, and I can feel it slipping through my fingers like grains of sand.

I keep looking at the clock to see how long to go until I pick him up, only to realise he has only been there 39 minutes so far!!

Here are pictures of him in his new uniform. It’s very cute. We can put any bottoms we like with the tops, and I will get him school trousers as soon as the weather cools, but for now he is rocking the shorts still.

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We were meant to be at a family party this weekend but in the end we just couldn’t be bothered to make the drive there and back in 1 day (6 hours of driving) plus the cost of the fuel and the fact we just couldn’t be bothered…

So we enjoyed a Saturday together yesterday

Today I got up for work and left. When I arrived at work everyone was frowning at me as I came in.

‘What are you doing here?’ they asked

and when we checked I had booked it off as annual leave…and forgotton…. whoops. So we could have gone to the family do anyway and made the trip on consecutive days, plus I had gone to all the effort of actually getting to work, to have to come home again!

So anyway on the way back home I popped into a bike shop and purchased Charlie a new bike. I was feeling reckless, and it would seem rich as well.

I arrived home to a confused Stacy and broke the news of the bike purchase managing to justify it against the saving made on fuel and our non attendance at what really was a mandatory family do.

I sat down and managed to get some crochet done while Stacy and the kids dug out the new veg patch. I think growing our own food is a really valuable learning experience and Stacy seems very keen.

I also did a spot of papercutting this weekend

Photo: My latest paper cutting venture ;)

Photo: And in its frame ;)

We topped off the day with a family swim and CHARLIE CRACKED THE BREATHING!!! Honestly his amazing swimming teacher Jack has been trying for weeks to get him to lift his head and breathe and today he did it, over and over again and I was so proud of him. I excitedly sent Jack a message that he had done it and I loved his reply,


and Rosa floated on her back unaided, that was cool too. Speaking of Rosa she has now said a few 3 work sentences such as ‘Mummy, knee, there’ when she wanting me to lift her onto my lap, and ‘see you soon!’  Charlie is ‘lee lee’ and when she cries and I ask her what is wrong we get a long garbled sentence followed by lee lee at the end. Well whatever upset her, it involved him! lol

So a rather weird day, but actually full of high points. Plus Charlie learning to ride his new bike was rather entertaining.



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