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An Impressive Mind

My Charlie boy certainly has his strengths and weaknesses but I’m adding another strength to the list and that is geography.

Today we went for a bike ride with some friends down an old railway line. It was wonderful. To get to one of the access points we had to go down some back roads I last drove down about Easter time when Charlie had his last swimming lesson with waterbabies. We did the route once a week before that since he was 12 weeks old. Charlie asked me,

‘are we going swimming Mummy?’ and my jaw dropped. Back roads look like back roads but he had recognised the route.

Another time we were visiting my Mum but I took a detour via the sorting office and when I turned left instead of going straight on, Charlie yelled ‘Mummy you are going the wrong way!’

He knows his right and left (better than most of my patients!!) and often tells me which way to turn at junctions (towards the park he knows he saw there last time)

On the bike ride today Charlie noticed landmarks along the way, a road, some cows, a tractor and he anticipated seeing them again on the way back.

Oh my god was the bike ride hard! Pulling a trailer with 2 children in it, Charlie’s bike, my friends bag (which had a litre of water in it!!) kagools, water for me and the children, nappy bag, emergency food etc… nearly killed me. We did about 6 miles and I worked hard for every metre we moved. I am about ready to flop into bed right now, but not sure I can actually walk up the stairs……

Photo: Absolutely cream crackered after our bike ride this afternoon with Emma an Elijah. Pulling the trailer with 2 children, Charlie's bike and bags of food/drink/other crap I thought we might need is bloody hard lol.

I’ll leave you with this anecdote from the week (facebook friends will have already seen it)

I was giving Charlie and Rosa a bath this evening and Charlie told me he needed a wee, so I went to open the toilet lid and lift him out to go, and he said,
‘it’s alright Mummy, you just open it and I will go from here’ *said with a hip thrust*
Ah, no sweetheart

Photo: Park fun yesterday in our last few days of nice weather.


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Our Summer

It’s been really quite a fabulous summer, we have actually had some lovely weather, we have had lots of trips to places, seen lots of people and spent a lot of time together as a family. It’s times like this where I feel we just really work together as a couple and are so so happy as a family.

Stacy and I took the children to a local leisure centre and they had a soft play side and a massive room full of inflatables! One of the inflatables was full on guns that shot out little soft balls. It was packed in there, mostly full of boys, but they were having the most fun you could ever see children having. I got hit on the head by a ball and looked up to see who had shot it, a kid on the other side just smirked at me, and Stacy said ‘show me what you got!!’ and he was shooting her and she was catching them before they hit. The kids thought it was hilarious.

We have also done quite a bit of shopping, and bought a new camera. Now we are totally skint! haha

This past weekend we went camping with my family and some extended family also. They are my great-uncles cousins…so quite distant in terms of relation, but we are very close to them and see them several times a year. They only have 1 child together and she is yet to settle down or have children, and so they seem to have adopted mine as their own and smoother them in love and gifts and time. It is lovely. My Dad and Peter took Charlie fishing and he caught a little perch.

Our new carrier arrived and we have got to use it a few times. It is SO comfy and we get lots of lovely comments on it

We also bought an old second hand ergo as Charlie wanted in on the action

On the last day of camping we had a lovely woodland walk and took advantage of having others with us to take a few pictures of us as a family.

These two are really becoming friends now. They play together nicely (most of the time!) and Charlie is very sweet with her. She cried the other day and when I went to get her, Charlie was already there stroking her hair and saying ‘what is the matter sweetheart?’ He has made us laugh this week as when he is frustrated he can be heard muttering ‘oh for goodness sake!’ haha

Rosa now says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ without prompting. Everyone is very impressed. I maintain it is not hard to teach even very young children simple manners. If it is learned so early it will be engrained and they will never forget it.

This one was a timer shot whilst visiting a National Trust House. We played croquet on the lawn, and ate big slices of cake in the garden with real lemonade.

I never feel mournful towards the end of the summer. For start we have Stacy’s 30th birthday in a couple of weeks with a murder mystery party, not long after that is is my birthday, followed by a trip to Disneyland, then Halloween, then Christmas! So much to look forward to, and I love the change in the seasons at this time of year, when the air begins to get crispy and the leaves start to turn.

Charlie starts his nursery class in a couple of weeks and I have bought his uniform all ready. Exciting times here, and I love every minute of my life.

Right, just need to get Stacy pregnant next.

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A little investigation…

We finally decided to get an opinion on why Stacy might not be getting pregnant yet. She went along armed with print outs from the last 12 cycles (10 of which we inseminated). The doctor she saw was a bit frazzled by it all and seemed to know a lot less than we do on how to get pregnant. We suggested some of the things we thought might be the problem.

She told us we would not be entitled to any treatment on the NHS because we were lesbians and if we did want treatment, J our donor would have to attend any consultation as Stacy’s partner. Oh.My.God. We knew this wasn’t right as soon as she said it, and Stacy even argued with her, but it wasn’t worth it. She agreed to doing some blood work, she also had a smear done.

Stacy went back to the doctor yesterday to get the results. Luckily she was booked in with a MUCH better doctor, one who knows her stuff, is enthusiastic about helping people, who has a good attitude and who isn’t an idiot (main good point). She delivered the news that her progesterone level 7 days post ovulation was around 16 and they would be looking for a value above 30 to confirm an ovulation. Hmmmm so she might not actually be ovulating then? Well that might be it! You gotta have an egg to make a bebbe!

Anyway they are going to repeat the blood work this cycle and see how they compare, we shall continue to try each cycle where it is possible. She told us we WOULD be entitled to treatment. Infertility is infertility no matter what the gender of the person you f**k. She said if it is something as simple as low progesterone or weak ovulation she could prescribe clomid and we might not even have to attend any specialist clinic. That would be good.

So there is some light on the situation, and we are all positive again that it isn’t a hopeless cause.

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Where did he learn that?

Once your child is attending pre-school, or watching the TV when you are not, they start to pick up knowledge you did not impart on them. This is great, but also a weird sensation!

We went for a walk today and Charlie picked up two sticks. He said ‘I am going to make a fire’ and started rubbing them together, blowing on them and then he set them down on the ground and carried on blowing them! Well wherever he saw it, he was sure paying attention…. I think he could well make a fire πŸ˜‰

The Stacy threw the stick away and he ran after it panting with his tongue out and said ‘I am a dog!!’ and we laughed at his association of sticks and dogs. He does walk 2 dogs with a neighbour when I take Rosa swimming so has spent quite a bit of time around them. I was really pleased actually as before that he was really quite scared of dogs. I asked him what his name was when he was a dog and he replied with ‘cheese!’ what a great name for a a pup πŸ˜‰

Another cute moment of the day was when Charlie spotted Rosa climbing the stairs (we are at my parents without a stair gate) and said to her ‘Rosa, no don’t climb the stairs you monkey!’ His language is getting so much better. He keeps telling me to be ‘careful’ when I am doing things and frequently asks me ‘what is the matter Mummy?’

When we put the cats into their carriers he was upset, but we told him it was ok because we were taking them to a fun place where they could chase rabbits. I then left the room but could still hear him. He knelt down in front of the cage and started talking to the cats

‘What’s the matter Alfie? Are you sad? It’s alright, there is going to be rabbits! Are you stuck? Are you trapped? It’s ok’ and I just smiled to myself at his use of 2 words that mean the same thing. Seriously this child only a few months ago wasn’t even putting 2 words together and talking gibberish more often than not. Now we are getting really long sentences with lots of content, emotion and detail. I knew he would get there, but it is so wonderful now he is progressing so nicely. Very happy Mummies here πŸ˜€

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We had a lovely day today with my Mum and sister at this cute little museum. They had 3 railways with little trains and a little fairground too. Charlie was just so excited about all the trains there. Although they were all regular trains, he could see similarities in them to the characters of Thomas the Tank Engine. ‘It’s Gordon!’ for a large train with the right shaped body and ‘face’. He has always been very good at things like that. When he was just 2 years old he would point out cars in the street or when driving and say ‘Katie’s car’ etc… for everyone he knew. There was one time he said ‘oh Mammy’s car’ as we were driving and being overtaken and I turned to look and it WAS Mammy! hehe that was a weird experience.

We ate lots of naughty food today. Feeling a tad guilty right now.

Meh, we’ll deal with it when we get home πŸ˜‰

It’s 11.30pm and I just read on face.book that a friend saw 45 shooting stars this evening. I checked if there was any cloud then tickled Stacy’s feet and said, ‘let’s go outside and see if we can spot any shooting stars’…I was met with a grumpy expression. ‘Come on! It’ll be romantic’ πŸ˜‰ and we grabbed a blanket and a lounger cushion and along with my sister laid on the lawn for 15 minutes. We saw 9 shooting stars! and I saw the milky way for the first time. and I was right, it was romantic ❀ along with the giggling and singing and annoying the neighbours trying to sleep.

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Hand, foot and mouth

I was supposed to be going to cuddle a newborn baby boy today but as we went to get into the car, Mum noticed spots on Charlie’s hands, and one on his lip and then we looked at his feet and there they were too! A quick google revealed it was hand, foot and mouth and the trip for a cuddle was cancelled (well we went anyway to drop off the present but I didn’t go in and we chatted on the door stop for 20 mins)

He doesn’t seem poorly….he had a long nap, but apart from that is fine! I think I might have it too though and I feel rough in the last few hours. Oh joy.

We still went out for a Chinese all you can eat buffet for my sister Katie’s birthday though and chose a table away from anyone else. My the end of the day my sister was so fed up with the noise of the children, she is so like our father, intolerant!!


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Another BFN

and with that, we are going to take a cycle off and enjoy a holiday at my Mums. Our donor is unavailable anyway so gives us a chance to just chill for a few weeks. Doesn’t stop it being gutting though… 😦

But we had a wonderful weekend last weekend. We met up with all our uni friends and had a bouncy castle, BBQ partay!! Whoop! It was lovely to have another child there as well in addition to ours. My friends are all late starters in the children department!Β The blokes there were amazing with the children. Charlie helped them make burgers and they all chased each other around with water pistols.

I love this group shot on the castle πŸ˜‰

I’ve had my hair cut since these photos and already thinking, oh I want my long hair back!!

I’ve just finished a week at work. It almost killed me! I never want to work full time ever again!! LOL This week I found a brain tumour in a 15 year old boy, and a woman came in today with a retinal detachment. Stressful isn’t the word. I do enjoy my job, but like it to be a little less…shall I say…eventful. Oh and less days of the week πŸ˜‰ Still, looking forward to the extra pennies come payday…and it really isn’t long until we head over the channel to the Disney place πŸ˜‰

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