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I’m still not entirely sure what this is all about, but I like answering questions!

So from Little monster and is Mommies

1) Would you rather pursue or be pursued?  oh be persused for sure!
2) Biggest fear? – one of my children dying, the most painful thought I can ever have, and I have it often. I think I would just curl up in a ball for a year or something.
3) If you could have sex with a famous person, male or female, who would it be? – Barbra Streisand!!
4) Literary or television character you would want as a best friend? Susan Kennedy from Neighbours lol
5) Who would YOU be on the L.Word? – ah cripes I’m not sure I can even remember their names….Alice the one who puts her foot in it a lot.
6) If you do not know the L.Word, why the hell are you reading my blog?  – I’ve watched the whole thing twice, but so long ago!! lol

From 2momstobe

1.What is your quirkiest quirk? – My feet tingle at heights, my bum cheeks tingle when I am nervous, when I breastfeed it makes my feet itch.
2.What is your favourite song and what do you like about it? Evergreen by Barbra
3.What do you like doing in your spare time? Crochet, papercutting, art, photography, designing, reading
4.What is something you wish you were better at? Umm that’s a toughie… dieting? lol
5.What made you fall in love with your partner? She made me laugh
6.What is your favourite colour combination? Pale pink and grey
7.If you could do anything for a living (including stay-at-home parenting), what would it be? I would own a wool shop
9.What is your favourite physical attribute? My hair (the only thing going for me to be fair)
10.Do you prefer cooking or baking? cooking, I suck at baking
11.If you could change something about your past, would you?  If yes, how do you think this change would affect who you are today? – no my past makes me who I am today the good and the bad.

My nomonies

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Mama and mommy

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That’s a lot of esses

and I could add more!!!

My questions for you

1: If you could change your sexuality….would you?

2: if it were possible to have a baby with another woman, would you go for it? Or let nature be nature and go with that?

3: If money were no object, how many children would you have?

4: What is your guilty pleasure?

5: Have you ever lied and then been found out?

6: Is Ikea naff or amazing?

7: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Thanks for answering 😀


oh just found more questions randomly at the end here… ok

7) Favorite late night snack? dairy milk, twirl or wispa
8) What clique were you in in high school? I dont know what this means lol
9) A baby name you always wanted to/wished you would have used? Nathaniel
10) Name a movie/show you like but you are embarrassed to let others know you like? Neighbours, oh I already mentioned it lol
11) Most intoxicated you have ever been? I don’t think I have ever been properly drunk my whole life. My liver is very shiny! I don’t drink at all now.


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Naughty Charlie

Naughty is probably not the right word actually…. he is imaginative and creative and he likes to experiment. But some of these ‘experiments’ as we shall call them come in quick succession and drive me …..mad…..

It’s only 9.15am and already Charlie has removed my Kindle from beside my bed and hidden it somewhere, moved our packing list and hidden it somewhere, thrown books down the stairs, emptied out the nappy bag all over the floor, helped himself to a big of crisps and some of those are on the floor, kicked a toy at Rosa and made her cry, wriggled around whilst I tired to dress him, stuck his fingers into the Sudocrem and climbed up to a window (thankfully closed).

He is thinking up his new naughtyness whilst I am clearing up the previous one, such as I am putting the contents of the nappy bag back into the bag whilst he is in the kitchen pulling food out of the cupboards, I am putting food back into cupboards whilst he climbs up onto a window sill etc…. he is exhausting and I find it difficult to keep my temper when these events come in quick succession. Getting anything done is very difficult as he requires such a lot of attention. It’s also not enough to set up an activity and let him get on with it, he will want me to sit with him and join in and whilst this is lovely and I enjoy it, sometimes Rosa needs a nappy change, or the washing needs hanging out, or I need to make lunch.

Rosa on the other hand potters around in her sweet happy world and causes me very little bother. She responds very well to ‘no’ and doesn’t test me or push boundaries….yet. To be honest I am not sure she ever will, her personality is quite different to the Charlie boys.

After complaining about all of this to my Mum she just smiled a wry smile. She tells me I was exactly the same, always testing her and pushing her to her limits, whilst my sister was sweetness and calmness personified. So I guess I only have myself and my genes to blame 😉

That being said he is currently playing with fire engines and pigs and they are having a conversation and it is making me laugh, and at times like these (where I get a minute to blog when I should be doing housework) I forget what a little pickle he was being 15 minutes ago.

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Poorly Rosa

Stacy and I had quite a bit of a debate this cycle over if to try or not…… you see the thing is we think she might have fibroids. I am hesitant to label her with the title of ‘infertile’ but there are a few things that might be stopping her from getting that BFP. Her periods are VERY heavy. She has to wear a tampon and a towel and change both hourly. Sometimes she has accidents if she isn’t able to change them frequently enough. She also has large clots. I never knew she had these, she only mentioned them recently and I told her I had never ever had a clot. A bit of googling later and fibroids may be the cause. Her cycles are still a bit short for our liking. She had a 10 day LP last try with spotting on day 10. We are already using Agnus Castus and B6 to extend it, and one cycle she did get 12 days. So her whole cycle can be as short as 21 days.
She has made an appointment to see a GP next week. She will take with her her print outs of all our tries, when the insems where and a copy of J’s sperm count (super fertile) as well as details of her concerns and see where it might get us.

So yes I suggested we skip this cycle until we have a doctor opinion. This was also because we are in the middle of a heat wave here and the children have been very hard work and whingy and I didn’t want an evening on my own without her coming home, and money is VERY tight this month after a few expensive things have happened. But the thought of missing a try upset her too much (what if THIS month, was THE month?) and so I agreed to head to my Mum’s house for the night of the insem.

We had spent the whole of Weds at the zoo and it was 31degrees that day and Rosa was very lethargic and not her usual self. I thought she was suffering with a bit of heat stroke and believed it would pass quickly and so let Stacy head off to Sheffield and I went to my Mum’s. That night she was very unsettled (very unlike her) and in the morning would not stop crying. She also did not want to be touched, seemed to be light sensitive and was pulling at her neck. Mum and I began to get concerned and then a rash appeared. After a phone call with my Mum’s local GP we headed down there for him to check it out. She screamed and screamed the whole time we were there and he didn’t like the look of the rash at all and so sent us to the hospital where they immediately admitted her.

The other thing worrying me a lot was her refusal to drink anything. Her nappy was dry the whole day, and it was just so so hot! They ruled out meningitis fairly quickly but were concerned it was perhaps measles (the rash looked about right for it).  The monitored her for 6 hours and for 6 hours we sat with a a little pot trying and trying to get a urine sample but she just didn’t do a wee the whole time! After a throat swab they diagnosed her with Strep and we were allowed to take her home with penacillin and a paracetamol regime. My poor sweet baby just didn’t know what to do with herself. I couldn’t bear to see her in some unknown pain and I didn’t know what to do to try and help her.

We had another bad night last night but today it seems the antibiotics are working although her little body is still covered with the rash which is getting denser and covering more of her body. They did say it could be 10 days before she is better.

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My children have quite a few similarities between them. Talking is not one of them.

Charlie was a slow talker, I was pregnant with Rosa the first time he said Mummy, and even now his speech is poor, garbled and poorly formed words. He is getting there and I am very proud of him for the effort he makes in improving.

Rosa however is picking up several new words a day. I think she has maybe 30+ words already, and most of them very clear or quite guessable. This week she said her first sentence, ‘where’s Charlie?’ whilst he was taking a nap ‘he’s asleep Rosa’ I said, ‘oh’ she said. I had a conversation with my 15 month old that I waited until at least 2 years old to have with Charlie. I just put down some cooked ham in front of her and said ‘ham’ and she immediately said ‘ham’ back to me. Another new word leant instantly. I am gobsmacked, mostly because there is such a contrast but she is talking way better than her peers.

So why? Second child?, female? just one of those things? I can’t help but wonder if I have failed Charlie in any way. There is certainly more talking going on that Rosa is exposed to. I did try with Charlie but when there is just you and a baby it is easy to stay quiet whilst things are happening.

This week has been rather lovely. Firstly the jet stream has moved to its proper place and we are experiencing glorious weather. Secondly my Grandad is down and staying with my parents. I took Monday off work to see him and we went again yesterday. He is only seen Charlie once before and never met Rosa before. He lives 6 hours away and it is difficult for us to go up and see him also as his house is too small to accommodate all of us.

It was so nice to spend some time with him.

I’ve also made a new friend. It’s one of those friendships that has built nice and slowly. We met at babygroup, then joined SW together and then I invited her round to play and so on and so on. We spent 2 days together this week! Plus another evening! We took the children to a splash pad.

My other accomplishment this week was writing a new pattern. I was asked to crochet a Snowdog and seeing as how there wasn’t a pattern, I wrote one!

Rosa also took part in a ‘Splashathon’ where she had to collect sponsorship to take her lesson whilst wearing a costume. The theme was The Circus, and so I thought, hmmmm Strong Man!

All the other little girls were dressed as pretty things like ballerinas, haha!

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Thomas Land

I’ve had a slightly painful week. On Tuesday the in-laws arrived in order for me to work an extra day at work. It was the first time they have been left in charge of the children by themselves and they were noticeably nervous. They did fine though, and the children had a nice day. We still had to endure them in the evening time though :/ They left on Thursday morning and we had planned to spend the weekend with them and so travelled up to their house (3 hour drive) on Thursday evening. I won’t bore readers with the details of why I find it hard to be in their house, or in their company, but I do.

Anyway on Friday we spent the day at Thomas Land. I will admit to being excited for MYSELF over this. As a child I watched endless hours of Thomas and to be in his world was just as magical for me. So we walked around the island of Sodor and visited Knapford station and took a ride in Persy and Thomas to and from Tidmouth. We took a ride on Terence and the ‘naughty trucks’ rollercoaster, we bounced on Gordon and flew in Harold. It really was an amazing time had by all! The weather was glorious and hot and we didn’t get everything done that we wanted to! We shall definitely be going back for another visit (and it gets us out of their house for a WHOLE day! whoopie!)

A few photos, I didn’t take many, too busy having fun!

Look closely for Charlie lol

Inside Annie!!

And yes yes it has already been pointed out we are rebel Brits with our climbing son in front of ‘no climbing’ signs lol

and just look at his face, not a smiley one, but fascinated and trying to work it all out.

Oh and we’ve just had another BFN. Gutted is an understatement.

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