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So we are onto our 8th cycle since we started trying to get pregnant using Stacy’s uterus. It’s a little frustrating it is taking so long, but we are happy we have managed to extend her luteal phase by a couple days at least using B6 and Agnus Cactus.

So this is how we currently do it…we text KD (J) on the day the ovulation test starts to go positive and arrange to meet him in our usual hotel which is a 2 hour drive for us and a 1 hour drive for him. Stacy has so far gone on her own as taking the children with us…is just ….yeah not going to happen.

So he usually gets there first and heads to the reception desk and says

‘there is a reservation made in my friends name, she says it is ok for me to check in and hang out in the room until she gets here’

and the reception dude says,

‘oooh yeah, want to make it a double booking? There is no additional charge and I can send up more pillows and another set of towels?’ and he says

‘oh no thank you, I am not staying’

and then Stacy arrives and he comes back down to the foyer and they go out together and have dinner and a nice chat before he heads back up to the room (passing reception dude) to ‘do his thing’ whilst Stacy eats desert.

He then calls Stacy to let her know the toilet is leaking. The sperm is already ‘out of the testicles’ and they wonder together whether to inseminate and then sort the toilet, or move rooms and then inseminate and decide on the latter.

So Stacy rejoins him passing the desk and informing them of the leaky toilet in the room she hasn’t actually been in yet.

Eyebrows are already raised and now they just got a bit higher. So the guy accompanies them up to the room and moves Stacy to a new room and she spots the sperm on the side and pops it into her handbag whilst he is ducking and moving to try and get a glimpse of whatever it is she just palmed in there. He doesn’t succeed.

When they reach the door of the new room J declares,

‘well I am off!’ they kiss and he leaves.

The staff have now seen this happen every 3 weeks for the last few months and they REALLY want to know what they are up to and they REALLY have no idea! They laugh as it is always the same guy on the reception. I wonder what their theories are???

*edited to add* that wordpress signed me out whilst I was writing this and I signed back in to post it and when I did, I realised I had posted to the blog I keep for J to get updates on the children! Opps, good job I didn’t saying anything bad…but guess he might realise I have a blog now somewhere…… oh the woes of social media.


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1 to 1 Swimming

One of my best friends moved to Australia this week 😦 I am really going to miss her….and it seems to keep happening. I make a lovely friend, we get close, and then they move away. Our boys have known each other since they were 12 weeks old when we started our waterbabies classes, and were still doing those classes until a few weeks ago. Jayden her boy is an amazing swimmer, and she was inspired to become a swimming teacher herself. As a concequence she began working with a teacher who works at a private pool and asked him to teach Charlie for us. We have now had 2 1 to1 lessons with him and already Charlie has swum 5 metres complexity unaided with front crawl arms, and breathing.

Jack his teacher is really excited about him. For his age he is way beyond normal targets and completed level 1 in his first lesson and level 2 in his second lesson! lol

Charlie is very skinny and he has said he will go far with his physique and natural ability. I am so proud of him. Charlie also really enjoys the time in the pool with Jack, and it is yet another wonderful male role model for him to interact with in a weekly basis.

On the way home from his swimming lesson this week this conversation happened…

‘can I have a McDonalds Mummy?’ and I said no you have already had your lunch
‘pweeeze Mummy?’
and my heart melted and I said yes..so I go to order ‘chicken nugget happy meal please’ and he said ‘anything else?’ and Charlie is in the back yelling
‘chips!!!, mayonnaise!!!!’
and I check my app to see how many syns is in a Mcflurry and quickly realise, no, I can’t have a Mcflurry.
So Charlie says ‘where is yours Mummy?’ and I said I haven’t got anything and he said
‘it’s alright Mummy, I will share’

his speech is getting SO much better! He had another evaluation this week and was given a speech age of inbetween 2 and 2.5 years. I am ok with this as I can see the improvement he is making now. He is also making us laugh more and more now his inner thoughts are more easily vocalised. This week he has been so utterly delightful, smiling, happy, sweet, caring, funny, and I am so full of love and pride for him right now.

We made a final decision on his pre-school and is is going to split his time 3 sessions at QH’s and 2 sessions at Barford, and I am happy with that.

After my beautiful papercut arrived that week and I have been inspired to have a go myself…here are my first couple of efforts

Photo: My 2nd papercut ;)

I got in contact with an old best friend this week. She lives a 6 hour drive away and we haven’t seen each other since before I had Charlie. She is a very poorly person and suffers with extreme anorexia, alcohol abuse, convulsions, depression, self harm and more and we talked for 1 hour 45 minutes on the phone and it was like we had never stopped talking to each other and I miss her so so much 😦 I feel so bad for her and all her problems. I have never understood mental illness and I believe that it is something she will never be rid of, and she thinks this too and her doctors have told her she has a terminal illness. She had an MRI scan this week and has been told she has brain atrophy and her body is just at its limit. We need to go and see her and are going to try and organise a trip. It’s going to be hard with the children in the car for so long but if we plan it carefully we can do most of the driving whilst they are sleep (leaving home at 8pm and driving though the night). I can’t get her off my mind really, I still love her dearly.

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Choices choices

Soooo the school that didn’t offer Charlie a place, rang today and offered him one. I have no idea what to do. I had sorted him somewhere else to go, and I had convinced myself that it was also the better option. I just keep going round and round in circles in my head over what is best.

I thought we had reached a decision on splitting the time between the 2 settings of 2 sessions each (leaving 1 day free) ….but now I am sitting here knowing that I have to tell the school tomorrow what we want and I just don’t know!!!

Thing is, the school we really wanted that is a 5 min walk away is only offering us afternoon sessions (12pm to 3pm) and I think that is a really weird time slot. It would also render the day a bit useless for anything else really.

Where he is now he does 9.15 to 1pm including his lunch, then we spend the afternoon playing or going somewhere and it’s….nice.

But there are massive benefits to him going to the local setting, he will meet the right friends, get used to the building he will go to school in, I will mix with the right Mums and it gives him a slightly better chance of a main school place there too.

Where he currently is he has a key worker, no key worker at the school. He will get more one on one where he is now than at the school, I have to drive an hour a day when he goes to Barford, it costs more and it will be harder to use a local child minder if he is there.

Actually typing all the pros and cons out reaffirms the splitting, I mean they almost equal out in their benefits and their cons.

Arrrgggg! My first really hard parenting decision and if he had been offered a place in the first instance I would have just accepted it without thinking. I didn’t have a choice before and that was much MUCH easier lol.

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Some musings

The other day I straightened my hair. I used to do this daily, but since having Rosa, I think I have done it once. I did it whilst Rosa was asleep. When she woke up I went to her, and she usually gets all excited when she sees me, but this time she was so still, and she just looked at me with an almost tearful face. I thought, oh gosh what is wrong with her and I picked her up and she still was just staring at me. Then I realised, she had never seen me with straight hair, and she just couldn’t work me out! She got used to me after a few minutes but she kept shooting me confused glances. I won’t be doing it again anytime soon, I don’t like my baby looking at me like I am a stranger lol.

Recently my shop has been very quiet with only a few orders. I have taken the opportunity to write some new patterns. I always thought that people would want complicated patterns, but my bestsellers on Etsy seem to be the headbands…..so I thought I would create some new ones for my pattern shop. This was the result of my creative splurge…


My seaside band with little fishes swimming along the band


A vintage inspired headband.

So it is Fathers Day soon. We had an email from playgroup saying that was the theme of the week and that they would be making cards. I think this is our first experience of….’I wonder what they will do?’ I hope he makes one for a Grandad or something. I also wonder how Charlie will react to all the discussion over fathers.

Rosa was annoying Charlie the other day whilst he was playing. She picked up one of his toys and he yelled at the top of his voice, ‘no, Rosa sweetheart!’ hehe we did chuckle at that one.

Ugh and we are tackling a sickness bug, both Charlie and Rosa have had it, and Stacy felt poorly all day at work but wasn’t actually ill….and I seem to have escaped, let’s hope my Mum does too otherwise I shall feel very very guilty!

Lastly, I commissioned a paper cut piece of art a while ago, today she finished it, I totally ❀ it!


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First of all, I have to start with saying a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Kris and Amanda (and LM) on the birth of their beautiful daughter Boo. She is such a cutie and possibly the most photographed baby ever haha.

So where shall I start? I should really learn my lesson and keep up with my blogging, but it has been a very busy week and I have just not found the time. So, we started the week at Legoland. On the Friday it rained all day, we were very soggy…but we didn’t queue for more than 10 minutes for anything.

Saturday the sun shone and was glorious, and we were joined by my sister as well, but the queues were much longer and the park in general was more busy and so I am not sure which day I prefered!

On Wednesday it was Charlie’s 3rd birthday and oh my what a birthday he had! We started early in the morning with a huge pile of presents and the postman came to the house 4 time that day! At 10am the speech therapist came and evaluated him. He does have a speech delay and she is going to go some further evaluating before she gives him a ‘speech age’. I burst into tears at the news, not because I was upset he had a delay but through the recognition there was a problem. I had so many people tell me he was fine, and that it was normal for boys etc… and I began to think I was wasting peoples time. I was so proud of him talking to her as well, and he knows more than I think he does πŸ˜‰ Then my Mum and Dad arrived and showered him with another huge pile of presents. The bouncy castle was already in the garden as they had delivered early due to van problems, and his little friends arrived at 2pm. He was SO excited and kept saying my friends my friends. They had an amazing time flinging themselves all over the place, eating sweets and running around. All us Mums had a good time too with a good natter. We finished off his day with a trip to the pub and a carvery dinner (a treat from my parents) and we all went to bed that night with huge grins on our faces.

and I nearly forgot….I got another birthday card read out on the TV!! Whoop whoop!

On Thurday J (KD) came to visit.Β  It was ok, he did bring Charlie a big present and a book for Rosa, so still a huge amount of inequality but I let it slide. The bouncy castle was still there and I put it up again. He took the children on and Charlie was bossing him around telling him what to do, they played with some play doh together too. I did feel uncomfortable when I noticed that his wallpaper on his phone was a photo of Charlie, and it bothered me for a few days afterwards too. I might go into more detail in a PP post later…. anyway we finished his visit with an insemination so some good luck vibes appreciated for another attempt.

Friday we spent at the Dinosaur Park with some new friends. I am still looking for a special friend. I know that sounds hugely corny, but it is something I need, as much as relationship, a good friend is needed. I have a few new candidates for the role at the moment and you just have to plant seeds and see if they grow. Charlie adores her girls and so spending time with her is easy anyway.

Still with me? Still reading? Saturday we spent attending a leaving/birthday party and seeing my parents. Right next up we went to a Batmitsvah. My Mums cousin married a Jew, and although her father was a Church of England Vicar, he was fine with it, andΒ  it has always been interesting having them in the family. They served us fish and chips which ruined my diet, and my Mum could just not understand why she wasn’t allowed a sausage instead…. LOL Still it was an interesting experience.

After the Batmitsvah we drove to London and stayed in my sisters flat. London Baby!! She ruined my diet further by force feeding me McDonalds. Monday was spent at the Natural History Museum (we saw real dinosaurs!!) with Rosa’s ‘special person’ Auntie Becca. Charlie was very whingy all day, it was quite embarrassing. They he started having loose poos and we realised he much have had stomach ache. Then we thought back to the Batvitsvah and realised he had eaten 3 large date filled biscuits. Poor boy! He perked up when we took him to the Princess Diana Memorial playground which was just amazing.

After that we headed to the O2 where we met Katie. There were fountains there and Charlie asked if he could go in them. I said yes but intended to take off his shorts first but before I could he was in!!

He got soaked!

After he was soaked we were left wondering what to do to get him through dinner and home…so we took off Rosa’s leggings and put his cardigan on without a T-shirt. Yes they fit him, but he did look French!! He had fun anyway πŸ˜‰ dinner in Frankie and Benny’s further ruined the diet and then it was BARBRA!!!!! Stacy and Becca took the children home.

I saw BARBRA STREISAND last night! She was amazing!!! For 71 she didn’t look a day older than 40, and her voice, although a little croaky is still pure gold. It was truly magical, and only her 94th concert ever. I have been at 3 of those concerts and I am a very lucky person. I am still grinning thinking of it. We got the tube home and we decided to drive back from London there and then to have nice clear roads so we didn’t get to bed until 3am, and needless to say, I have had a nap today whilst the chidlren had theirs.

I think that is me caught up, although there is a post I meant to make, a thoughtful one of something…and I cant for the life of me remember what that was supposed to be about. If it comes to me I shall make it πŸ˜‰ Note to self, blog more often to avoid mammoth catch up posts.

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