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When I got home from work last night I went straight over to my Mum who was holding Rosa and help my arms out for a cuddle. She wouldn’t come to me, burying her head into my Mum’s chest and screeching. So I took her off Mum and she twisted and screeched until I gave her back to Mum. I was so upset ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Once Mum had left I started doing some tidying up and found crisp packets, milky way packets, biscuits etc… and I thought, perhaps she wanted to stay with Mum as she feeds her junk food all day? I hope it is that really ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hate going to work and leaving my children, and have them reject me on my return is not helping.

As a way to help Charlie talk, we have been teaching him phonics. He has a DVD and we do it from a book also. He can do 19 sounds and recognise them in printed format. He read his first word this week. He sounded out CAT, cuh, ah, tuh…..cat! It is helping him with his talking, as he is making all the sounds needed to form words properly. I am so proud of him, and he really loves learning. He still can’t count to 5 though and colours are still very much hit and miss. I think he is going to be a child with strong points and weak points.

His actual speech therapy appointment came through on his birthday next week! We can fit it into the day, but how annoying.

Off to Legoland this week! It’s going to hurt the diet I feel, but Charlie is very very excited….and so are we lol


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When I was a kid, my Mum kept a little book of all the funny things we used to say. She got it out the other day and was reading it out to the family, we were all wetting ourselves with laughter, and there is no way those things would ever be remembered without having written them down.

Charlie said this yesterday:
Charlie and I are watching ‘Planet Earth’
Charlie: What’s that Mummy?
Me: It’s a buffalo
Charlie: Ooooh a gubbalo
Me: No a buffalo
Charlie: a Buddalo?
Me: No a buff-a-low
Charlie: It’s a horse.

and it is our first official entry into the good, bad, happy sad book.

Our friend has lent us a MGG carrier, full buckles, to try out and see if we like it. We took a walk up the hill behind our house to the woods to try it out.

I said shall I bring my camera? and Stacy said nah, leave it, but I hate to leave my camera behind and so I brought it…and when we reached the woods there were bluebells everywhere! I danced over to them, whilst Stacy sang ‘Wuthering Heights’ to accompany me.

and I hadn’t taken my camera that day, I never would have got this shot….and for that I would be very sad.

2.5lbs off this week at Slimming World, I have officially found my mojo and am ON IT!!

The last 2 days Charlie has really looked forward to playgroup. When I left him yesterday he was trying so so hardย  not to cry. He wanted to be there, he knew he was going to have fun, but his Mummy was going to leave him and his little bottom lip came out and his face crumpled, but he was trying to stop it, and that fight that was going on behind his eyes made me well up and I sobbed all the way back to the car. It is weird how I had no problems at all leaving him full on crying a couple of weeks ago, but how it was gut wrenching to leave him in that half way state. He did the same today, and again I sobbed, it really got me, right there.

But there was blossom on the trees at the park, and you can’t feel sad whilst there is blossom in your environment can you?


Stacy is 7DPO today and convinced she is feeling things ‘happening’ in there.

Oh and we BOOKED our trip to Disneyland yesterday! Not going until October, but I am already mega excited! We are going half board this time, we can eat in the buffet restaurants for breakfast and either lunch or dinner each day included in our package price. Whoop! Let’s hope Stacy is preggers and can’t go on any of the rides, what a wonderful reason that will be ๐Ÿ˜‰

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As I have said in previous posts, Charlie still poos in his pants. He did one this morning, I smelt it swiftly and took him to the toilet and delt with it.

Not long afterwards Rosa came up to me and I smelt poo, I thought oh I need to change her nappy, then though, oh why is she covered in chocolate?

And then it hit me. My beautiful, gorgeous daughter was eating poo. It was all in her mouth, all down her front, squiged inbetween her fingers. I nearly vomited.

I rushed her upstairs and cleaned out her mouth (much to her annoyance) put her in the bath and cleaned her from head to toe, and then cleaned her teeth for about 10 minutes.

Oh my god. My daughter ate poo.

My theory is that some of Charlie’s poo must have fallen out of his pants and down a trouser leg onto the carpet somewhere. All the more reason to get him doing them in the toilet!

HOW can I get him to do them in the toilet??? Suggestions welcome! We have tried stickers/rewards, talking to him, taking him with us when we ‘go’, catching him before he does it and actually getting him to do it in the right place a few times, followed by lots of celebration and lots of asking him if he needs to go when we think me might (he always denies it).

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Kids can be cruel

I took Charlie to the park this week on his bike. He is an extremely sociable chap and makes friends wherever we are instantly. He spotted 3 boys on scooters and headed straight over to them to play. They were older than him but no older than 5-6 by my guess. From a distance they looked like they were having fun, Charlie was laughing and smiling the whole time. I decided to wander over and get a bit closer.
Once I had done this I was able to listen to the dialogue. They were calling him a ‘baby’ a ‘girl’ they laughed at him when he fell off his bike and they plotted amongst themselves to knock off his hat. Charlie was completely oblivious to all of it. He does not grasp the concept of being called names yet. When they did actually get his hat, he gave them a massive telling off!

I didn’t intervene in any of it….mainly because inbetween the nastiness they were playing together quite nicely, racing each other down a hill and taking turns on the slide. I did encourage him to leave the park with me perhaps earlier than I would have done when I felt I had had enough of watching my innocent and perfect little boy being the subject of ridicule. It was interesting how the parents of these children also did nothing, too engrossed in their smart phones to actually pay attention to what their children were doing/saying.

In other news, Stacy was spermed again on Monday night and ovulated yesterday (I assume, I didn’t ask her if her temp went up this morning) so we are in a new and fresh 2ww. A lesbian couple who started trying the same month as us, got their BFP a couple of weeks ago! It would be awesome to catch this month and be on the journey together. Fingers crossed.

Charlie is settling in at Playgroup now. When I dropped him off yesterday he made a huuuge attempt not to cry. His bottom lip was out and it was quivering, and his little face made my heart break, but he didn’t want to cry and managed to prevent it. The greeting I got when I went to pick him up was amazing!

Toilet training….well he is now pretty good on wees and either tells me or takes himself for one. Whilst out he is not so good. Also he always poos in his pants still. Very frustrating but I am still not getting *too* upset about it *deep breath*

We had a lovely day in the Abbey gardens last week and although I LOVE this picture….it has prompted me to give another huge push at shifting some more weight

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Ahhhh what a lovely day. Charlie is totally back to his normal self, happy, smiley, chatty and not whingy!! He went to play at his friend Lucy’s house this morning and apparently he ran around the while time, so was still shattered by lunch time.

Rosa and I had special one on one time at swimming, and in the afternoon we played in the lovely sunshine and we went to the park also.

Rosa had her first ever ice pop, she loved it!



So a much happier family today.

Rosa and our cat Alfie, believe it or not, he actually approaches her for fuss.


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This past week has seen Charlie behaving very differently. He wakes up whinging and it carries on all day until bedtime, he is very easily upset by things and is asking for his dummy all through the day (he is only allowed it at night).

I think there are 3 reasons for this

1) The potty training. Although this is now going very well, it must be hard to have to start thinking about something you have never had to worry about before. Today he asked to do a poo on the loo, a first and I was so proud of him.

2) I worked all weekend. He never got him family day this week and Stacy looked after the children Friday to Sunday. He is very used to getting Mammy to himself and he had to share her, and she also had to be the housewife for those days. He only associates her with fun and games and she will have been a different Mammy. Plus he missed his Mummy.

3) Playgroup. It is a massive change to be left somewhere for several hours. He has been crying when I leave him and happy when I pick him up. He has also been totally exhausted when we have got home (and emotional always accompanies tiredness).

IMG_5845 (533x800)

Today has been better than the rest of the week, and I have seen glimpses of my Charlie returning to his old happy self. I don’t like it when he is upset ๐Ÿ˜ฆ He also got a runny nose today so I guess he might have been feeling poorly on top of all that. Lots of cuddles and fun and reassurance from us is needed.

I have to say though that on top of being upset for Charlie I have also found my mood to be depressed. It is hard to stay happy and smiley when your child moans and groans at you all day no matter how hard you work to make them smile. He even cried at the dino park until Stacy took him home. I don’t know how he keeps it up, it is literally constant noise and crying coming from him. I have wished I could turn my ears off to get some relief from it all.

Rosa remains her content little self. She is almost too perfect in her behaviour and temperament that I worry what she is brewing for her 2nd (terrible 2’s) year. She has been a little neglected in all the chaos of potty training/playgroup/work and I end up feeling rather guilty towards her. Not that she ever complains. It is with regret that we will no longer be able to go to tinytalk. Charlie is just too tired to take, he will complain and cry until he gets to go to sleep and it would be a rush to get there in time anyway. It is such a shame as she loved that group, and it has been a special time just the 2 of us together. I will hunt down something else we can do in its place.


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