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Toilet training update

So today Charlie has been dry all day! Even whilst playing at a friends house and also whilst he napped. He has actually started telling me when he needs a wee! It’s wonderful, no more nagging him and no more worrying how long it has been since a drink. He is amazing.

We just had a false alarm poo as well, but the main point was that he did tell me he thought he needed one, he came with me to the toilet willingly and even had a try before deciding he didn’t actually need one. ‘Just wind Mummy’

I could just shower him with kisses all the time I am so proud of him!



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Love him

So I said to Charlie whilst he was eating his lunch and was looking very sleepy,

‘Charlie sweetheart, would you like to go to bed?’ to which he relplied

‘No Mummy, Snowman!’

So I put the Snowman on and 5 mins later he looks like this,


with no pull up on…. hmmm so I picked him up to put him in bed and he mumbled ‘snowman….’ and I popped a nappy over the top of his pants all whilst keeping him asleep. Score! What do to with 2 sleeping children…housework? Nah! Crochet it is then 😉

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Sock fetish

Rosa has a major sock fetish, she bloody loves them. She knows where the find them to source her addiction, washing baskets, clothes dryers, drawers etc… and she is more often than not seen sporting one in her hand. She would rather fall and smash her face into something than let go of her sock and she cuddles them when she is tired. Weird eh?

Just driving me car, got me sock, all’s ok!


Talking of smashing her face, she is currently adorned with 2 injuries. The first was awful, just awful as she was walking towards me and I held my hands out to cuddle her and she tripped and my thumb nail went straight into her face and gauged a lump out of her cheek. Oh how she cried and I did it to her 😦

The 2nd happened yesterday at the dino park. I had sat her into the pushchair (momentarily) to put Charlie’s shoes back on and then started walking forgetting to strap her in. She fell out the pushchair onto a gravel path!! She has an egg sized lump on her egg and another cut on there. Honestly I feel like such a bad Mum sometimes 😦

When Charlie had his playgroup induction this morning they said that if he has any cuts or bruises I have to let them know before they spot them how they happened. If I do not do this they will inform social services. They were telling me this whilst shooting glances at Rosa’s battered head and I knew under Charlie’s T-shirt there were 2 huge scratches he got from falling against the taps in the bath last night. Children hurt themselves, and I do not fell comfortable with having to explain them to people who might judge me. They also said they would inform social services if I was 4-5 mins late to pick him up! I was horrified by this! Life happens! It wasn’t until I spoke to a Mum outside the group later on that I had misheard and it was 45 minutes…haha! His first morning went well, I stayed for over and hour filling in endless paperwork and left him for the final hour whilst I read ‘Rebecca’ in the car whilst Rosa slept. I felt tearful in the car, the birds were singing, the sun was shining, I could hear the happy noises coming from the children playing outside and it meant he was growing up, moving on, not needing me as much. It was both a beautiful moment and a sad one. When I went in to pick him up he was happy but very very tired and his eyes were so droopy. His keyworker was cuddling him and he told me briefly what he had been doing before falling fast asleep in the car.

Rosa is going though a very clingy stage at the moment. it is quite suffocating at times, Charlie never did it. What I find most annoying about it is her pulling at me to pick her up and as soon as I do she is wriggling and trying to get down so I put her down and she immediately wants to come back again. Soooo annoying! I try to go upstairs and she will be moaning at the gate until I come down again, I try to go to the toilet and she is at my legs getting in the way of me trying to walk to the sink, I want to put the rubbish and she has her fingers in the door waiting for me to come back so I can’t close the door arrrgggg!

So here in the UK we are experiencing a measles epidemic, mostly due to loads of people not having the MMR vaccine. People are panic vaccinating now and clinics are being set up all over the place for people to get their vaccine. Rosa was due to have her MMR yesterday and it had to be cancelled due to them running out of vaccine! I am sooo annoyed by this! It also makes me mad how the NHS always has to pick up the pieces of ‘decisions’ made by the general population. The NHS offers a vaccination, people decline it, they get measles, the NHS has to foot the bill to make them better and/or vaccinate a whole load of people all at once. IMO, if you decline the prevention, you pay the bill for the consequences, and don’t prevent those getting it at the right time from doing so. Anyway here we are in a measles epidemic and my baby is yet to be immunised. As I am wanting her to have it asap, she is booked in for Friday whilst I am at work and won’t be there for cuddles whilst she is upset. This probably upsets me more than her, but I am not going to put it off any longer than needed purely for my emotional needs.

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Small Victories

Charlie left the lounge  this evening whilst we were chilling. I said to Stacy just go and check he isn’t doing a poo. He turned out he was and after sitting him on the loo, he did his first poo in the right place. Hurrah!! He came bouncing back to tell me, he was so pleased with himself. I am soooo sorry you are getting a running commentary on the toilet training but I need to put it somewhere, and here is where it is going lol.

We have had a WONDERFUL day. The weather has been so lovely and warm and blue skies abundant. We spent the morning in the garden and doing housework. Charlie could not believe his luck when we let him dig in the garden (we are putting in some flower beds)…but I could not shake a feeling of sadness today as well. For the next 2 weeks we will not have another day together as a family as I will work all next weekend to try and earn some more money for our thirsty bank account.


The we had a long leisurely lunch while Charlie played with some older boys. He is such a confident little fella and I was taking great pleasure in watching his interactions. One of the boys asked him his name to which he replied ‘ Arr-wee’ and the boys said ‘what?!?!’ and Charlie replied ‘Arrr-wee’ and the other boy gave up trying to find out his name and they just got on with chasing each other. I felt so bad for Charlie and his poor speech at that moment 😦

We had a long walk around a country park, we had to power walk as Charlie was on his bike and he can be fast! Top that off with ice-cream and it made me feel so happy with my little family and my life. The day was ended with us planting lots of new plants in the garden (that we really couldn’t afford…) and now we are all so tired we can’t move!

Charlie is enrolled to start playgroup next week, he is going to be so excited about it! I am also looking forward to some one on one time with Rosa which she has never really had. I bet he doesn’t want to come home 😉 It’s the first step to starting school and it is a stark reminder that he is growing up. He is also becoming more ‘aware’. I found him talking to himself the other day holding up 2 fingers and saying ‘1 Mummy, 1 Mammy….2 Mummies!’

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In the last few days I have felt an almost painful ache in my heart. I want Stacy to be pregnant, I want another child, I want to see her grow and blossom, I want to snuggle on the sofa with my hand on her belly feeling tiny kicks, I want to go to ultrasound appointments and sit in the dark watching the screen, I want to go shopping and knit and crochet until my hands hurt, I want to experience a birth, I want to cuddle a squishy and I want 3 rug rats crawling around my lounge floor.
I ache for it. It isn’t long before we try again, perhaps 3 weeks or so.

Stacy is very unhappy at work. If she were to get pregannt soon she would ride it out, take mat leave and then look for a new job on return if things were still awful. What if it takes ages to get pregnant and she stays miserable at work just waiting to fall. It’s a tricky one.

She is looking for new jobs. One came up that looked fabulous, a business manager in a high school, it was varied and challenging and would be perfect for her…she has applied for it, but the 1 sticky point is that it is in a Catholic School. Could be awkward, could be fine, who knows??? She is going for it anyway.

Toilet training is going very badly today with 1 wetting incident and 2 poos in his pants. Hard work! I am running out of pants lol Stick with it Laura, stick with it.

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Toilet Training

My Mum made it very clear recently that we should try and potty train the boy. I think she thinks I am lazy for not doing so already…and there might just be a tiny bit of truth in there…due to the fact that I did not think he was ready, and doing it too early would mean more hard work than possibly needed to be.

So I decided to go slowly. The sticker chart has been going well, and he was keen to earn some more. So we progressed to wearing pants (for USA peeps, pants in the UK is knickers, not trousers). After only a couple of hours wearing them he had 4 changes and I was beginning to think this was going to be truly awful.

After putting something on Facebook I got loads of ‘advice’ all of it conflicting. One person suggested sitting him on the loo every 15 minutes and so we tried that. He got sooo fed up of me doing it. There was a lot of crying, and I will admit to getting cross because he wouldn’t even try…. this method was not working for us.

So then I decided to remove access to his cup at all times and give him drinks at intervals and sit him on the loo 20 mins after a drink. That worked much better! Because there was a wee there to be done. The addition of a sticker star inside the toilet bowl made it even more fun (for him to aim at).

Today we were going to be out a lot so we started the day in a pull up. I had been told by several people not to use them but I could not cope with the idea of him weeing himself in public, and only on day 2. So he wore one. We went and bought new shoes for the both of them. On coming home I sat him on the toilet and he did a big wee and I felt the pull up…..dry! Wow! Then he went to play at a friends house while I took Rosa to Tinytalk. Again, on coming home I sat him on the loo and a big wee later, a lot of smiles, a sticker and a dry pull up.  He is getting it! He is getting so many kisses and cuddles from me, he is loving the positive feedback. I couldn’t be more proud.

Oh yes I forgot, we have used two aids to the process. One was an app (Elmo) and has games and a story based around using the ‘potty’ it is very American, but has been helpful. Another was a book called Pirate Pete learns to use the potty and we have read that several times yesterday and today.

At least the weather is warming up. We have done lots of playing outside!

Rosa did not like to put her hands down on the grass! But I made her…

and she came round to it in the end

Yes there are a lot more of Rosa than Charlie, but he still does everything he can to avoid me getting a nice photo of him!

We shall have to made do with ‘driving lips’

I knew the 2nd cosy coupé would be worth its weight in gold

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I do love to document

it’s just in my nature. I love to look back at scrapbooks and photos from my childhood. My Mum always made me keep a holiday diary and I loved having projects to do.

It is not something I will ever stop doing! So here is my latest project….feet over the years. I took a cast of Rosa’s right foot when she was about 2 weeks old and again today at 1year and 2 weeks old. It took 3 attempts now she is older but I managed it in the end! Just look how they have grown, you can tell it is the same foot though yes?

Just needs a bit of paint and I think I will put them in a box frame to protect them….but not for hanging on the wall I don’t think haha!

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