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A year in pictures

Oh my how she has changed and developed over time. It’s actually quite fascinating!


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1 year ago…

I was laying in the bath at this very moment, contracting after spending the day in early labour, walking around the grounds of the hospital in glorious sunshine. I was so so happy, in pain, but so happy.

Tomorrow is Rosa’s first birthday. I can hardly believe it! It has flown by, but I can honestly say I have loved every single moment of it. She is the best child a mother could ever hope for. She smiles all day, hardly ever cries, is smart, loving, a good sleeper and eater. She only fills my world with joy.

Today we had a little tea party for some of her baby friends. Tomorrow we celebrate with family.

She totally rocked a hair clip today, it made Mummy VERY happy 😉

I made a cake, and some biscuits, and my talented friend made her come cupcakes. They were delicious!

Photographing 5 babies? Not easy. One would not even stay in shot lol

Happy Birthday for tomorrow sweetheart!

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Sore toe

Charlie tells me at least once a day that he has a sore toe. He has been doing it for MONTHS! I think perhaps even a year or so. I always check his toes give them a rub and say ‘ok now?’ and he usually just repeats ‘sore toe’ before toddling off and doing something else. It varies as to which toe is sore and it is random in occurrence.

I thought it might be attention seeking and it just might be…. but what if he actually has something wrong with his toes?!?!

When we all had the flu we have him Calpol at bedtime because he was unwell. Ever since then he has asked for Calpol every night telling us he feels unwell. When we have said no, you are fine, he has whimpered and moaned for ages before going to sleep. I am not going to give in on that one. Taking medicine unnecessarily is not to be allowed or encouraged, but I also don’t want him to be ignored by us on the occasions he does feel unwell. I guess he needs to learn about crying wolf now.

But the sore toe….. that never goes away. He certainly is persistent on that one.

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The UK is a mess when it comes to pensions. They state has far more old people than they ever thought they would, not enough young people paying into the system and that equals not enough money to actually pay the pensions out.

In the next few months the government are going to make it compulsory for every employer to offer a pension (in addition to the state pension). I am not comfortable with this, and I do believe we shall be able to opt out of it.

Private pensions are not much better, you have to pay a fee to take one out, a a yearly fee after that, they go bust (my Dad lost ALL his pension to a company that went bust) will they even keep up with inflation??

Soooo I think we are going to invest in property for my pension. Stacy has a final salary NHS pension and she is going to be fine, but me, I need something too. We already overpay our mortgage a little otherwise we would hardly pay anything off! We put into a mortgage calculator last night what effect paying an additional £100 per month would do. Well it decreases the mortgage by 13 years and we save £30,000….hmmm so a pretty good way to save some money then? Plus of course we then have equity in our house faster, and if we pay off our mortgage so much earlier, we will then have more money per month.

Off course this is all simplified, as we would intend to buy a bigger house one day…and that will be a long way off, as we are in negative equity and have a £60,000 government loan invested in this house also which we would never get again.

So this is our plan, overpay the mortgage.

Is it so very wrong of me to think…well this is all fine and dandy as long as Stacy and I stay in love and don’t split up. If we did split up, the house would be split down the middle and I would lose half of my ‘pension pot’. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for peace and harmony in this relationship ;p

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At the moment I am being driven crazy by Rosa not wanting to go to sleep in the afternoons. She is obviously tired, her eyes are droopy but she won’t sleep, not even with me stroking or snuggling her or with warm milk.

It has just taken me over an hour of pat pat, stroke stroke, leave, she cries, I go back stroke, pat, leave, get milk, stroke, pat, leave, cries, go back….etc to finally get her to sleep. I think she just got exhausted or realised I wasn’t going to give in. If I do give in and bring her back down she just clings to me and whinges. She needs that nap to make it to bedtime, otherwise bedtime is going to get silly early, she will miss out on seeing her Mammy and she will wake earlier than she does now!!

I don’t honestly remember this being a phase of Charlie’s in fact he was still having an afternoon nap when he was past the age of 2!

Extension of unusual weather today it has been thick heavy skies and snow, with intermissions of totally blue skies and sunshine, 20 minutes later it is grey and snowing again, and this has alternated about 4-5 times over the day. I keep thinking oooh we shall go out for a walk in a minute and by the time I am assembling things, it is grey again.

I did make the most of a sunny moment to snap Rosa at the window, watching Charlie play outside.

Stacy didn’t get offered the job from the interview last week. It was a total stitch up and obviously they already knew who they wanted. They have a ‘leadership scheme’ there and people on that just get given all the opportunities. It’s awful really. There is an ‘in crowd’ within higher management, and people step over other people due to family/friend connections, and there is a lot of bullying also.

Stacy is good at her job, but plays it by the book and has a good work/life balance (meaning she refuses to work long hours for the sake of it) and some people don’t like that.

She has another interview this Friday with a manager she respects and who she has a good working relationship with. Fingers crossed for that one, because it would get her away from a lot of the shit. I just want her to be happy at work.

I managed to get a copy of Cars 2!! You don’t even know how happy I am about this, because I have watched ‘Cars’ everyday since Xmas, and I am totally sick of it, and now I have a different story to get sick of. We watched it earlier and Charlie seemed unimpressed it wasn’t normal Cars and kept asking for ‘Arrrwing’ (Lightning). Well my lovely, if you don’t want your Mummy to go insane, get liking it 😉 I also bought 101 Dalmations and Toy Story. The lady at the checkout said how lucky Charlie was, but seriously they are totally for me!

Insurance payout is dwindling by the second. A cosy coupé has also been purchased.

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It seems I now have a lot of bloggers on my Facebook and whilst I love having you there…it does mean you have seen everything before I post it, and I am going to get boring! lol

So this morning was spent seeing the health trainer, she is trying to keep me motivated to lose weight. I lost 2lbs on this weigh in, and that was over 4 weeks so pretty pathetic really but in the right direction non the less.

Charlie and Rosa napped at the same time! I love it when that happens and rather than do housework I snuggled up in a chair and crocheted a pair of booties and watched a program on the discovery of DNA. I love learning. I miss learning. As soon is it is practical to do so, I will start learning again. I am not sure what, but maybe learn an instrument or perhaps do a history A-level (I started and never finished at school) or something arty like textiles.

Anyway their nap turned out to be pretty epic and I began thinking up things to make the afternoon fun. I have never done any baking with Charlie before, probably because our kitchen is tiny and also because I am constantly on a diet and if you make cakes, you eat cakes! I thought it was time. I got everything together and set up. I was in the kitchen when he woke up and came down and he ran into the dining room and said, ‘ooooh what’s this? Can I help?’ and I said ‘yes!’ to which he said ‘amazing’ his new buzz word.

It was lots of fun and he was so careful and there was minimal mess. He fave part was laying out the cake cases. He was amazed that I could make 1 become 2 then 3, it was like magic!

When it came to decorating, he was so intensely concentrated on what he was doing.

Rosa enjoyed them! (note to self, don’t use blue food colouring)

and this was my favourite creation. All wonky and covered in too much icing, to me it was perfection.

And the day ended nice too with my friend coming over and cutting my hair (all ready for Rosa’s birthday next week!) plus I checked our account to see if we could afford to buy her any presents (yes things are that tight at the moment) and in there was a £200 payout from my medical insurance policy from the  night in hospital I spent 3 weeks ago. So yes, we can buy her some presents and we are already planning a little party for her baby friends. Came just at the right moment.

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Unusual weather

So only last week we were able to go out without coats and were enjoying the sunshine…yeah…not this week. It started snowing on Friday and hasn’t stopped since!

The snow is weird as well, almost like really fine hail and combined with the wind it has been making vortexes and curtains that swoosh around and make pretty patterns. As I was driving home from work today the wind was so fierce that the snow blowing off a field make an almost white curtain wall and I had to drive at it, it was a bit frightening.

Also it is so patchy! I was in heavy snow at some traffic lights, hardly able to see anything, wipers going for it, turned the corner onto the dual carriageway and no snow at all, visibility fine! It’s all just so weird.

Oh and Stacy’s temp dropped this morning and she has some cramps, so def not pregnant 😦

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