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Rosa at 10 months

As it is SO easy to forget what they were doing at any age, I thought I would write down some of her talents 😀

Rather than cry at the moment, she will roll an ‘R’. It is really quite bizarre. I have never heard another child do it and people look at us a bit weird when she does it. I can’t decide if it is endearing or annoying. I must catch it on video!

She can wave (double armed and most of her body waves to, but she loves it!)

She can clap, on demand and when she hears music she will also bob along to it

She can sign ‘milk’. This only happened yesterday and was really quite funny. She had vomited up some milk and looked at it, then looked at me and signed ‘milk’. I was like, yes sweetheart you are right, that is milk!

When I ask for a kiss, I get one! (most of the time). She launches at me with her mouth wide open. I love it!

She can eat pretty much anything you give her. In the end we did a mixture of finger foods and puree and I am very happy with that. She loves apple and oat porridge, yogurts and strawberries! For breakfast she eats a brioche, the whole thing, so expertly.

She swims like a fish, and loves water. She had dive under the water and doesn’t even flinch. She splashes and kicks and is so so happy in water.

Yesterday she took 3 unaided steps away from me towards a big teddy bear she wanted. She will also step between 2 things to cruise around. She cruises all over the house and crawls expertly now. I often tuck her pretty tops and dresses into her tights so that she can crawl more easily but when I haven’t done that, she has a pretty cool technique that means she can manage it even in a dress. Bravo!

She has 2 teeth at the bottom about half way through and no sign of any more just yet.

She sleeps pretty well with an average of 1 wake up per night, and some nights she sleeps through. She is in her own cot in her own room.

I think we might have had our last breastfeed last week. I hadn’t fed for about 2 weeks or so and she was upset after swimming and we had no dummy with us. So I let her latch on and she fed from both sides for about 20 minutes before falling asleep. I was of very mixed emotion having realised I miss it, but had also been enjoying the freedom (and more sleep) of stopping breastfeeding. It’s been a week since that feed, I wonder how much milk is still in there? And if I did want to change my mind……could I get a small regular supply back again. I just don’t know what I want. She seems happy either way.

She is such a cuddly baby and we still have long snuggles in bed in the morning, as well as during the day. I just love it when she rests her head into my chest, or onto my shoulder and relaxes. It is such a wonderful feeling of a baby pressed against you, loving you, needing you. Charlie has also become much more cuddly recently and yesterday fell asleep on me on the sofa. I just sat and enjoyed it rather than putting him to bed. It might not happen again, and I have to savour every moment he still lets me have.

They both love their dummies and there have been hilarious moments when Rosa has crawled over to Charlie and removed his dummy to put it in her own mouth and crawl off fast with Charlie in pursuit to get it back! We were thinking of removing Charlie’s, but I just don’t think it will work whilst Rosa still uses one.

Charlie loves Rosa. He shows such tenderness and love towards her. He is also proud of her. When I went to pick him up from the childminder yesterday he was showing the other children her and telling them her name and showing her off. He likes to show her things and bring her things he thinks she will like. He doesn’t like it when she plays with his toys. He knows the rules and will tell her off when she breaks one. When I was in the kitchen I heard him say ‘no baby, don’t do that! 1, 2, 3!’ He seems to know the rules better when Rosa breaks them, more than when he is doing something naughty lol He loves rough play and to tickle, and whilst Rosa copes with this quite well, sometimes she is not in the mood and will screech for me to save her!


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We had a wonderful week together last week. It is not often we put down all our gadgets, our phones, our distractions from life and just live life. I had no phone signal anyway but it was a week of just soaking each other up. There was fresh snow on the ground the day we left. Our car was very heavy, it also has bikes on the back and we could not get out of our car park, we were stuck and there was a thick sheet of ice below us. It took 4 neighbours to push us out and even then it took us over an hour. I hurt my shoulder doing it and was in pain for the next few days. Bloody snow.

But once we were there and settled in, the snow was magical, and beautiful.

In the mornings we played, then the children had their nap and Stacy and I crocheted in silence or in conversations. We were still in our PJ’s as well… 😀 Then we would have lunch, and load the children into the bike trailer and head for the pool. We managed a good few hours at the pool everyday. There was a lagoon pool there heated to 32degrees which meant Rosa was toasty warm (and in a babysnug). We took it in turns to ride the rapids and the flumes (which Charlie loved!!) as well as the new cyclone ride. Charlie improved so much during that week and can *almost* swim unaided. He just needs to work out how to take a breath and he will be off. With his skinny physique he will be like a torpedo in the water!

Swimming was followed by glorious sinful dinners and Charlie played for ages in the soft play and made hundreds of friends before we would bike home to the lodge, light a fire, put the children to bed and cuddle the night away.


My parents joined us on Thursday and I did do a spot of archery. I was pants, but you can’t be amazing at everything can you? I’ll add it to the very short list of things I am not good at ;p

But it had to end, and end it did when I had to go back to work at the weekend. Speaking of work, I am teetering on going back another day a week (making it 3). It would mean the children attending nursery 1 day per week and whilst this is not the end of the world, it is a total wrench for me to do it. I am lucky so far I have not had to do it, and for that I am thankful, but we are living beyond our means, and I do not want to cut back on healthy quality food, family holiday time and days out to fun/educational places. So more work it is.

Charlie is still no where near being toilet trained. I read an article today that suggested parents that have not done it by now are lazy and not prepared to put the time in. I felt hurt by this and wondered if I was indeed a lazy parent. The trouble with Charlie is that he eats a lot of fruit and veg and is poo is still very very soft.  I never know he is pooing until I smell it, and by then it is too late. I also sit him on the toilet and try and get him to wee and he just has no idea how to engage it or make it happen. He does try bless him, but gets bored of waiting and wants to get down again. Once he managed to associated the feeling of needing the toilet with going to the toilet we can start, but now I have no chance.

After swimming today Charlie climbed into the car and I was putting Rosa in, and I threw my keys onto the front seat. Then I waited ages for the woman next to me to get her child out of the car and in the meantime Charlie (monster) leant forward and locked the doors! Argg!!
So I told Charlie to climb forward and get my keys which he did, but I could not get him to press the right button on the fob. I was getting so frustrated! In the end I managed to direct him to the button on the dashboard that unlocks the doors.
I have a right little monster!!!

Oh and guess who turned 10 months a few days ago?

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Results are in….

I thought I had better update you all with the news that Stacy is not pregnant. We were so very hopeful after that bleeding during her cycle.

We have just got back from a totally wonderful week away as a family, and I shall write a lovely post about that which was so full of light, and how we imagined another little person along with us this time next year which could very well still happen. This final baby is so dreamt of, and included in all our thoughts that they must choose us soon and hop on down to join us. You are so very wanted baby!

There is a warm, cozy spot for you nestled in my left arm…just there ❤

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Implantation bleeding?

Last night Stacy came through and told me she had some blood that was brown and looked old and a small amount of it. Nothing since. She was 8DPO yesterday.

A good sign?

2 days before she had a dip in her temperature at 6DPO. We hadn’t noticed this before on her cycles we charted before we started trying.

It’s getting us excited. We went out and bought pregnancy tests today, but waiting till tomorrow (12DPO) to use one.

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I had one of those moment today when you just don’t know what to do and stand for a few minutes while trying to work out the best way forward…

Rosa woke up this morning moaning and irritable (not like her) I thought her nappy might be full so went to change her. As I look her nappy off a huge long hard poo shot out onto the changing mat closely followed by 3 huge squirts of runny stuff. It was all over the mat, all over the toiletries, all over her clothes that were still under her (plus she followed this all up with a long wee). I knew the bath was full of toys that would need to be moved out before they got poo all over them, I couldn’t put her on the floor as then there would be poo on the floor.

After some pondering, I realised Rosa had fallen asleep on the changing mat, with poo all around her and me holding her legs up in the air. Wow. So opted for putting her on the bathroom floor asleep and covered in poo while I went back and sorted out the changing mat, then I ran a bath, put her in it and could carry her back wet in a towel to the now clean mat, got her sorted out and went back to clean the bathroom floor.

Being a Mummy is fun! lol

Plus I had a Charlie soundtrack of ‘poo Mummy, baby poo, baby poo, baby poo, ooooh, yuk! poo Mummy’  on repeat.

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I realise for those of your living in the USA that our snowfall is nothing compared to yours…but the UK does not do snow well!

We had a load of snow fall in the night. It was really quite deep in the morning and Stacy had to be helped out by the neighbours. We had a fun time playing out in it in the morning, then we all had a nap.

When we woke up it had totally chucked it down again and there was twice as much! It caused utter chaos in the city. Roads were gridlocked, the gritters could not pass because the roads were a standstill, the buses stopped running and then it all turned to ice in the evening. Stacy was stranded at work until gone 8pm due to gridlock and the fact she needed a bus to get home. After they finally did send one to rescue them all, a neighbour of ours went out to fetch her from a mile away rather than have her walk. We were so grateful. Hurrah to wonderful neighbours!!!!!!!!!

We did have a BALL in it though. I suspect the novelty may have worn off by tomorrow though.


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Being in different Mummy groups I am all too aware of milestones, and when they should hit them and when babies the same age are hitting them.

It is very exciting when they do hit one, but it is also a strong reminder they are growing up, and very soon are not going to be babies at all. It can sometimes feel a bit competitive too?

Rosa is now cruising the furniture, says Muma at me when she wants me and today when I handed her a comb to play with whilst I dressed her, brushed her own hair. She also made her best ever effort at crawling today and made it across the room to me using a conventional method of moving her knees and her hands. Last night, she slept all the way through the night.

We are still having a morning breastfeed. I would love for this to carry on for as long as it can. We snuggle in the bed, she latches on and can’t stop smiling at me from behind my boob. When she is finished she snuggles right in. It seems to be that the actual nursing time is getting shorter and shorter and so I wonder if one day there will be no milk there at all…. and I shall feel very sad on that day.

The thermometer we were using to track Stacy’s cycle decided to not work on the morning we thought her temp would rise. She tried for half an hour to get it to take a temp before giving up. It worked this morning and it has risen, so she has ovulated.

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