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Merry Christmas!

I have terrible toothache, have done since Friday. It is an infection in my wisdom tooth and not going to be able to see a dentist until Friday. A friend of mine dug some antibiotics out of her cupboard and I am taking those as well as Ibuprofen and Co-codamol and am coping (with very little sleep) pleeeeeease be gone tomorrow, pleeeeeease!

We had a fabulous dinner last night with my Mum’s best friend and all of her extended family. It was just as it should be, loads of people squished around a table wearing silly hats, laughing (raucously) at terrible cracker jokes and eating fabulous food. I felt warm and fuzzy all night (may have been the painkillers!)

Edited to add: I understand Americans don’t have crackers or hats. Google it, seriously, you are missing out.

Stacy is working today, but we are watching Muppets on the TV right now and eating chocolate biscuits before driving to my Mum’s tonight (avec cats) for the big day tomorrow.

Thinking of Allison and hoping baby comes soon sweetie! Not heard from you yesterday so could have already happened? I certainly hope so.

Merry Christmas  everyone!


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Our third child has already started being called this nickname. We are starting to talk about him/her quite a bit now and we are both starting to feel excited about the upcoming first try.

Stacy has been temping for a few months now and it seems she has a 12 day luteal phase. We are hoping this isn’t going to an issue but she is going to take some B6 anyway. She has very regular cycles and they are also very short! So whilst my tries were weeks and weeks apart, hers will only be 24 days apart.

We are using the same donor again, he has agreed to drive towards us for a few miles to make the distance a little less, but it will be a bit expensive with hotel rooms etc…

One slightly sad thing is that it is unlikely I will be there for any inseminations. I will have to be looking after the existing children and Stacy will go straight to work the following morning so it just isn’t feasible. I  don’t think it is important though?

We are going to slightly sway for a girl, only because of the autism in Stacy’s family. Statistically a boy is more likely to be on the spectrum and whilst having a child with autism is not the end of the world, we would also like them not to be. That being said, a girl or a boy added to our family would make us so so happy. So inseminations are going to be timed 2 days before ovulation.

It feels slightly surreal, but I have to admit I am quite excited about not being the pregnant one this time around. I can’t wait to watch her grow and feel the kicks, be at the birth and newborn cuddles.

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Mischief maker

I left Charlie asleep having his nap whilst I took Rosa to Waterbabies with my Mum in the living room. When I got back Mum said, he’s just come downstairs from his nap, he seems to be covered in talcum powder….so I venture upstairs.
It is EVERYWHERE. He had pulled out all the drawers in the bedroom and filled those up, it was all down the sides of the bed and on our pillows, it went through into the bathroom where the sink was full, the toilet was full, the shower was full. I tossed some clothes into the washing basket to a cloud of dust and realised the washing basket had also been filled up. The trail carried on and it was in Rosa’s cot, he had lifted the sheets and sprinkled some under there too. It was inside my bedside drawer, it was on my alarm clock, it was pretty much EVERYWHERE!
Who knew a bottle of talc could go so far!!!??

Yesterday he drew all over the walls just outside the lounge where I couldn’t see him when feeding Rosa (yeah feeding her…the giving up breastfeeding didn’t work and I have given up giving up!)

Add to that the eating of the whole advent calendar on the 2nd and I have one little pickle on my hands!

At the end of waterbabies today my teacher asked if I had ever been a teacher? I said no, and she replied I would make a fabulous waterbabies teacher! Well how nice, career change on the cards? I’ll just add it to my current repertoire 😉

What do you think about me venturing a little into photography for money? I wouldn’t charge a lot, but am thinking of investing in a little portable studio kit. If it goes well, get some proper training and make a go of it as a sideline to actually working. At the moment my crochet business is doing really well for me and keeping me in the pocket money. Ideally I want to start writing patterns because then the money just makes itself. I have LOADS of patterns I have written for myself, I just need to get them down in a format any other soul can follow them lol. Anything to stop me having to work more than 2 days as an Optometrist!

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Today has such a cool date!! It won’t happen again in our lifetime to have a date like that. We are spending it going to Rosa’s first Christmas party at Tinytalk…..I am disproportionately excited about that.

In other news, the government announced today a bill to allow same sex marriage in the UK from 2014. Religious establishments will be able to conduct the ceremonies with the exception of the Church of England which is banned from doing so. A little weird, and not something that upsets me as I am not religious in the slightest. We are very excited to have our civil partnership ‘upgraded’ to marriage. What is most important to me is the inclusion of love as part of the union. Adultery will also be a reason to divorce a same sex partner from 2014 (at the moment it is not…)

So exciting times in the world of achieving equality.

I am also planning the day/ceremony and resulting party already!!!

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Christmas is coming….

Getting exciting round here. All the decs are up, people are wearing festive jumpers, we just had our ‘Christmas by the Sea’ weekend with old friends (it was fab!) and all the presents are bought and wrapped.



am so excited!!

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I put Charlie’s name down for school today….SCHOOL! He will start in Sept 2013, less than a year away. Oh my gosh! I have to get him toilet trained by then. So far he shows no signs of being anywhere near ready. We thought we would start by sitting him on the loo before bath time, in the morning etc…but he just gets upset and never does anything. Then we suggested to him that he tell us if he needs a poo or a wee  and we can do it on the toilet, and he just yells ‘no!’ everytime. We aren’t pushing it. I really hope it isn’t too far in the future because honestly, I am done with changing his nappies. He poos about 3 times a day (no lie!!!) and they are huge and they are stinky. He also kicks up an almighty fuss about every nappy change. I always end up with poo on my hands, on the changer etc… it is so unpleasant for us both. If he isn’t trained = no school.
We are going to start sending him to a nursery for 1 day a week come January, mostly to get him used to being left, socialise a tad more, and so I can take Rosa to her swimming lesson.
His language skills continue to sky rocket to amazing levels (for Charlie) he has come out with some brilliant sentences and words recently. So relieved, and his understanding is right up there with the other children, I knew that wasn’t ever part of the issue.

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I think I have just come to a very emotional and slightly distressing decision. I am going to stop breastfeeding Rosa 😦
This is for several reasons.

I still suffer with painful vasospasms in my nipples.

A very delayed let down of several minutes, this causes her to slap my boobs, claw at them with her little nails, pull back on the nipple, suck very hard, come off, cry and go back on again over and over for ages.

A very distractable baby that pops off the boob a lot to have a look around and with each pull I am left in pain

An ever reducing supply

Rosa growing her first tooth! (I noticed it on Saturday when she bit me and it hurt more than usual, stuck my finger in her mouth and felt it there, about a mm long, but painful when she bit down)

I have enjoyed it so far, and don’t want to end on a low note

I am worried about her becoming dehydrated and not getting the nutrition she needs

She has started sleeping though the night (till 5am most nights and 7.30am this morning!!!)

I really need to lose weight, and I know from past experience this is much easier for me once I am not feeding.

However none of the above makes it any easier 😦 I love feeding her, and it is going to be my last breastfeeding chance. She has thrived on my milk, she is so bonny and beautiful. I have done that. I am so happy we have got this far, but I envisioned feeding into the toddler years. The only way that will happen is with a battle and I just don’t want that.

Heavy heart ❤ but a proud one.

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