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Other stuff

A friend of mine had a baby last week and she asked me to do a photoshoot. I won’t post the pictures here as somehow that doesn’t feel right. I was quite happy with the results and hope she was too. I did ask if she could fetch some pillows, and then I asked if I could take his nappy off. She did and he pooed all over the pillow, then told me it was her husbands pillow!!! Haha!!

I did feel quite a bit of pressure though. Pressure to give her good shots, and pressure as I really needed to handle him quite a bit to position him and I don’t know her that well. I got into it after a bit though. I have never had ANY training in how to take good pictures. None whatsoever. I guess people who actually know how to take good pictures, look at mine and think ‘oh horrible white balance’ or ‘the focus is in the wrong place’ etc….  I would love to get some proper training, but time limits me, as well as money of course. So for now I will just keep learning from books and the internet and experimenting to get the results I like.

We had a walk this morning.

and we are still BLW. Mostly because Rosa refuses to be spoon fed. She won’t open her mouth unless she is putting whatever it is in. She is pretty good at it though!

We have been struck down with illness though. Rosa has a stinking cold and kept me awake most of last night. I am sooo tired! Plus I am getting it too, my ears hurt and my throat hurts. Oh great!

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My Birthday

I had a really wonderful birthday this year. I woke up to Charlie bringing me a bag of presents and cards. We then had a bacon sandwich before deciding what to do with my day. Stacy suggested the zoo, I thought it was a great idea and off we went!

We got very very close to some lions. I could almost feel them breathing! We had a nice lunch and a ride on the train. Then we spotted the Meercats and for a fee you could go in a ‘experience’ them. I had been given quite a bit of birthday money so I went for it!

It was amazing!!

They were all scamping up and down my legs, eating out of my hands (live mealworms!!) and one climbed onto my head to get the best view of his surroundings. The keeper talked to me the whole time about how they lived and facts on the individual ones. I left feeling on top of the world. I actually felt euphoric for ages afterwards.

This photo was not representative of the day, but I just love it 🙂

We came home to a the most gorgeous birthday cake I have ever eaten and had a delicious dinner as a family. I enjoyed my children so much this year. I am such a lucky person to be so happy with my life.

And the fun continues as I am getting a Kindle Fire HD and have to wait until the end of the month for it to be released.


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A mothers instinct

I fell over yesterday, hard, onto a stone floor. I was holding Rosa at the time and somehow managed to hold onto her and protect her. She was fine but I was in agony. There was blood gushing out of my elbow and my knee. Charlie was stood there saying ‘are you ok Mummy?’ over and over but I could hardly speak. I was still clinging onto Rosa, not wanting to put her onto the cold stone floor. Stacy found me and rushed and took Rosa.
My Mum said to me once, in situations like that you can’t help but save yourself. When she said it I thought…I just don’t think that is true, I think I would save my baby.
Now I know I was right.

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An Autumn walk

We went out really early this morning for a walk around the broads. There was dew on the leaves and I could see my breath in the air. It was crispy, blue skies and beautiful.


I had wanted to give Rosa some food before Charlie’s swimming lesson. Up until now we have been doing mostly BLW but I wanted an unmessy, quick meal. She was having none of it and would not open her mouth for the spoon unless she was holding it. She is soooo strong willed (not at all like her Mummy!)

I did my first day back at work on Sunday. It was ok actually. They have me 5 minutes to pump (how gracious and generous of them!) and I brought that milk home to freeze and use next week. I am only doing Sundays until after Christmas, so am only actually away from home from 10am till about 4pm. She still won’t really take a bottle. Stacy managed to get her to take 1oz by offering way before she was actually hungry. She also offered solid food frequently to prevent actual hunger. When I returned home she was having to hold her and dance her about to keep her happy (she was really on the edge) but once she clapped eyes on me, I saw this face:

and my heart melted. I am sure it will eventually get easier….but I am so missing my children while I am at work! Charlie gave me a massive extended cuddle as well.

Just got to post this piccy of Rosa wearing one of her dresses she was bought when she was born. Only just fitting her now!

I sliced my finger open today right through the nail and into the nail bed (peeling an apple for Charlie) it is soooo painful! I am finding it very hard to crochet and with a long list of orders it is getting me a bit stressed.

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Our Disneyland Trip

Soooo what can I say about this little holiday? Lots of things actually.

So the trip there started very early with the alarm going off at 4.30am and my Dad drove us all to the bus station where we caught the bus down to London. From there we caught the tube. We had to balance the suitcase and pushchairs and hold onto 2 children down the escalators as there were no lifts. It was unusally busy for a Sunday morning. I had Rosa in the Moby and it was invaluable at this time. When we arrived at the international train station we found out our train had been delayed by an hour to do works inside the tunnel. 2 other Eurostars had been cancelled and everybody from those trains was bumped onto the Disneyland express. We had hoped to get an extra couple of seats (we had 4 people booked onto 2 seats) but with all the extra people there wasn’t 1 spare seat on the train. Getting luggage onto the racks was almost impossible and it was sooo hot! Add to the fact that he train had to go slow through the tunnel and we had to make extra stops for the people going to Brussels we arrived 2 and a half hours later than expected and we were feeling pretty grumpy.

We paid an extortionate amount for our bags to be taken to the hotel for us and we headed straight to the park where the first thing we did was get something to eat. It was gone 4.00pm by then and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast!! Once Charlie had some food inside him he did become more manageable. We actually got a lot done that first afternoon/evening and we stayed to the end and watched the fireworks.

Our hotel room was fantastic! It was themed on Cars and the small touches were all there. We were also pretty impressed by the breakfast and made sure to eat as much as we could!!

So the biggest bug bear was the PRICES!! They were honestly eye watering. € 4.50 for a small bag of about 12 chocolate balls! € 11.99 for a burger and fries meal, € 3 for a bottle of WATER!!! There was no escaping these prices. They were consistent through the park and the village and no way of getting off site. I felt they were really taking advantage. We had to eat and could not escape that fact. We didn’t purchase any extras at all. No snacks, no extra drinks, no toys, no facepainting (€ 12!!!) and by doing this we only went over our budget slightly. I did feel miffed that my hard earned money went on just eating 2 meals a day. I had envisioned being lavish and having whatever we wanted whenever we wanted (our budget wasn’t small!!). However we shall now move on from the subject of prices….

Queueing. Now I am fully aware that the British do queueing better than anyone else anywhere in the world, but when something is so engrained in your culture and you enter a place where it is a free for all it is really hard to over-ride what to us is BASIC manners. For instance, we just missed a shuttle back to the hotel and so stood and waited for the next one to come (we were the very first people to line up). 15 minutes later there were hundreds of people all around and in front of us and we only just managed to actually get on the bus!!! People shove you out of the way to get themselves to the front, they don’t let people off the bus first. It was quite intolerable at times. I managed to lose my manners a little by the second day and just rammed my pushchair wheels into the crowd to get myself where I wanted to go. Heart racing for the reaction for my HORRIBLE manners….there was no reaction what so ever. They didn’t care one bit. It was normal for them. I really started to get the hang of it by the time we left haha!

Speaking of the pushchair we took our Phil and Teds in the end. This is our double decker stroller where both children and ride at the same time in a unit no bigger than a single. I made both children beautiful cosy toes and they were snuggly warm and cosy at all time. People would stare as we walked past them. They don’t seem to have these pushchairs on the continent, they also don’t use cosy toes and instead put their children in pram suits. Oh and of course my pushchair was adored with a beautiful baby with big blue eyes and a fabulous hat her Mummy made her 🙂

Napping was a big problem. Charlie usually has a 2 hour nap everyday at around 11.30am. We were making it to the park fro rope drop everyday (we never managed the extra magic hours!) 10.00am and there was just too much going on to get him to take a nap. By midday he was whingy and moany and really really annoying. He would refuse to be in the pushchair, and refuse to walk, instead wanting to be carried. In the absence of sleep a hit of something sugary would perk him up for a couple more hours before the tiredness hit again. When we did finally fall asleep, it would be for half an hour or so and therefore he was still not his normal lovely self. It was getting to me a bit. I KNEW if he would just sleep god damn it!! we would all have a much nicer time. *sigh*. Rosa on the other hand followed her usual patterns of eat, play, sleep and was no trouble at any time.

We did take Rosa on several of the rides. She loved ‘It’s a Small World’ and Charlie couldn’t get enough of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ which was lucky because of ‘Baby Switch’ he often got to ride something twice.

I’ve got to say that I was pretty impressed by the slick operation of the parks. The ride queues moved quickly, boarding was efficient, the baby switch worked really well. The shows were very well done (esp the evening show) and the park was very very clean. The longest we waited for anything was 40 minutes for Crush’s Coaster. Quite often the wait time was 5-10 minutes and you can’t complain about that can you?

I’ve got to spend a little time describing the parade. Not the actual parade (we all know what that looks like) but the family of Irish Travellers that we happened to be standing behind. They were fascinating to watch. There were loads of them and they were dressed in their usual finery (bright green jumper, boots, make up, short mini skirts and bling). The youngest member was about 18 months- 2 years old and had Downs Syndrome (he also had a mullet haircut). He was wielding a sword and was waving it around hitting everyone with it. They were all cheering him on yelling ‘kill your Daddy! At one point he started hitting some of the crowd and they only made feeble efforts to stop him. At one point he lunged for me!! I was sitting on the floor breastfeeding at the time and the mother ran over and said ‘no, don’t hit the baby! and apologised to me. It was one thing watching these people but quite another when they started interacting with me lol. I felt like I was on the TV. However, fascinating.

In the end we did buy Charlie a little momento. A ‘Cars’ toy where you can change the wheels over. He was delighted. I was at peace.

One last thought. You know that ‘extra special Disney touch’ people talk about? I experienced it. We had sat down on some chairs on Main St off a little side street to give Rosa some food. I could hear really bad piano playing and someone yelling at them for doing it wrong. After a while I had a look around to find where it was coming from and spotted a small sign on a door saying ‘piano lessons upstairs’. Wonderful!

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