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Rosa’s Naming Days

We have just finished a whirlwind of celebrations for Rosa! We decided to split them all up into little mini days with different people in our lives. This worked so well! It did mean I had to bake and decorate 3 cakes though!!

The first day was last weekend. It was very hot! My Mum’s extended family all gathered together on a site in their caravans and we took our tent. We put Charlie in a ready bed and he loved the camping experience. We all went out for the day together to a National trust property and then came home to a lovely gathered meal. As the sun began to set, we put Rosa in her dress and decorated the gazebo with bunting and candles. We hung them all over. The atmosphere was so romantic. We toasted her and ate cake as the sun slipped below the horizon. It was beautiful and emotional.

My Mum cried as we gave Rosa her name. Nita being her mother who died several years ago. We all loved Nana and now she lives on in little Rosie.

Her second day was with our friends in Birmingham. We all dressed up for the occasion. We had a tea party in the afternoon and then a BBQ in the evening. We played with bubbles and they showered both the children with beautiful presents. We named them all as ‘special people’ (as opposed to godparents). The next day we went on a outing and the men were so good with Charlie playing with him and giving him loads of attention.

The final day was a trip to Sheffield for a party with my Dad’s family. My auntie lives on a farm. They had a new puppy which Charlie adored! Even though she did keep lunging at his face and getting very excited over him. He coped well and just kept yelling ‘sit!!’ and she did!! Rosa met her great-grandfather for the first time. He told me I had lost weight and then told me off for putting mayonnaise on my sandwich. I told him to get lost.

We finished that day with a little memorial to Grandma. We all layed down a candle, one for each of her descendants.

We have one very lucky and very loved daughter.


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On Friday when I was giving Rosa her massage I noticed she had a hard lump under her left nipple. I did panic a bit, but also knew that hormones can cause mastitis when you are breastfeeding. Her nipple was also a lot darker/redder than the other side. I had hoped it would go away but it was still there this morning, so I rang the GP. She just gave me a telephone consultation but agreed with me that it was hormonal and to keep an eye on it.

Charlie has been an utter terror today. After his nap he called me into his room. As Rosa was still asleep we had a snuggle and a chat. Then I said we should go downstairs and get some lunch. I went to go and get Rosa to take her down with us and he threw al almighty tantrum. I ignored him for a full 45 mins until I could bear it no more. I managed to calm him down with cuddles and stroking. Then I offered him lunch again and he started all over!! Even once Stacy came home he kept crying and screaming. It is really unlike him.

We went to a hen party at the weekend. The bride wanted us both there and as my Mum and Sister were at the Olympics, we had no babysitter so she said to bring them along! I was highly uncomfortable with this…but was assured by a bridesmaid that it was not really going to be like a hen party. It was a tea party in fact and there was lots of cakes/sandwiches and sausage rolls as well as tea sets and ceramic painting. Both the children behaved very well and no one minded that they were there.

I’ll just leave you with a few more pictures of Miss Rosie (Charlie refuses to have his photo taken at the moment!! Perhaps I take too many??!)

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Charlie is becoming increasingly upset in the mornings as Stacy goes to work. It breaks her heart. This morning as she put her shirt on, he was telling her to put it back in the wardrobe. He then hung onto her leg to stop her being able to move about and was begging and crying for her to stay.

Since Rosa was born their bond has increased a lot! She goes to him in the night and most of the time puts him to bed too. As soon as she gets home she plays with him (his favourite kind of play, physical) and amuses him while I make the dinner. All this means he wants his Mammy to be around more often.

So I am trying to make our days as fun as possible. Today I got out a sponge art set I bought him for his birthday. He was so amazingly good at it, carefully applying paint to the sponges and stamping with them so well. This was my fave out of all the ones he produced. It looks like salmon swimming upstream.

We are really enjoying the Olympics! Charlie has a go at most of what he sees on screen. He does forward rolls and jumping about when we watch gymnastics and lots of running around when the athletics is on. He was transfixed by the opening ceremony. They both ended up staying up that night, not sure why… perhaps they could feel the excitement in the air?

In the last couple of weeks Charlie’s speech has got much better. He is now using short sentences and using more interesting words. He watched my Mum go into a changing room to try on a top and he said ‘oh Nana, gone, wee wee’ it cracked me up. Yesterday I was changing his nappy and he said ‘ooooh stinky!’

He has also started doing this thing where he says Mummy Mummy Mummy! until I look at him and say ‘yes’…. and then he does something inane like bite a crisp or look up at the ceiling or clap his hands etc.. This also makes me laugh as he tries hard to think of new things to show me. I am sure it will get boring quickly though!

We had a lovely day out on Monday with a friend of mine and her little boy. The boys played so nicely together. Charlie now needs friends and social time with other children. He is so confident and social in those settings.

My kid brother has just done his GCSE’s and spends most of the time sleeping. When he isn’t sleeping he is on his video games. What a boring existence. So Mum asked us to take him out and we went to a little local theme park. He seemed to enjoy himself and it got him some fresh air!! Charlie adores my brother, calls him Dar Dar (David).

Rosa is now getting more difficult to keep amused. She loves to talk and interact so much! She is reaching out and grabbing things now. I had her weighed after her injections (3 needles!! *sob*) and she is now 14lbs 9oz! I think Charlie was about 8 months old before he hit that weight.

Talking of weight… I have now lost 10lbs. Going slowly, yet surely. Losing weight while breastfeeding is not the easiest thing.

Charlie has just run outside and opened the garden gate, Mammy is home, Mammy is home!!

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Water beads

Thanks to these guys for posting about them…


I went out and bought some! Question for you, can I store them? Do I store them wet or dry?

We played with these today. They are designed for flower arrangements and they say all over them ‘not a toy’ but hey I am a reckless mother, and they are 100% non toxic. They start off as tiny seed beads. You soak them for 6 hours and they expand loads and end up being squishy!

Charlie looking at them before he got his hands in.

I gave him other containers for him to transfer them between, and some scoops as well, one with a hole in the bottom. He had such fun working out which ones could hold the beads and which ones they would fall through.
We also had our first go at ‘colour sorting’ with them, as well as counting them.

My favourites were the clear ones because when they were in the water they were totally invisible, but you could feel them. Then when you take them out the water you can see them easily.

A brilliant way to have an educational fun time together. Now to go and pick them all up off my floor lol.

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Baby photos ;)

Last weekend, my Mum and I got out my baby album. I just love this comparison.

I can’t wait to see what Stacy’s bio child looks like. I just know they will be the spit of her. Her genes are sooo strong! You should see her and her father next to each other.


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