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Summer fun ;)

Some more cuteness first. Today Charlie lined some toys up in front of Rosa, then took her hand and counted them. Except that he can only say two. So it went two two two two!! It was hilarious.

He also came up to us while I was holding her and did ‘baby talk’ at her. Now Charlie talks a lot, but most of it is gibberish. So baby talk to Rosa, was his usual gibberish, but in the same tone of voice that we all use to talk to Rosa! Then she was a little bit sick, so he ran and got her muslin and cleaned up her mouth for her.

He asked her to come and play with one of his toys. I sat her next to it and he showed her how to use it. He put a screwdriver in her hand and showed her how to turn it in one of the nails. She revelled in the attention he was giving her and watched him playing, smiling at him the whole time.

We spent lots of time in the garden this past couple of days…

Rosa had her first try in the paddling pool

Drying off afterwards in the sunshine

We are actually sat here frantically trying to get our banner finished for Pride on Saturday. I have a ton of crochet orders to be doing, so Stacy is doing most of it (under my instruction!! lol) It’s looking good though.


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Happy 4 months Rosa

Here are the 23’rd of the month photos 😉 Charlie wanted to be in on the picture haha

I just checked and yesterday was 1 year since our BFP with Rosa. I was one happy lady today! What a difference a year makes ❤

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I am sooo excited! I have always wanted to be a bridesmaid and was never asked as a child. Then my friends started getting married and I still wasn’t asked (usually pregnant!!) and now I have been! Whoopie!

It is for a dear couple of friends who are just perfect for each other. They have also asked Stacy, Charlie and Rosa as well so we shall all be trotting up the aisle together. I can’t wait 🙂

In other news Rosa has really found her voice the last couple of days. It cracks us up because everything she says is accompanied with ‘Pingu lips’. She is just the cutest thing ever!

We also had our first ‘Out with the kids’ meet up. It went so well! We had 3 couples attend. A male gay couple who are about to be matched with a sibling pair to adopt, and 2 other lesbian couples with children near in age to us. We all got on really well with each other and had loads in common, particularly singing. Stacy even realised she worked with one of the guys. We have been asked to make a banner to have with us in the Pride parade next weekend, so we have spent all day making the banner, which is still far from finished. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this group develops 😉

We had a sneaky McDonalds….but I am so pleased to have lost over 9lbs in weight now since we started Slimming World 9 weeks ago. Just got to keep it up and reach our targets.

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Charlie kept putting the garden hose nozzle up to his eyes and saying ‘cheese’! I said we should buy him one of these kids digital cameras. Stacy said just give him our old one. So we dug it out and gave it to him. Here are the results. Hilarious!

This is what happens when you try and the take the camera back off him though….

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Cute Interactions

Ahhh sibling, aren’t they wonderful? I can’t get over how brilliant Charlie has been since Rosa arrived. Not one minute of jealousy, not one nasty act towards her.

In the last week or so the interactions have got going. We bought them a double stroller for our holiday and at one point Rosa kicked him in the back of the head. He quickly spun round and yelled ‘oi baby!’

Today he was talking to her and showing her his toys. Alfie (the cat) walked right over her head and he shouted at Alfie for doing do saying something along the line of ‘ahashjhsjh baby!’ with a cross stern face at him.

He also took her hands and did wind the bobbin up with them while singing the ‘words’. He sings door door door door door, door door door door! Well at least the last word is correct 😉

Yesterday he was showing her his dinosaurs, he put one in her hand and she held it. He was delighted and clapped her while giggling. Then he popped her spit bubble and he thought that was hilarious.

I will continue to record these lovely interactions. I am sure one day they will argue and be cross with each other, but it’s all something to look forward to!

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Our soggy holiday

My Mum and Dad very kindly decided to take us on holiday with them this year, and pay for our accomodation as well as most of our meals out and getting into places! We were very grateful, as although we do have a Disney trip planned, this will be once I am back at work so can afford to by then.

However the weather was appauling! It rained pretty much all week, with perhaps 2 half days of no rain. Ah well.

On the first night we met up with 2 friends from Hong Kong. We had a fabulous meal out in a pub. My pie was as big as my head (the diet was suspended this week!)

On the Saturday we went into Salisbury. It was supposed to be a sight seeing tour with Mums friend, but ended up being shopping. We tried out our new double stroller, and neither of the children liked being in it with the rainwear on! It was quite miserable with crying children, rain and everyone wanting to be in different shops. We stopped for a cake which made us all happy!

On Sunday we decided to head to Peppa Pig world with my sister. She was only able to spend the weekend with us before having to head back to London to start her new job. Charlie was in a dream world here. He is MAD on Peppa Pig! It was his first experience of queuing and he didn’t much like it haha! We ate doughnuts and pasta, and slid down massive slides. Charlie went on a rollercoaster! There was also a massive water play section which we had such a hard time getting Charlie out of! All in all a fab day out, and we were pleased my sister was able to come with us.

On Monday we went swimming in the morning, went to Mum and Dads caravan for lunch, spent the day with Mums other friend Wendy and had dinner out at a pizza place. We ended the day at our caravan and watched a film called the Marigold Hotel.

On Tuesday we went with the whole family to see the HMS Victory at Bournemouth. It cost a small fortune to get us all in to the museum but I have to say it was well worth it. There was a walk through thing that explained all about the battle of Trafalgar with re enactments and special effects. We were glad Charlie was asleep at this point because it was actually quite scary (cannons going off and lots of gunfire) Going onto the boat was really special to see how they all lived. My Dad knew loads about it and was telling us all everything he knew. I love it when Dad does this, I remember it as a child. He gets very enthusiastic.

The only thing was that at the end of the visit I dropped Mums SLR camera while she was in a simulator of flying a helicopter. The lens bounced off and I picked it up put the lens back on, checked the autofocus worked, checked for any damage…there wasn’t any. We decided to keep it quiet and not tell anyone (as my Dad flies off the handle and has a bad temper on him for such things) and we didn’t want to end the day like that. Then we went into another simulator of a gun. This was when the lens fell off Mums camera again and Dad started telling her off accusing her of bashing her camera somehow. This was when I owned up to having dropped it. Dad was furious I hadn’t told them before! Honestly I felt like a naughty 3 year old. He went all quiet and withdrawn and tight lipped. The journey home was in silence and he dropped us off at our caravan rather than having dinner together. Thankfully my Mum managed to calm him down and he was fine by the next morning with me.

Wednesday we had a leisurely morning of swimming and playing together. In the afternoon we all went to an old Priory called Mottisfont. The sun actually came out for a bit of this day and we enjoyed strolling around the beautiful gardens and investigating the old house. There was a funny moment while we were listening to a talk, Charlie decided to take off and ran and ran and ran with my Mum chasing him! He only stopped when he hit a river and Mum had a job getting him to come back. We were all watching from high up and giggling away. My Mum is not much of a runner!

Thursday we ventured out to an aquarium which Charlie LOVED! Rosa also enjoyed it as it was a bit like baby sensory with plenty of ultraviolet lights and bubbles. We did do a spot of arcades and shopping before heading home as it was chucking it down with rain. We had fish and chips on the seafront first though!

By this time in the week our caravan was so damp and soggy and our towels were never dry and the bed was uncomfy and difficult to co-sleep in and the floor was dirty….and I had just had enough. So I asked Stacy if we could go home a day early. She agreed and we packed up and drove home. This turned out to be a fabulous decision as the very next day the road we travelled down had horrible traffic problems with people taking 2 hours to travel half a mile. Mum, Dad and my brother continued their holiday by travelling onwards to Cornwall where I think they are getting better weather!

Stacy does have a few more days off before she goes back to work so we are chilling at home doing some DIY and just enjoying the children.

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So really this is just a rambly post with a few photos 🙂

You know how I have to have an INR test done everyweek to check my blood clotting? Well I complained how hard it was to get there on time with 2 small children and what a pain in the bum it was. I got a letter from the hospital saying that I could have a machine to do it at home!! Whoopie! I see the GP tomorrow to discuss it all, I am so excited.

I have had a poorly Rosa this week. She caught a cold of her brother who is also a snotmeister. We went to Toys R Us to buy an in car DVD player and screens and she looked at me and her eyes were so red and watery, her nose was all stuffy and she just looked so poorly bless her. She hasn’t complained much at all, she just wants extra cuddles which I am more than happy to supply.

Charlie was being particularly hilarious the other evening. He decided to go and play outside, but only had a nappy on and only put on wellie on so looked fo funny anyway. Then he went around watering all my weeds. Then asked to be spun around and we were all in hysterics from his wobbly walking. This is why I had kids, for sillyness and laughing and pure joy from life

He ran outside the last time he heard the bin men coming and they were all waving at him and smiling. Then one of them came over and gave him a bag of haribo! How sweet of them!! I probably should have disinfected the bag before I let him eat them, but what the hell, a few germs is good for the kid.

Weight loss is going…ok. I have lost 7.5lbs in total, but it is coming off very very slowly and I am sticking to the diet 100%. People have started commenting that I look thinner so I will keep on, as perhaps I am losing inches. It would be nice to see bigger loses for the amount of work and willpower I am exercising though.

The Olympic torch comes though soon, I am going to be singing at it with my chorus, look out for me on the news!

We had an NCT meet up recently with all the babies from our prenatal classes. I def think Rosa is the cutest!! We are all getting together again soon to make pottery hand and foot prints.I love that kind of thing.

I decided this week to design a pair of booties that don’t fall off! I made these:

They include an ankle strap which prevents them falling to the ground if the heel slips off. Getting the heel to stay on is a work in progress 😉

I think that is all my drivel for now. We go on holiday this week!!

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