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LGB parenting group

Stacy recently met with the organiser of Pride in our city and she mentioned how she would like to set up a ‘Rainbow Families’ group. The pride leader was very excited to hear this as there hasn’t been one for quite some time.

We used to attend the previous one. It was deemed a support group and did attract some ‘interesting’ characters. We never felt like it was a place we really wanted to go, and so stopped going.

As it is us starting up this new one, we wanted it to be quite different. It is not going to be a support group, it is going to be fun and with the focus on the children (rather than the parents). We aim to meet up in public places such as the aquarium, the dino park, the beach etc…

We set up the website last night. I came up with the name of ‘Out with the kids’ – an LGB parenting group. It had been there all of 10 minutes when we got out first email regarding it.

‘Why is it not an LGBT group?’

This is an interesting question. I have never felt comfortable with the action to include the T in the LGB movement. I realise that they are a minority group, who suffer with hate crimes and generally have a tough time out of life, but I don’t identify as being the same as them. For me gender disphoria is a very different issue. I was at the NUS LGB conference many years ago when it was voted into the title. I heard several speeches by members of the T community as to why they should be included and the main thrust was that their movement was too small to survive on it’s own, that they needed the LGB movement to get anywhere. I got this, but I still didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Anyway…. we would never turn anyone away no matter that their sexuality or gender. We would welcome straight people if they happen to have had a child with someone LGB. Primarily we want our children to know other children from same sex families.

We are under pressure to advertise as LGBT. Do we give in to this pressure?


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3 months old today!

Whooooosh!!! *That was time flying past if you didn’t get it* lol
3 months 2 edited

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Bloody cats!

I don’t often use my blog as a place to vent, but today I am going to!!

Ever since Charlie has been born one of my cats has been stressed out by him. She poos all over the place, often is sick and generally is a pain in the bum. I have asked Stacy if we can rehome her several times and she doesn’t want to instead insisting she will take on all of the cat looking after duties so that they are no hassle to me.

Yesterday morning I came downstairs to find a pile of poo in the dining room. I closed the door on it and decided to leave it for Stacy once she came home. If it was anywhere we use during the day I would have cleared it up but Rosa was very clingy yesterday and I didn’t have half an hour to do it properly.

I went out last night and when I came home I asked if she had cleared it up and she said she had.

This morning I have come down and there is a huge pile of cat sick on the sofa, the pile of poo from yesterday is still there and there is a stinking rabbit carcass in the middle of the lawn which I will have to deal with before Charlie can play outside today.

It is just too much for me to handle. I am an animal lover and once upon a time those cats were my world, but I can not deal with cleaning up poo and sick everyday! They are obviously stressed and unhappy living with us and re-homing is the kindest thing to do.

Add to the mix that Stacy does not change their water everyday and I end up doing it, plus I have to sweep their area all the time as they are so messy when they eat and Stacy never does it without being asked. There is cat hair everywhere all the time!!

Man I sound so heartless, but my priorities have changed and they deserve better.

Oh and just as I have got Rosa to sleep, Poppy will come and meow at me for food (she does this ALL day) and wake her up. Sometimes the relentless meowing makes me want to scream. There is food down folks, it’s just not what she fancies!!

Anyone want a high maintenance cat?

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The naughty step!

So Charlie boy, the blue eyed, blonde haired, mild mannered child is starting to become a bit naughty! Actually quite a bit naughty! Sometimes he goes from one naughty thing to the next. Now that his language is getting better it is getting easier to discipline him. Firstly I threaten to take something away/or leave a place he wants to be. This works surprisingly well as he understands the threat. I must take care to carry out any threat I make, and mean it as hollow threats will just confound the problem.
At home, this is more difficult as he has plenty of other toys to move onto. So on Friday the naughty step was born. He got the concept VERY quickly and realised that staying on the step was in his best interests as getting off only prolonged the saga. I only now have to mention the step and the bad behaviour cuts off immediately (most of the time!!!)
So watching all those Supernanny episodes has paid off eh? lol

We had a lovely weekend. Did I mention I have joined Slimming World? I lost 5.5lbs in my first week and was over the moon. Then on Friday I attended a surprise party for some friends leaving to live in Australia and the food there was absolutely not on plan and I ate it as I had no choice. Then on Sunday we went to an engagement party and again ate things I should not have done. I think I might have actually gained!! Only 2 bad meals and completely on plan the rest of the week 😦 Breastfeeding really makes losing weight hard for me, I think any spare calorie is added to my hips for safe keeping 😉 lol

Talking of breastfeeding…. we are in a really good place now. The vasospasm is well under control and only bothers me occasionally. My milk supply seems to be very good and Rosa is a chunky monkey! I think this may actually be ‘enjoyable’.

Oh yeah I have to tell you about this! We went to the dino park and Rosa did a big poo! After taking it off and cleaning her up I reached into the changing bag to find to my horror NO NAPPIES!! So my girl wore her first ever cloth nappy made from a muslin and a pair of knickers that were floating around inside the changing bag. Haha. It lasted a good 90 mins before it started leaking too 😀

Stacy took Rosa into the ball pool

Charlie loves holding his sister. Doesn’t she look big here?!?

She has started going into the play gym and loves it under there

Bit random but I made a giraffe for Rosa

A friend challenged me to make an owl hat. I did (and wrote the pattern for it) and posted a picture to my birth board. I now have 26 people that want one! I have been crocheting like a mad woman to try and make them all one (and it is making me a few pennies to save for our Disney trip)

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Ah this was such a great weekend! For a start Stacy had 4 days off work and when Stacy has a day off work, I feel like I have a day off work.

I did lots of baking for the event. Jewel biscuits (which we had to attempt twice as I burnt the first lot oopps

Carrot cake cupcakes with the most delish cream cheese icing

And a huge chocolate fudge cake which must have had like a million calories in it!

My Mum organised a party in the village they live in. Although she did all the organising, it was held a couples house who have a much bigger garden. It was actually a male gay couple, and as well as us there was another lesbian couple too. We did have a chuckle that in this sleepy Suffolk hamlet of old people, there were 3 gay couples at one small party! 🙂
Unfortunately it poured it down in true British fashion, but it didn’t stop everyone having lots of fun! Rosa and Charlie wore matching outfits that had been made by my Mum and Rosa and I wore matching crowns made by me.

People brought items along for a display and there were some real gems in there

Everyone together, just after a loud round of ‘God Save the Queen!’

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