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Charlie is 2!!!

Oh my goodness, I am mother to a 2 year old! Charlie has a sooper dooper birthday. On Monday my Mum came to stay for the night. She suggested Stacy and I went to the cinema. Wow. A trip out on our own?!?! I expressed 3 ounces and we went and saw MIB 3 which was totally awesome BTW. We held hands and had a snuggle. It was wonderful. Thanks Mum. Rosa was a doll for her and didn’t even need her bottle. In fact, she has never ever in her life had a bottle yet. I would quite like her to take one really, just so we know she will take one if needed, but every time I have expressed and gone out (to chorus mainly) she hasn’t needed it before I have got home again. So we are still waiting.

On Monday we had taken Charlie out for the day to a petting zoo that also has rides. He loved it so much. He is such an adrenaline junkie and even enjoyed the rollercoaster! He was totally pooped when we got home.

On Tuesday (the day of his birthday) we had a party for him in the garden with a bouncy castle. 10 children came to join the celebrations! His main present from us was a climbing frame. He got a lot of Peppa pig presents! He behaved so well and loved every minute of it. I also got to take him swimming on my own while Stacy stayed at home with Rosa and cleared up after the party! The castle stayed all evening so he bounced until he went to bed. There were still unopened presents at the end of the day it was that hectic. He got a LOT of presents. It’s at times like these when you realise how loved your family is. He even got a card from Australia from a friend we made when living in Hong Kong.

Playing on his new climbing frame early morning in his PJ’s!

I had made his cake. After he blew out the candles, he pulled the head off George and ate it! Everyone laughed.

One of the most exciting things to happen was that I had made him a card and sent it to Milkshake (the childrens TV we watch in the morning) and they read out his card!!! I was stoked!!!

All in all a brilliant 2 days for a gorgeous 2 year old.

I love you so much Charlie!


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Another hot day meant that I suggested we take Charlie to a local park where I had been told there was a splash pad. We packed everything we needed and make the trek over the city to the park. When we got there, there was a sign saying that due to the hosepipe ban, there would be no water on the splash pad. I was so disappointed! I was also mad, as I had checked the website to see if the hosepipe ban would effect it, and there was no mention on there.

Anyway, I suggested we go to the seaside instead. We ended up on a cute little beach, away from the beaten track. The sand there was fab, and I spotted rock pools and other things to explore one day when Charlie is older. Thankfully we had most of the things we would need on the beach and Charlie had a fab time while Rosa spent most of the time asleep on her Mammy’s chest.


Oh and I have started putting hairbands on my poor little lamb!

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2 months!

A little late in posting, but I did take it on the 23rd 🙂
Another gorgeous day here today!
I met up with a friend today. You may remember me posting about her before, she was being negative with me about breastfeeding while I was still pregnant. She asked me today how sleeping was going.
My honest answer… ‘Rosa falls asleep at 7pm and doesn’t wake till 5am. At 5am I latch her on and go back to sleep. When she is finished I move her back across into the co-sleeper and she wakes again at about 8am. I am not sleep deprived in the slightest.’
She said… ‘you sleep when feeding her?!?!’
me… ‘yup, it’s brill, one day I won’t even need to wake up, she will just help herself lol’
Her face was a picture. I said, I know what you are thinking ‘bitch’. She said, ‘yeah that is what I am thinking!!’
Bless her, she is having a bit of a tough time at the moment with sleep issues so I did feel bad about how much sleep I get.
Plus, all this totally astounds me. Charlie didn’t sleep more than 3 hours in a row until at least 7-8 months old. I remember sobbing to Stacy that I needed a full nights sleep soooo much. He never did feed well or effectively. I have the same pair of boobs, but a totally different baby, and it makes all the difference. I also didn’t co-sleep consistently. He always was put down in a moses basket, I fed him sitting up, and I returned him to the moses basket. When he wouldn’t settle after an hour or so of trying I would bring him into the bed and sleep lightly while trying to make sure he didn’t fall out of the bed. Knowing this was the case before, I was keen to have a strategy to prevent it happening again. The co-sleeper is the huge difference. I believe that Rosa sleeping so close to me all through the night, every night means she doesn’t need to wake to check I am there. She knows I am there.
Also I am so much more laid back this time. Mum says babies will pick up on this and they will know it. I think she might be right.
I feel much less lonely than last time. Charlie is my company. He chats to me, I chat to him, he keeps me from sitting and staring into space. I am constantly thinking of ways to keep him entertained. I love just watching him too. The second child is such a different experience. The third child is going to be so different again. I am not going to be the tummy Mummy, my role will be different, I will be at work more.
Life is exciting, even when mundane.

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Comments on my blog

I have to just do a short post to say how lovely the comments on my blog are! People are so kind and I really appreciate every single one of them 🙂
I can honestly say I have never had a horrible or negative comment from anyone.
Happy days, love you all!

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8 week check

So we finally had our appointment today! Everything is good. Rosa now weights 10lbs 7ounces and has no imperfections 🙂 lol
I have been put back onto Warfarin and the GP is happy to keep prescribing the Nifedipine for me (for the vasospasm) yay! She was a lovely lovely GP and I can understand why she never has any slots or appointments as everyone wants to see her.
The ‘squeak’ she makes when feeding is just ‘her’ she said. The rash on the back of her neck, is a birthmark, who knew?
The appointment ended with the dreaded vaccinations and I nursed her through them, but oh did she cry, a heart wrenching ‘why I in pain Mummy?’ cry….
Since then, she has not been her usual self and keeps whimpering. She has settled now in her chair with the vibrations on.
It is another hot day and Charlie is currently outside playing with a muddy hole in the middle of the lawn. Oh to have boys!!
I can’t wait for Stacy to get home, it has been a long day.

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After weeks of really horrible, rainly weather (despite being in a so called ‘drought!) we are finally having some nice weather. Mum and I made the most of it yesterday with a trip to Ickworth House and today my sister and I went to the dino park.
Today was a bit of a hard one actually. I had my 8 week check with the doctor booked and my Mum had suggested to my sister that she come and have Charlie while I went to make things easier for me. She drove an hour to come and we only just made it in time for the appt. However at the desk they told me the appt was for tomorrow! I got emotional saying I never would have booked it for a Thursday as Charlie has gym club, how I was desperate for new meds and how my sister had driven all that way to help me out. There was nothing they could do and told me to come back tomorrow. My sister has a bit of a temper on her, and I was worried about her reaction to the news I wasn’t being seen… but due to the time it took for me to argue with the reception desk and the fact she was struggling with a tantrumming almost 2 year old…. she didn’t even realise I hadn’t been in. Add to the fact she didn’t enquire at all as to how the appt had gone, nor the injections… I never actually told her. We just carried on with our day as if everything was going to plan. I’ve just put a plee out on facebook for some help in case anyone is able, but I suspect I will have a Charlie coming with us tomorrow *sigh*.
Anwyay, some photos from the last couple of days.
Love the Moby

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Charlie’s bebe

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