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We have smiles :)

A few days ago I thought she started smiling at me…but wasn’t too sure it was in reaction to anything. Then she started doing it more often and now I get smiles quite frequently. I love how when she recognises my face I get a smile, and often after a big milky feed I get one.
She is just so pretty when she smiles!
Catching it in a photo has been almost impossible until today.
*love the journey*


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4 weeks old, gosh!

Time really does fly when you have a newborn… is she even still a newborn anymore?


She smiled at me today 🙂 It was a one off, but convinced it was the real thing.

We had a lovely day today, just the 3 of us at home, plenty of Peppa Pig, reading books, cuddles in bed and eating chocolate eggs! Charlie behaves so much better when there is no visitor here.

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Public tears

Woah what a day I have had today.

It started when my Mum arrived for a day out together. We went to get the car out of the gargage and it wouldn’t start. Stacy had left the side lights on overnight. *groan* it took us 45 mins to jump start it using my Mum’s car while my Dad shouted instructions down the phone and got cross with us and called us idiots several time…

Then I was planning on going to a breastfeeding support thing. I tried to put the postcode in my sat nav and it couldn’t find it, but we had started driving due to Rosa screaming (and I knew driving would calm her down). I knew if I stopped the car she would start screaming again but I had to to google the postcode again and she really really screaming until we got there.

I was sooo stressed and upset she had cried for so long and I went in on my own while Mum stayed with my (still running to charge the battery) car. The the receptionist was rude to me when I asked where to go (she thought I was queue jumping, when I really wasn’t, I was there first!!)

By the time I reached the room and saw it totally full of women I burst into tears. A woman by the door came over and asked what was wrong and I felt like a total idiot but actually couldn’t stop the crying. She told me to go and sit down which I did.

A concerned HV came over to talk to me. Her patronising questions and tone suggested to me she was trying to diagnose PND. I was just telling her I was having a bad day and just wanted help with our latch. I couldn’t shake her off though. Eventually the BF’ing counsellor made it over to us and she gave me fab advice on how to improve things. It was so hot in there and I was so glad to get out.

Then we were supposed to drive to Wroxham and meet a friend and my sister, but got stuck behind a sponsored walk for ages and ended up being half an hour late.

However, I did buy some gorgeous material (yes I am getting dress making obsessed now!)

Mum wanted to do some more shopping which really was the final straw as Charlie was now whining and tantrumming on the floor, Rosa was crying yet again, I had to feed in McDonalds (ugh) and it was raining.

The drive home was equally horrendous with Rosa screaming her little lungs out. She had terrible wind and it was awful.

I was sooo happy to get home, but snapped at Stacy for not being a mind reader and moving her car out of the way for me to get it back in the garage ( I did apologise later).

End day, with lots of chocolate and some crochet and I feel a bit better.

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The weekend

We just had our first weekend after Stacy went back and it was soo good to have her at home again! Halving the workload makes such a difference.
We went to a family get toegther (my Mums side) on Sat and everyone got lots of cuddles and we received yet more presents. It was nice to get fed twice without worrying about making it as well.
On Sunday I decorated some biscuits and donated them to a charity event happening on our estate. It was great to stroll down there and chat with the neighbours. It did hail though and I had to hide Charlie under my coat because they really hurt!!
Then we went to a baby and bump show where I chatted to a newborn baby photographer. She offered to do a newborn shoot for Rosa, but she charged the earth for it. Honestly I was tempted to do it anyway as her shots were beyond gorgeous (but very posed). In the end we decided against it, as I can take ok photos myself. I hope I don’t regret my decision.
When we came home, Stacy looked after and entertained the kids while I got my sewing machine out and made Rosa a dress! I got the pattern from Etsy and so it came with a step by step tutorial which was fab considering I would have had no idea. I only had to ring my Mum once for help.
Here is the finished result, which she has worn all day today 🙂
I am still suffering with vasospasm in my left nipple after a feed and random intervals in between. I know it is not being caused by a bad latch and so today went to the GP to see if he could prescribe me Nifidipine. As I suspected he had no idea about it, I knew way more than him. He went off for AGES while he talked to his colleagues about what to do and eventually did prescribe me the drugs I was requesting. However all over the leaflet it says not to take if breastfeeding and so I am now nervous about taking them, even in small doses. I don’t know, perhaps I can just put up with it….

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I set up a play date for Charlie this morning with a friend who was born on the same day as him! As we were walking there he fell off the curb and smashed his face on the ground. I ran and picked him up and his lip was bleeding. In the next few minutes it swelled up to a huge size and we arrived on her doorstep the walking wounded. I felt so bad for him, and he kept licking it but didn’t seem distressed. He played nicely with Ted who has got a 9 week old puppy Labrador and Charlie was squealing with laughter at the dogs antics (he is a very naughty puppy!)
I had a good chat with his Mum and it was a lovely way to spend the morning. I fed Rosa, changed their nappies and we left to walk home (about 15 min walk) about 5 mins into the walk Rosa started screaming. I didn’t know what to do and was trying to get Charlie to walk faster so we could get home but it wasn’t really working.
There was a woman passing by who asked if I needed any help so I plonked Rosa in her arms and put Charlie into her (purple) pushchair and said I would carry the baby.
After a few mins of pushing like this I realised it wasn’t going to work so asked Charlie to hold Rosa which he did. I leant the chair right back and put the hood up so she wasn’t able to fall out and he cuddled her, talked to her, stroked her and gave her a little kiss. If I wasn’t in public worrying that people wouldn’t like to see 2 children in a single pushchair I would have burst into tears at how lovely he was being. We got home in less than 10 mins as I powerwalked, but by then Rosa was fast asleep all snuggly in her brothers arms 🙂
As promised, some pictures of the dresses so far. Another 2 sets of material waiting to be turned into beauties!

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Making baby clothes

There is a website on Facebook that I just can’t stop looking at. It is run by a woman who makes baby dresses and clothes. However, she only makes a certain amount of dresses in certain sizes and then sells them on a ‘market night’ and they get snapped up!
Soooo…. I asked my Mum if we could have a go at making Rosa some clothes. I had such a fun time choosing some fabrics (4 different ones so far) and we bought 3 patterns also. She has made 3 dresses so far, 2 are much too big and shall have to wait and 1 is too small!! They are all totally gorgeous though! I don’t have photos at the moment but will post some soon for you to see. She has taken the small one home again and is going to modify it so she can wear it.
It’s not cheap though! Each dress has cost about £30 in supplies!! I could have bought designer outfits for that price lol but we are getting so much enjoyment from choosing fabrics and trims etc.. and there is something special about her wearing things we have made.
I am going to have a go myself at some point, it’s just finding the time to do it!
We did end up taking Charlie on an Easter trail at the weekend (even though it was still raining) and here are a few pics, plus one of Rosa today while out shopping. She is wearing the hat I designed and make and the blanket I made also.
The rain on the lens created quite a cool effect on this one?

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Wow can’t believe Rosa is 2 weeks old already. I just can’t get over it! Everything is still going well, I have plenty of milk, and my nipples are almost normal and coping well with nursing. My let down is still very painful though and I have starting feeling it in the other boob as well! She feeds every 2 hours and this is through the night also, but she is a very good girl and most of the time goes straight back off to sleep after each feed. We have got the sleeping down feeding down well and I mostly nod back off while she feeds so am getting plenty of sleep.
We have been discharged from the midwife and she weighed 7lbs 11oz on Monday when this happened so I expect she weighs even more now!
It has been wonderful having Stacy at home with us all the time. She goes back to work on Tuesday and I am quite nervous about it. She also feels a bit down about having to leave us all day.
We have been talking quite a bit already about baby no 3 and when best to start trying. Stacy is quite keen to set out when it will occur as she is excited about being pregnant and getting to do it all. I don’t know if I am done having children myself….. I keep suggesting that maybe we could have 4 children. Never say never!
Charlie is still a superstar, but is entering the terrible twos for sure! He has my temperament and knows what he wants! He did an egg hunt this morning, and if the weather brightens up we shall go out and do another one this afternoon that is being organised in town.
We managed to get a photo of all of us yesterday! There is something immensely satisfying about having 2 children 🙂

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