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Sorry for the radio silence, it really is hard to find time to blog properly with a newborn (and a toddler!)

Things are going really well, I am just so besotted with her. Sometime I just burst into tears with the feelings of love that gush out of me as I watch her feed or sleep (which is all she really does at the moment).

I had a day of being very emotional (day 5). I burst into tears at everything. Most of it was centred around Charlie who up until then had coped amazingly with the introduction of Rosa into his life. But he had a difficult afternoon and nothing we did made him happy. We are doing our best to make him feel special and involved. He enjoys holding her and pointing out all her features. We bought a huge bag of presents including play doh, stickers, books, balls, and other toys and when we are having a difficult moment we bring one out. We filled his sand pit full of sand and brought his cosy coupe over from my parents. None of his frustrations are aimed at Rosa at all. In fact he is very sweet regarding her. When she cries he seems very concerned until she is happy again. At the end of his nap today, Rosa was crying downstairs and I heard him say ‘baby’ over the monitor. It melted my heart.


She is a pro feeder. I am not keeping track of how often or for how long each feed is and just keeping it free flowing. The first night from the hospital she stayed latched on for most of the night. I was prepared for this and went with it. The co-sleeper is worth its weight in gold and makes for very easy night feeding with plenty of sleep for me. I do have sore nipples and a very painful let down, but I expect this to get better in the next few days.
Unfortunately I developed ‘restless legs’ on the second night home and it stopped me being able to sleep when she was and this made me upset. It seemed I needed to increase my dopamine levels so have been eating lots of chocolate.
I have also been having 2 baths a day. It is the best pain relief out there. Our water bill is going to be huge this month! My episiotomy is causing me the most bother (especially since I also developed a cough) but I also have terrible piles which also cause me quite a bit of bother.
The weather has been glorious since we brought her home. Blue skies and warm temperatures. It has lifted my euphoria to new levels and made things just so perfect.
We did a little photo shoot on day 3 and these are the images I have had time to edit so far. Today we did a shoot involving a tutu, so those pictures will be seen soon 🙂
I have ordered the birth announcement cards and am very excited for them to arrive! The presents are coming through the door thick and fast and I am overwhelmed by the generosity of all the people that know us. I have a lot of thanking to do!
Rosa is 1 week old today and I just can’t get over how fast time is going! Stacy has another week off work and we are going to enjoy it as much as we can. I just love having her at home with me during the day.
My Mum has been here yesterday and today and she has bought Rosa so many beautiful things. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful Mum, and she is totally in love with Rosa.


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Rosa’s birth story

We drove up on Weds night and gave Charlie to my parents. I was very emotional about this as I knew his little life was about to change, and I also had a bit of a fear of dying in childbirth and leaving him without me. He was really happy to be going to Nana and Grandad’s and so I didn’t have to worry he was unhappy or anything like that.
On the morning of the induction I woke up really early at 5.00am. I couldn’t get back to sleep. I knew it was bad as I going to become very very tired, but there was nothing I could do. I was just so excited/nervous.
I decided to pump that morning. I had hoped to have a small amount of colostrum in reserve for if we needed it in the early days. I also thought it might ‘help things along’. I pumped 3.5mls of colostrum that morning and put it in the freezer.
We got to the hospital and headed for the ward. I was admitted and put on a monitor for half an hour to check baby was all ok.
After the initial monitoring they put in the tablet and had me being monitored for a further 30 mins. After 6 mins of the pessary going in I was getting contractions. I was stunned how quickly it was working! There was a lady in the bed opposite who had been there for 3 days and had 6 pessaries and was still waiting. I think I really annoyed her!
After another few mins, I felt a pop inside me. Stacy called the midwife over who checked my pad and found fluid there that definitely was not urine. She said she thought my hind waters had gone. Another good sign.
After 30 mins of monitoring I was encouraged to go for a walk around the hospital to get things moving. Stacy (who works at the hospital) took me on a long route around the grounds. The weather was glorious that day and it was really pleasurable. All the time the contractions were getting stronger, but I was still able to walk through them. At the end of our walk we stopped at a bench. At this point they really started to get stronger and we headed back to the ward.
Back at the ward, I was monitored again and it was confirmed I was getting good, strong regular contractions. I bounced on my ball and had Stacy push on my back during strong ones. I also had a bath which was nice, but seemed to slow things down which frustrated me.
We carried on like this for a fair few hours until they assessed me and I was declared 3-4cm dilated and almost fully effaced. The only pain relief I was allowed was paracetamol and codeine, which did nothing really. They said to Stacy ‘don’t go home, we think we will transfer her to delivery suite soon’ I was mortified! Go home! No way, how could they even suggest such a thing! Turns out partners are not allowed to stay beyond 9.30pm, even when with a lady in labour! There is no way I would have let them send her home. I would have walked out with her! Lol
Anyway, they did transfer me after an hour or so delay waiting for a room and midwife to be free. I was really happy to be getting some pain relief at this point. They gave me the gas and air and within minutes I was high as a kite. I actually hate gas and air, I turn into a moron child. I also find it very difficult to respond to things happening around me or to questions I was being asked. Still, I had been encouraged by so many people not to get an epidural that I was willing to give it a go.
They broke my waters and things intensified yet again. I carried on like this for another 4 hours or so but they were getting so so painful I was starting to lose control. I cried out for an epidural and the anaesthetist was called. They kept asking me ‘do you feel pressure in your bottom Laura?’ and I kept yelling ‘nope!’ knowing that would mean they wouldn’t let me have one. They checked me and declared me to be 7cm dilated. I had also had a bloody show around this time. I was being VERY un co-operative with the midwives. I just kept yelling ‘no!’ at every request. I think they decided I needed the epidural in order to become more in control. However they kept asking me ‘will you co-operate with the anaesthetist when she comes?’ and I kept saying ‘I promise!!’
During each contraction they kept losing the baby’s heartbeat and kept pushing on the monitor. This was really annoying me and so they put a clip on baby’s head to keep track of the heartbeat instead.
The anaesthetist took her merry sweet time about getting the epidural in and I was getting angry and well as being a moron. They had sat me up on the edge of the bed and it was hard getting through the contractions in that position. I also kept weeing, which I kept telling them and they didn’t believe me saying it was just my waters coming out. They finally did believe me when it dripped on her foot. (I have just asked Stacy about this part of things and she says I had declared myself to be weeing several times before and it had just been waters, so I suppose I wasn’t to be trusted lol)
They finally got it in and the medicine started flowing. I was looking forward to it working and got quite upset when the pain didn’t seem to be going at all. I was still having to use a lot of gas and air and therefore was still being quite stupid and un-cooperative. They topped it up a bit and I was able to use a bit less of it, but the pain never went away, it just become bearable.
Then the contractions started to become less frequent and there was talk of putting in some Pitocin. I was worried about this as I knew it was going to hurt more. We put it off for as long as we could but I was at 9cm and stuck there so we did it. They tried to get me to have a wee but it wasn’t happening so they used a catheter to empty my bladder.
I was declared to be 10cm and told to push. I wasn’t feeling any need to push and it didn’t come easily. I wanted to be upright to push, but the midwife did not want me to be in that position and asked me to lie down again. As I started pushing the midwife declared the baby to be ‘back to back’. However with each push Stacy said she could see more and more of the heartbeat monitor appearing and she seemed to be moving down the canal nicely. At one point I felt her turn and they all saw the monitor turning too and we all thought it would only be another couple of pushes before she would be out. However she turned again, and was stuck and not moving any further down. I was also getting beside myself with pain again as all the epidural had worn off and I wasn’t even using gas an air at this point either.
A doctor was called and she decided to do a forceps delivery in theatre. Cue lots of faffing. They wanted me to sign forms which I snatched out of their hands and scribbled on. They asked me questionnaires on if I was allergic to anything, they took my nail varnish off etc… All this time I was yelling at them to give me more epidural and they said I couldn’t have any till we reached theatre. I was beyond frustrated and in so much pain.
In theatre they asked me to keep my legs still. I said ‘if you want me to keep still, put more epidural in!!’
They finally gave me a good sized dose this time and all the pain went away.
The doctor turned baby with her hands and I started pushing again. I pushed so well she said, ‘mother can do this without forceps‘. However she turned yet again.
I swear that kid came down the birth canal doing loop the bloody loop.
They called it a day, gave me an episiotomy and put the forceps on. She was born on the next couple of pushes. I cried. It was 8.37am on Friday the 23/03/2012.
They put her straight onto me and a held her all covered in blood. She did a little cry and they took her off to get dry. They had to give her some breaths to get her breathing properly but she eventually was fine and Stacy brought her over to me and I was able to give her a cuddle.
They took ages stitching me up and doing I don’t know what down there. I did get a glimpse of the placenta.
I finally was moved into recovery about 9.30am where I gave her her first breastfeed.
We got to spend a little time alone back on delivery suite before they moved me to a ward at about 11am.
My Mum and Dad brought Charlie to the hospital for him to meet his little sister. She came with a huge box of presents and goodies. Charlie reacted so sweetly, saying ‘baby’ and giving her a stroke. He then ran over to the window to look at cars!
Stacy stayed until 4.00pm before she went home to feed the poor cats and do other jobs. She came back in the evening which I was very glad about because at this point my pain relief was wearing off and I was getting horrendous after pains. I honestly felt like I was in labour again. I was also in so much pain down below they were questioning a haematoma. There was even talk of getting in the gas and air for me. I hand expressed a feed, as Rosa wouldn’t latch on. After giving me some morphine I felt comfortable enough to go to sleep and Stacy went home to get some much needed sleep as well.
That night was tough. Luckily my baby girl was so good and hardly made any fuss. They did wake me to hand express some colostrum again for her as she was still refusing to latch on.
The next day was all about managing my pain. Feeding was going a lot better though and she was latching on well and getting plenty of the good stuff inside her, so they stopped worrying about that.
They ok’d me to go home at around 4.00pm.



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She’s here!

Born 23/03/2012, 7lbs 10oz. Totally in love. BS and much more detail soon!


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The eve of induction

We drove Charlie half way between us and my parents this evening and passed him over. I knew I would be emotional about it, and I was. For some reason I can’t get out of my head that I might die in childbirth and leave him without me 😦 It was a random thought I can’t shake. Plus the next time I see him, he will have to share us. I know he is going to be a great brother.

I said to my Mum, ‘I want him back you know!’ and she laughed.

Then we drove home and did a supermarket shop. It was weird being in the supermarket at 8pm at night, with Stacy and without Charlie. I have this weird sensation. A bit like the one you get the night before you go on holiday, or Christmas Eve.

Stacy is so excited. ‘I said it’s alright for you, you get a new daughter tomorrow, I have a day of pain ahead of me!

Stacy works for the hospital we are going to tomorrow, She is senior management and they all know we are coming in. People have been phoned and informed we are to be treated as a priority (VIP). I think I will revel in that 😀

So..signing off. Positive vibes well received.

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Plodding along

So yesterday my Mum took me out for the day. We went shopping and as we got the the mall, I felt a very squelchy feeling and went to the loo and found a large amount of plug in my knickers…sorry TMI. After cleaning myself up, we did a lot more walking around the shops and every time I saw a loo I had to go and ‘sort myself out’ and remove the squelch.

I bought Charlie some lovely new clothes for the spring/summer and a few last bits for the baby. Plus 2 new tops for me!! (for after I don’t have this lovely bump anymore)

The cramping yesterday was much better than previous days. Today I woke up with cramping and another load of plug came out. I had cramping this morning and now just the odd one or two. I was supposed to be taking Charlie swimming, but with all this plug coming out, I thought it could get embarrassing and so we haven’t gone. Poor Charlie boy.

1 more day to go!!!

Stacy is really nesting, and it is so cute. She has rearranged several rooms. Tidied cupboards, done DIY that was waiting to be done, and got things down from the loft. She is being fabulous and giving me plenty of back rubs and support. She has even let me have the bed to myself a few nights which has let me really catch up on some much needed sleep. I look forward to a time when I am able to do all of this for her when the time comes.

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Limbo land

Stacy and I read back over my blog in the week or so leading up to going into labour with Charlie. It seems that I am experiencing very similar things this time.

Since Tuesday I have been having cramping period style, my lower back hurts and I have lost a bit of plug, a small amount on Sat morning and another small amount this morning. I am in quite a bit of discomfort most of the time. Stacy gave me a fantastic back rub this afternoon that really helped the back ache. I didn’t want to hang around at home wondering what was going on so we took Charlie to the Dino park and out for lunch. It was really nice to give him some quality ‘Charlie time’.



While I was out and busy, I was in much less discomfort.

When we came home I took a nap (despite getting 13 hours last night!!!) At least I know I only have 3 more days of this before I am induced. Last time it went on for 2 weeks!

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2nd Sweep

We have just had the midwife round for a home visit to do my second sweep. It was nice for Stacy to meet her. She did all my usual checks, fundal height, urine, BP etc.. all ok. Everyone got to hear the heartbeat which again was nice for Stacy who hasn’t been to any of my antenatal checks so far.

Then we went upstairs and she did another sweep. It was a lot better this time. I was more relaxed. It was also easier for her to do as I was 2cm dilated and it wasn’t so high as last time. She did a much better job this time 🙂

I was a little disappointed when she told me she was on a week of annual leave from Friday. This means she won’t be doing any of my visits after the baby is born 😦

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