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Last weekend my chorus and I went to the annual convention and competed in a competition. We came 13th in the country!
We were so pleased. The whole weekend was completely fab and I made some great friendships that can only blossom and develop further.
We also managed to complete our quartet by finding a bass (I sing bari) and should commence rehearsals with them shortly.
With us being barbershop we all have to wear identical outfits. When I tried on my trousers the week before we went, they didn’t do up and were very uncomfortable. Mum and I bought another pair, cut the front off and sewed in a bump band. We were so proud of ourselves and they were so COMFY! I am going to wear them to work as well as they are a cut above any maternity trousers I bought last time 🙂

This weekend we went to a wedding. It really was a very enjoyable affair. They had hired out a massive house and we all arrived on Friday evening. Charlie loved the long wooden corridors and everyone doted on him. We enjoyed ‘McJonalds’ for dinner where all the men made burgers and served them up fast food style, it was so much fun!
The wedding itself was very different from anything we had been to before. They had done everything themselves from decorating the room, to compiling their own cake (made of cheese!)
There was an afternoon tea party which I was asked to make cupcakes for. I made carrot cake cupcakes with a cream cheese icing which I will say so myself, was yummy!
During the party in the evening the band stopped for Stacy and I to sing a set with the ukulele. We had been asked to do this beforehand and put together something that was both touching and funny. We sang I Can’t Smile Without You (with flowers in our hair…you know ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral?), Chapel of Love, I Wanna Marry a Lighthouse Keeper, and The Monster Mash (it was Halloween after all!)
Charlie was a very good boy and we were complemented on how gorgeous he was by many guests.
This is me and the bride comparing bumps! (no she isn’t pregnant lol)
On our drive back home today we stopped off at Anglesey Abbey and enjoyed a run around the gardens to break up the long journey.


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Just back from my 16 week midwife appointment and I was so excited when she offered to try and find the heartbeat.

It started off at 140 something and then went up to 150 something,I’m not going to look up if this is more likely a girl or a boy, so convinced it is another boy anyway.

I had protein in my urine, she didn’t seem worried and just told me to drink more, which I am useless at!

Also gave me a number to self refer for the SPD symptoms.

When I mentioned the headaches, she said they were hormone related….makes sense.

Not got another appt till 28 weeks, that is ages away!!!!

Oh and got Downs risk back which was 1 in 11560, so not worried about that then lol

In Charlie news, he got stung by a wasp yesterday. Poor little mite was distraught. He got him on his thumb and it swelled up and went all red and hard. We had a bad night last night as well, it probably still hurt as mine did for about 12 hours. It’s moments like those that you realise what it feels like to be a Mum. My only thought was, why didn’t it just sting me!!?? I would take the pain for him, without a second thought.
Today he said teddy, all gone, oh no!, and Dodie (my doll) his new words are coming thick and fast now.
Speaking of Dodie, he found her in my bedroom ( I would have her in the bed if Stacy let me, but she says it is like sleeping with a dead baby) and has been playing with her ever since. He cradles her and sings to her and tries to give her his dummy. He is very gentle, until he tries to put her down the toilet and then I take her off him. I think it is good for him to play with a doll, it might give him an idea of what is coming. He watched me carefully the other day when we went to see newborn Connah (my friends baby) and do he understands what people do with babies.

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I am finding this age quite difficult at the moment. I have pondered as to why and this is what I have come up with. He knows what he wants, yet is frustrated that he can’t convey it very well. The signing helps in some respects, but obviously not all. He exhibits this frustration in the form of screaming or ‘screeching’ as I like to call it. He does it all the time, and in public and it is very embarrassing, especially in a cafe or restaurant. It is making me feel like I can’t take him into places 😦
He has a very short attention span. He is obviously bored so I come up with something to do, for example set out some crayons and paper and he will use them for about 40 seconds before he is bored and wanting something new. He isn’t interested in the TV at all and so I can’t just put his programmes on or a Disney film and have some time.
He wants my attention all the time and it is exhausting.
His understanding is not yet at a level where I can:
a) reason with him
b) threaten him
c) bribe him
and so all situations are difficult to resolve.
I think it will get easier as his language develops, but I feel he might be slightly behind in that respect. He has very few words at the moment, but he knows what he wants!
If things go quiet, I know he is up to something he shouldn’t be! I have found him delving into a box of chocolates, climbing up the clothes airer and pulling himself up onto the windowsill, emptying cat food all over the floor, pushing sandwiches into the DVD player, unravelling my crochet and changing the time of Stacy’s alarm clock! etc…. This is when we call him a little pickle 😉
He has the most beautiful smile ever in the world though, and one grin and I am putty in his hands.

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My birthday :)

So today is my birthday and I woke up to a wonderful spread of presents and cake for breakfast! My best present was a new lens for my camera, which I was pretty excited about if I am honest. Charlie enjoyed having a go at blowing out candles and he was really good at it!

We had a lazy morning before heading out for lunch and then on to Blickling house for a wander around the gardens. It was at this point that I got stung by a wasp and I got really upset by this because I really wasn’t doing anything to deserve being stung. It just landed on my leg and did his dirty deed! I hobbled around for a bit longer before demanding a drink and a slice of cake 😉


I luuuurve my new lens 🙂

We rushed dinner as I had to go out to an AGM meeting to make sure someone awful didn’t get onto the school committee and now I am off out to a dress rehearsal with my choir. I am not looking forward to this too much as if it is your birthday they make you wear a silly flashing pink tiara for the whole night…. and tonight we have an audience! *groan*

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Passport success!

Yesterday it was announced in the news that they are going to change the wording on passports to parent 1 and parent 2 instead of mother and father, I am delighted!

Isn’t it great when campaigning to your MP actually works? I have been really impressed with my local MP and his communication and I have also received 2 letters from Westminster.

I belong to an online forum of people with children…. you can probably guess which one, and someone started a thread on WYOO about it. It seems most of the people (straight) on there did not like the change! They started arguing about who would be parent 1 and parent 2. Most of them shut up when I chimed it with the fact that I had had to put Stacy down as Charlie’s father on his application, apparently none of them would appreciate being called a father either. Perspective eh? Then the debate headed into the realms of the fact that biological parents should make an appearance on passports, at which point I left the discussion as it was getting too silly (upsetting?)

Fathers name: 23756

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I am very lucky to have not suffered very much disappointment in my life. When we started our TTC journey we only had to endure 2 BFN’s before we got out positive result. The same thing applies to this new pregnancy, third time lucky. Therefore only 4 failed cycles out of 6, which I feel is really rather lucky. When we asked our donor to help us make a family, he said yes very quickly. We didn’t need to explore other avenues, and he also agreed easily to more children, saying we can have as many as we want.

That being said, there was one moment I felt massive disappointment and that was during our 20 week scan whilst pregnant with Charlie. I really wanted a little girl. I was convinced it was a girl due to a girle nub on our 12 week scan. When I heard it was a boy, I cried.

To some, this seems very ungrateful. Lot’s of people want any healthy baby and do not care about the sex. It took about 20 minutes for the disappointed to disappear. That was all. I imagined train sets and rugby matches, sword fights and BMX bikes, mud, mess and laughter. Little boys can be wonderful. I bonded so well knowing Charlie was a little boy.

Gender preference does not exist for this new pregnancy. I will be thrilled with another boy. I will be delighted with a little girl. We are even considering not finding out at the scan.

Looking back, I think it was more due to fear of the unknown with a boy than desire for a girl.

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Heat wave

We are having the strangest autumn ever here in the UK. Today we saw temperatures of 29 as well as yesterday and the day before. It is sooo hot! It’s the first of October and there is only a hint of autumn colours in most of the trees.
So today we decided to go to the pool. Charlie got so excited as he realised we were going swimming and was frantically signing ‘more’ while we were buying our tickets. We had such a fun time, Charlie is confident flinging himself into the water, he can climb out completely unaided, and really enjoyed being thrown between the 2 of us! He has been a bit of a pickle in his swimming lessons recently moaning all the way through them and say noooo quite a bit (the only time he says no). It seems though that they are still paying off and he is very confident in the water.
We also did some wool shopping and I spent more than I should on gorgeous luxury yarn to fulfil my large list of orders.
This evening I have made a caramel shortbread, but am yet to taste it. I shall let you know if the proof of the pudding was in the eating lol

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