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Sweet pea

I have just found out that the birth flower for April is the sweet pea. How lovely. I have a little sweet pea growing in my tummy! 🙂


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What a mixed day

I am going to admit that I have found the last few days very very hard. Obviously with Charlie being poorly during the night, we have had disturbed sleep. Also during the day he has been clingy and crying pretty much constantly. When awake he has to have my full attention such as reading to him or building a tower to stay even remotely happy.

It has been full on and exhausting.

Yesterday the nausea set in big time. The tiredness has taken over my every thought. I want to go to sleep, I want to go to sleep….. my head hurts and pulses with every heart beat. My heart has started racing again, like it did last time, once or twice a day for 5 mins or so.

It has also been very lonely. Most of my friends are away on holiday, as is my Mum and family. Stacy is working full days at work. None of our clubs are running. We have no spare money.

Today I decided we were going to go to an airshow. After a very bad morning of crying he went down for his morning nap and I ran for my bed. After only 40 mins or so the doorbell rang. It was a well meaning friend dropping off some ear protectors for the show. I had agreed with her that I was going to pick them up on my way there….she spared me the trouble and brought them over. I was tearful. Then Charlie also woke up and screamed. I managed to calm him enough to leave the house, and just as we were about to leave the house, he filled his nappy.

It tipped me over the edge and I broke down in tears.

I rang my Mum in France and she immediately panicked as she thought I must be losing the baby. it put things into perspective…a little. She gave me some much needed sympathy and I managed to pull myself together enough to leave the house.

Charlie and I had a FABULOUS time at the airshow. We rode a bus, which he loved. We saw lots of aeroplanes and he pointed at every one. We saw tornadoes (my Dad flew tornadoes for most of my childhood and the nostalgia made me weep again) We played in some water fountains and Mummy just happened to have packed his swimming costume 😉

He didn’t whinge once, and we both were full of smiles on the way home.

I am completely knackered now!

Stacy has agreed to letting me have an easy day tomorrow. I have announced I am on nappy strike!






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I opened a new box of formula 2 nights ago, made Charlie his evening bottle and put him to bed. At 3am he woke up screaming and was COVERED in diarrhoea! I had to give him a bath, and the bed was so soiled that he had to come in with us for the rest of the night. He seemed alright the next day, had a few more movements but didn’t seem ill. I thought it must have been a short bug or something.

Last night I gave him another bottle from the same box and at 3am again he woke up screaming covered in diarrhoea! It was the exact same time in the night, and again, I gave him a bath and brought him in with us for the rest of the night.

Today I rang the formula company and told them I suspected their milk to be the cause, it was just too coincidental for my liking. They were great and said that I was to send them the box and they would analyse it and get back to me, as well as reimburse me for the cost of the box. I hope they will actually do what they test and test the power for any nasties in there.

It is times like these where I feel intensely sad that breastfeeding ended for us. I know that he can now have cows milk, but he is not a great eater and I want to make sure he has all the nutrients he needs. Plus, he loves his formula and looks forward to his evening bottle each night.

We’ve had a lovely evening today. I picked Stacy up from work and she had her hair cut by our friend Jess who is training to be a hairdresser. Then we went out for dinner at Nandos!! Yummy!

I have felt very very sick today. I also got a letter through with my scan appointment, Weds 15th Spetember. I can’t wait!

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I hate being on my own

Charlie has been hard work the past few days. We have had temperatures in the 30’s and he is cutting a tooth. He has been whingy whiny all day, clinging onto my legs, my arms, any bit of me he can grab at any moment. He always wants to be in my lap and once there wriggles around and grabs things he shouldn’t have.
I will admit, he has been driving me crazy!
I always look forward to the moment Stacy gets home from work. She plays with him, or takes him on a little walk while I make dinner in peace. I am still doing housework, but I am on my own in the kitchen and I find it quite blissful!
Stacy is away tonight. This means I have missed choir and I have not had a break from him! God I love him so much and once asleep he is totally angelic and all the memories of the day drift away out of the window. I stared at him for a good 5 minutes when I just went to check on him.
I really miss Stacy when she is not here. We are still very much in love and I know that I could not live without her.

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I had my doctors appointment over a week ago. I am already injecting the Clexane daily to stop my blood from clotting and to keep the baby safe. He also referred me to the midwife and she rang me yesterday. She took some details and is referring me to consultant care at the hospital.
I have an actual appointment with her at the end of this month and my scan will be in about 6 weeks! Eeek! So exciting.
I am just starting to wake up with mild nausea. It’s not too bad and goes as soon as I have eaten. My boobs do not hurt as much as they did….but I am still aware of them.
I have ordered 1 more digi test to do tomorrow and hope to see 3+ on it to confirm my HCG levels are rising properly. We don’t get beta testing here in the UK!

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