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>Grandparent meet up

>We drove midway between us and Stacy’s parents and went to a National Trust house called Wimpole Hall. It was a beautiful house full of treasures and old paintings and wonderful landscaped gardens. We carried Charlie around in a nifty carrier which gave him a seat to sit on our hips.
The house also had a little farm and Charlie enjoyed meeting some farm animals. It was nice to spend some time with his other grandparents. Seeing as how they live 3 hours away, he doesn’t get to see them as often. They are besotted with him though, and couldn’t love him anymore if he was their biological grandchild.


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>On the move

>This past week and a half Charlie has mastered the art of crawling. I think it was an upper body strength issue before. He knew what he wanted to do, but lacked the ability to push himself up on his arms to do it. 2 weeks ago he managed to pull himself up on furniture and other things and I think this improved his upper body strength enough to enable to crawling.
Within a day of working it out, he was off!

He is now a lot more work. Everything is within his reach by some means. We have got a lot to learn in terms of, where do I put my tea down? Can I leave this pen on the coffee table? (no!) Is my knitting high enough for him not to pull it down and impale himself upon the needle? etc… He is a lot of fun though, and I don’t have to play with him directly as much. He amuses himself by exploring this new world he has discovered.

Another thing new to this week is uncontrollable giggling just by making a funny face at him or giggling myself for so reason. Those 2 little teeth poking up from the bottom gums give him the most adorable grin ever. I just can’t stop kissing him he is so adorable.

I took Charlie to the cinema on Thursday. Our local independent does a baby screening once a week of a latest release. This week was ‘Never let me go’. He was good as gold and sat and watched the film whilst munching on his carrot sticks. Half way through he fell asleep on me and I enjoyed the extended cuddle I don’t get at home. The cinema was packed of mums and babies and only a couple of them cried and not for long either. I think we might go more often! The film was good too, if not a little haunting.

My crocheting is going well. I took along a bag of all the ones I had done to baby group as a friend had asked to see them. I ended up taking orders for several pairs of booties! I was surprised when a friend asked me to make them for her 14 month daughter. I measured her foot and it was 12cm long and my pattern didn’t go that big, so I ended up having to adapt the pattern. It worked though!

Here is a little taste of what I have been making. The sandals and the pink and white ones were the most popular.
Someone asked me to make a blanket. I said no, how boring would it be to just make something flat and huge?

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>Center Parks

>We had a totally wonderful time at Center Parks this past week. The sun shone down on us and was glorious and we spent so much quality time together and basked in each others company. Charlie was delighted by how much time he got to spend with his Mammy and his skills this week have just soared.
He now crawls around purposefully. He also has been experimenting with vocal sounds and makes da da noises all the time (I won’t get upset his first word was Dada!!) and also lots of other sounds and he puts them together to form ‘words’ and all at a very high pitch.
I managed some time to myself and took a watercolour class. I was really quite happy with what I produced and have since caught the bug and done another one at home. I need more practice and would love to drive out into the country at weekends in the summer and paint from real life.
Stacy had time to herself and did the high ropes course – with a hen party! I think it made it more fun and she finished it on a bit of a high.
We went swimming everyday for a couple of hours each time, so Charlie has learned to appreciate water fun more. He now really goes for the splashing of Mummy during bath time! There were water slides, 2 flumes and a rapids ride there which we took turns to go down.
My parents visited on the Thursday and we did a round of Crazy Adventure Golf and had a slap up curry for our dinner (which dad paid for, thanks Dad :))
Charlie is the apple of Grandad’s eye.
I accepted a job and had to ring the other 2 peoples to decline their offers. I hated doing that and had been dreading it all week. I am glad it is all over now though, and I am due to start the first weekend in May.
I am looking forward to the weekend now, as my sister is coming back from uni and also other family are going to visit. I always like to have things planned in the future to look forward to.

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>I am pretty surprised by Charlie and his reaction to the word ‘no’.
It first started in the bath, he kept wanting to pull himself up on the handles at the sides of the bath, but he would slip and hurt himself so I started saying ‘no’ when he tried to do it. Initially his response to this was to stop attempting it and cry. I was impressed that he reacted at all and didn’t just ignore me like I expected him to.
A few days later and he would look at the handle and know what he wanted to do and would start to reach for it, and I would say ‘no’ and he would take his hand back before it reached the handle. Again, I was shocked he listened!
Today he kept eyeing up the handle, thought better of it and went back to playing happily.
It also applies to when he reaches for my laptop, or my laptop wire. All I have to say is ‘no’ and he stops!
I am cautious in writing this post though. It is probably the best way to make him stop being so good about listening and reacting to no. lol
I had 3 interviews this week and have been offered jobs by all three. I have spent today agonising over where I want to work. They all have pros and they all have cons. I am finding the decision making process very hard and stressful. I *think* I have come to a decision, but am going to take tomorrow to mull it over some more before I make it final on Monday.
Stacy has the week off this week and we are spending it at Center Parks. It’s our first little holiday as a family, and we are so excited to get away for a bit!

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>I invited 4 of my new friends around today for a coffee morning. One of them couldn’t come, and so there were 3 friends and their 3 babies (all boys!). They didn’t know each other, they all only knew me,
I found the time they were here really stressful! I offered everyone drinks, and ended up leaving one women’s coffee in the kitchen and I only found it once she had left. Another cup of coffee got pulled over by a baby (luckily didn’t scold him) and a glass of water was left totally untouched.
Everyone brought cake and biscuits and then nobody actually ate any of them, totally untouched! They just sat there, and I kept offering them around and everyone said no thanks.
One of the women offered the babies some baby biscuits and one of the babies choked on it!
One mother wouldn’t let go of her baby or put him on the floor for fear he would get trampled on by the other babies. Charlie on the other hand held his own quite impressively! It was his first experience of having to share his toys.
One baby is quite a bit older than the others (16 months) and kept pulling things off my shelves, I kept having to apologise that my house wasn’t baby proofed yet.
Another baby ate some mud off the wheels of my pram that was in the corner of the room.
Arrrgggg!! I much prefer going to other peoples houses for coffee!
We did however have some nice conversation and everyone got on well with each other 🙂 I am really beginning to feel like I have friends who care about us and who I can rely on.

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