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>6 month birthday

>Today marks the day of Charlie’s 6th month existence. I still can’t believe I am actually his mother! All I have ever wanted to do is be a Mum and now I am and have been for half a year and I am just loving it so much. I adore watching him grow and change and develop new skills.
We still have a lot of snow.
It is snowing constantly and then dumps on us in the night. Stacy managed to get to work this morning somehow.
One of my new friends Caroline invited us round for a coffee and we set off all wrapped up. It was really hard work pushing the pram through the thick snow, it was a full scale work out and I was really hot by the time we got there! Charlie played with Ted (who was born on the same day as Charlie). He is a really funny lad, very different to Charlie in size (he weighs 22lbs!) and also in developmental stages. I do try not to compare him to other babies but it is only natural?
We had a fab weekend. Due to the snow we stayed in on Saturday and made jewellery and cakes and played and just enjoyed being snuggly at home in the warm. On Sunday we went and had our underwater photoshoot and Charlie was a complete star! We don’t get to see the photos until next Sunday. We then made it over to Mum and Dads and we went to Blackthorpe barn which is a xmas fayre of handmade items. We go every year and it signifies the beginning of xmas to me and my family. We used to buy our xmas tree there but have moved to artificial ones now. My Mum spent a hideous amount of money on some jewellery. She then made a delicious lamb dinner for us as it was also my Dad’s birthday. We gave him his presents and then headed back home. It was a really lovely weekend.
I am just hoping that our baby groups don’t get cancelled this week as I will go stir crazy!


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>It’s only the 25th of Nov and we already have snow. I think this is going to be a hard winter. I took Charlie over to the window to watch it fall and he got so excited! I opened the door so that he could feel it and see it better. We only have a thin covering but it is already causing chaos. England does not do well in the snow. Our estate is unadopted by the council and so we don’t get any gritters in. As a consequence if you dare try and leave the estate, your car first has to perform an ice dance along the roads.
I spent the day with my Mum today. We didn’t do much except a bit of shopping and had lunch out together. I tried out the camera on my new phone, you might agree, not great quality!
I love spending time with my Mum and she dotes so much on Charlie. She said to me the other day ‘I never expected to love my grandchild as much as one of my own children, but I do’
I am so loving my choir right now. It gives me the time away from Charlie that I really need and I have made some lovely friends already. They have invited me out on their xmas meal…must go shopping for an outfit! I have got a lot of songs to learn, at least 20 if I want to perform in the xmas concert and so I am singing all day to try and get good enough at them.
The baby led weaning continues….

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>I just have to gush about how great Charlie was today at Waterbabies. He did 4 underwater swims, 2 of which were in quick succession and no crying at all. He floated on his back, he jumped in off the side, he was a star! The teacher said to me ‘have you brought a different baby this week?’
The good news from this fab lesson was that he is allowed to do his photoshoot at the weekend! yay! I hope be behaves because it is costing us £60 ($95) just to do the shoot alone and this doesn’t include any pictures, we have to purchase them separately.
Fingers crossed.

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>A sad day for me :(

>During the week when I had my virus I also started my first period since this time last year! I was pleased about it really, as I want to start TTC in about 6 months time and so that’s 6 months to get into a rhythm. But the virus and return of my period meant my milk supply took a hit and it dwindled to hardly anything! A bit of googling make me realise why and it assured me that it would return. It hasn’t. I thought about taking the tablets again, but my GP had tried to persuade me not to, plus the weight gain on those things had been quite dramatic.
At 3 o’clock this morning, I couldn’t feed him to a point where he was happy to go back to sleep. I was having to make a bottle in the middle of the night and I cried. I cried because I knew this was really the end and that coming out of it with any kind of healthy mental outcome was unlikely. Stacy and I discussed it and I have decided to stop feeding. I am crying now just writing this. It is so hard for me to stop feeding him. I love it. Plus I fought so hard to keep it going in the early days, and if I let it go now so easily I feel like I let my former self down!
My health visitor assured me that getting to 6 months was something to be proud of and that with the onset of weaning it wasn’t as important anymore. That doesn’t make me feel much better to be honest. I wanted to let him self wean. I wanted to have an older child who still enjoyed a breastfeed.
I thought I would go cold turkey but the little man is wondering where his boob is. I am going to try and feed him before he goes to bed tonight. I will carry on feeding him as long as I can before it disappears completely. It will just tail off into the wind……
I thought I would make some babyfood this evening and bought a butternut squash and some carrots and put them in a pan together with some onion and left it on the stove with the instruction to Stacy to ‘keep an eye on it’. 20 minutes later I have a pan full of burnt vegetables!
We spent the day today doing crafts. The house looks like a bomb hit it! I have made several necklaces and Stacy made some earrings. We plan to have a stall at a local craft fair in a couple of weeks.
Oh we bought him an (I think Americans call it an exersaucer) we Brits call it an activity station. I think I know which name I prefer! It is a xmas present really but we have set it up now so that he gets maximum use of it, plus I need a new toy for him to be occupied with during the day when I need to do chores. He is getting very bored of his play gym. So far it totally loves it! He squeeled with delight the first time we put him in it. He manages to find more things to do with the toys on there then I would think to do. I think it is going to turn into good value for money if it gives me time to hang the washing up. It’s Baby Einstein again, I love this brand.

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>4 generations

>My Grandad is staying with my parents for a few days. I tentatively popped in to see him. I greeted him with a smile and a ‘Hello Grandad’ and he said come here and give me a kiss! The atmosphere was strange…. but the conversation was flowing. He tried to hold Charlie twice but the bottom lip came out on both occasions and he said he didn’t want to upset him. We got the opportunity to take a 4 generations of men photo.
Then Grandad began to get racist and so I took that as our cue to leave and we did.
We both seem to have recovered from our virus now, and I am hoping we can leave the house more this week! I went a bit cabin fever this week.
Ooooh I passed my voice test and am an official member of Norwich Harmony now! It was SOOOO scary and I was shaking and my stomach hurt. They are all so sweet there though and I got a lovely text the next morning from the teacher telling me that it was the best voice test they have had in a while and that I will be as asset to their choir *blushes*. I am loving it so far!
More kitted goodies! This was done by my very talented mother, I am chuffed to bits with it.

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>Oh dear

>So after Charlie woke up on Monday morning still with a fever and still covered in spots I took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a non-specific virus. She told me he would be infectious to other babies but probably fine around adults….uh huh?
I started to feel ill early evening time, my throat started to close up, my legs were throbbing, I had random pain all over my body and then as we went to bed, the fever started. Oh poor baby if this is how he feels! What an awful night for me, feeling terrible but still needing to tend to Charlie’s night time illness needs. At 4 I broke down and woke Stacy and handed him over and said I couldn’t do it anymore. She took him off me and I went to the spare room, opened the windows wide open and spread myself out. The fever dreams I was having were scary and unsettling.
When it came time for Stacy to leave for work she brought him back to me. I commented on how I don’t have the option to call in sick for my job.
The day has been really hard. We have stayed in bed for most of it, made another trip to the doctors for a blood test and taken copious amounts of paracetamol between the two of us.
One of the most upsetting things for me is that we have missed his last swimming lesson of the course 😦
I hate illness

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>First illness


This morning Charlie woke up feeling very hot to my touch. We got out his ear thermometer and it told us he was running a fever. He also had a rash of little red spots on his face, chest, legs and feet – especially his feet! I immediately thought meningitis and ran to get a glass to see if they disappeared under pressure, which they did – phew! I told Stacy to ring NHS direct and they asked lots of questions about him and decided he was ok and to keep an eye on him. We gave him some Calpol and an hour later his fever had reduced. He has been lethargic all day and just wanting to be cuddled and very sleepy. It is my first experience of a poorly baby and I found it very stressful and worrying!

I take comfort in the fact I am still breastfeeding and can give him antibodies to whatever he is fighting to help him recover faster. Thank god I stuck with the breastfeeding!

The solids are going well. We are taking things very slowly and I am very keen on baby-led weaning him so we are just doing fruit and veggies and the odd yoghurt. Yesterday I gave him a whole banana with the peal on so he could hold it, and he sucked it down to about two thirds. He also ate a strawberry. He likes to suck cucumber but doesn’t really eat any of it. He was keen to grab a piece of my Toblerone the other evening, but I have said no chocolate till he is 1! Mean Mummy.

He really walks now. You just have to hold his hands but not support any of his weight. He puts one foot in front of the other and walks all around the house. People are shocked that he is able to do this already. I asked the doctor if it was ok and she said it was fine! He gets grumpy if we don’t let him do it. He has only rolled properly by himself about 3 times and he can’t sit unaided yet….but he is getting there.

We have started the Christmas shopping! Oh my what a challenge, especially on limited funds. We have splashed out on a baby Einstein activity centre for the kiddo (£90!!) and a few other bits and bobs, but I expect he will get a lot of presents from friends and family so I am not worried he will be toyless! We have also bought him a father Christmas and an Elf babygrow which he just totally rocks in! I will post pictures of him sporting them nearer to xmas as they are still a bit on the big side.

I have my voice test for my new barbershop choir this week and so am practising daily. I have never attempted to join a choir which requires actual talent and even though I feel fairly confident I will be fine, I am still extremely nervous about it!


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