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>Happy Halloween!

>There is a bowl of chocolate eyeballs waiting for the children, and a pumpkin lit outside so they know to come and knock!
Plus a baby dressed up as a Dalmatian 🙂
We have had a great weekend. The weather yesterday was wonderful, warm and sunny. So we went for a 2 mile walk around an old quarry that is now a beautiful lake. The path was very bumpy though and poor Charlie got his brains rattled. We all felt it afterwards. I am having awful problems with my back at the moment. Stacy often has to massage me just so I can move without pain. I hope it doesn’t get too much worse.
Stacy asked me the other day is Charlie ever comfort nursed. I said no but why was she asking? Turns out she fancied having a go at latching him on to find out what it felt like, and to see if he would comfort nurse. We had a go. Charlie lunged towards her boob and latched on and then immediately came off puzzled and looked up at Stacy’s face and then looked for me. His face was so sweet and confused. Then he got upset so we stopped. I don’t think she wants to try again.


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>My child is weird!

>Charlie is starting to become a real little character. He discovered not long ago that he can make a noise on the in-breath as well as the out-breath and so he makes this noise all the time! Sometimes it sounds like he is having an asthma attack, but actually he is just talking to me.
Then a few days ago he had a little cough and realised that a cough is another way of making a noise and now he puts little coughs into the middle of sentences! It’s so funny to listen to. So what with the asthma attacks and coughing fits I get funny looks in Sainsbury’s lol
He is also on the move! I put him into his playnest today whilst I sat down to do some knitting. When I looked up from my knitting a few seconds later, he was next to it on his front talking to his octopus. I can only assume it fell out of the nest and he went after it. I am going to have to start watching him like a hawk now.

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>Weekend and weight loss

>We had an absolutely lovely weekend! On Saturday I went to an Ali Burns workshop and since it was an hours drive away, Stacy and Charlie came too. Stacy took Charlie for a walk around the local town in the morning and then brought him back to me at lunchtime for a feed. Considering I knew no-one everyone came and chatted to me and several people held Charlie. Now Ali is a bit of a God in the natural voice singing network and she was giving Charlie a cuddle and he threw up all down her arm! I was mortified, she claimed to not mind though bless her. I really really enjoyed it, but it did make me realise I miss Sheffield and my choirs 😦
On Saturday evening we drove to my parents as my sister was back home from university for a reading week. She noticed immediately that Charlie had ‘filled out’ and how much more alert and aware he was. She enjoyed giving him a bath and lots of cuddles.
My Mum made us a slap up curry!
On Sunday Stacy took Charlie downstairs and let me sleep in. It was bliss! I slept until 11am! He had woken up three times in the night and I was getting a bit beside myself with tiredness. I made the very sad decision to introduce a bottle of formula in the evening. My milk supply is causing so many issues and causing me a lot of stress. The domperidone is making me put on weight at a ridiculous amount and my GP doesn’t want me taking it anyway. I really don’t want to stop breastfeeding, I love it so much.
So I am trying to reduce my dose and am doing some daily exercise and trying to eat healthier with less chocolate! Hopefully this will at the very least stop the gain *sigh*
Sunday was just as lovely. We went for a walk and then a pork roast dinner before singing with my family around the piano with Dad playing it. Mum and I also knitted some bootees together. We tackled a hard pattern that had been perplexing me. I was sad to come home and realise the weekend was over.
Stacy would like me to try and sell some of my knitting. There is a local craft fair happening in November and if I can make enough stock to fill a table I will have a go at selling some.

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>I bought some bubbles at gymborree class. They are a special formula made from sugar so it doesn’t matter if they go in LO’s mouth or eyes. He just seemed bemused to be honest! Perhaps as he gets older he will enjoy them more. But for now, I enjoy his little expression as they fall in front of him and settle on his head 😉

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>We’ve started weaning!

>Government guidelines in the UK recommend waiting until 6 months until beginning to wean. I was adamant we were going to wait until then, but things change.
Charlie started to really show an interest in food and also had screaming fits whilst we were eating our dinner. He also started waking 3 times in the night as opposed to once or twice he used to do. After waiting to see if it was just a growth spurt I thought I would try a bit of baby porridge. He wolfed it down! He also seemed to really enjoy the process of eating it, and that night SLEPT THROUGH!!! Oh my god he has never slept through, it was like a revelation. It hasn’t happened again though, but only waking once is much better. So far he has had lunch for the last 3 days. I am going to keep it at one meal for the time being….and wean very slowly.
I am also keen to experiment with baby led weaning which is finger foods given for them to explore and perhaps eat. The slogan behind it all is ‘food is fun for under 1’ meaning don’t expect much to get eaten for a while!! So we are going to mix baby led weaning with a bit off porridge and veg purees as well.
Oh it is all very exciting! Being a parent is so much fun 😉
Breastfeeding is going well on the Domperidone but the GP called me in to review today and scared me into thinking it might be doing either me or him harm. She said as it hasn’t ever been tested or licensed for this particular use I should think about not taking it. She said she would not take it if it were her…..food for thought. I weighed this against the benefits of breastfeeding and have decided to carry on, but would appreciate some comments or thoughts on this?
Weight gain so far is around 9lbs which I am not too happy about!

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>Charlie is standing

>A couple of weeks ago we found that with support Charlie could stand for short amounts of time. As he realised he quite likes standing he now cries until we stand him up. He can pull himself up from a sitting position quite easily and if propped against a sofa or something can stay there for ages on his own!
I thought this was probably quite normal until we were at a baby group this week and the other mums were quite stunned by it. Turns out babies much older than him aren’t doing it yet. My kid is advanced!
I then started to worry he shouldn’t be doing it, will he damage his hips, his feet, his knees? A quick question to the health visitor put my mind at rest. It is fine for him to do it.
Only problem is….he now wants to stand all the time! And whinges until he is allowed to stand!
Grandad (my Dad) loves his new trick and is encouraging him loads!

It was my birthday on Wednesday. I had a lovely day with a lazy morning, lunch out and then met my Mum in town for some shopping. She then made me a lovely ham dinner and we played games into the night. A very low key and quiet birthday, my first as a Mummy and just how I want it 😉
I am still taking the Domperidone for my supply but at a much lower dose, around 2 tablets per 48 hours. I find by taking it less often, I am more sensitive to it. This morning I was very engorged as he slept from 12.30am to 6.30am!!! He then guzzled down both boobs and threw up 5 times all over me, Stacy, his bed, our bed! I think he overate, although he has been grizzly and grumpy most of the day
We spent the rest of today in the forest, playing on the equipment, walking through the woods, eating cake in the cafe and collecting leaves, pinecones and conkers!
I have managed to find some time recently to do some art. I have bought some art clay silver and hope to spend tomorrow making jewellery and perhaps some wax pictures. It would be nice to make a little bit of money whilst on maternity leave and I hope to sell to family and friends if I can make anything remotely nice. I will be sure to post my efforts.

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>Charlie is coming on so well at his swimming lessons! He only manages 25 mins before a melt down, but he is still so little and the lessons are quite intense.
Today we did an underwater swim where we had to let them go! The teacher liked my ‘sound effects’ ahhhhhhhhgggg!!! lol
I have also been crafty this week and knitted some monster booties and made a footmuff for his pram which is all snuggly 😉


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