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>We are in Suffolk again this week for Stacy to do her induction week at her new job. So far so good, she loves the hospital and the people around her seem really nice. She is very positive about working there which is a great thing!

Whilst she has been at work, Mum and our friend Lisa who lives in Norwich have been shopping for the new house. We have bought new curtains for every room and curtain poles lampshades and everything else you need for a new house including carpets. It has been fun but totally exhausting!

I bought these little booties from a little shop in town, I am soooo in love with them!
but perhaps not their price tag (eek! don’t tell Stacy)

I feel great to have left work! My back feels so much better for not doing ophthalmoscopy. I will miss working eventually but not for a while! My work colleagues have us some Mamas and Papas vouchers and we went and bought all the things for his nursery. Mum bought a lot of things taking he brunt of the cost! His room is going to be so beautiful. She also bought us the angelcare baby monitor which has an alarm on it that goes off is the baby stops breathing. Let’s hope that doesn’t have many false alarms.

I have been quite active this week and even washed our car with my little brother! I am putting on weight at about a pound a day, my face has filled out, I have three chins and my feet are very swollen and throbbing. Stacy has to rub them for me every evening to try and make them feel better.
Here is Stacy looking gorgeous and beautiful in the sun

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling uncomfortable in my bump. It felt like intense period pain, was constant and there wasn’t any tightening. It’s possibly Braxton Hicks although I am not sure what they are supposed to feel like. I went for nap and then into the evening they got worse. I have woken up this morning and they are still there although less intense now. I have also had a bit of brown discharge as well as lots of clear discharge. Mum wonders if I am losing my plug a bit.

Mum has taught me how to knit! I am in the middle of making a little hat. It’s not going to be anything special but it will be made by me ๐Ÿ™‚
I will leave you with my recent bump pic, three chins and all.


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>Leaking milk

>I just noticed I am leaking milk from both breasts! How exciting, I can go upstairs and get the pads out now! At least I know they work lol

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>48 hour ECG

>I had another consultant appointment on Monday this time with a cardiologist about the strange thing my heart has been doing. He said it wasn’t overly concerned, that it might be because the baby is pushing my heart upwards and on to its side. Just to make sure he arranged for me to have a 48 hour ECG.
I picked it up this morning and how have sticky pads all over my body and all wired up! People stare instantly. I went to do a little bit of shopping and people were staring at me and I felt all concious. People can be so rude and anything a little bit different and people stare. It must be awful for people with a visible disability or something!
The midwife also had a good poke and told me he was low in my pelvis. This morning I did have a bit of brown discharge.
I also have a lot of pain in various bits of my body. My feet are throbbing constantly, my back is really painful and no position is comfortable except in bed on my back, my hips are hurting more and the heartburn is present almost all the time. I tell you late pregnancy is quite hard work!!! This morning I threw up. Stacy asked why I had thrown up and I said ‘oh because I coughed’ and she replied with ‘yeah I think I’ll let you do this again next time’ lol bless her

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>Ooooh I got tagged!

>LOL thanks Mina

Using only one word

Hair: Blonde
Your Mother: Wonderful
Your Father: Supportive
Fav Food: Indian
Dream Last Night: None
Fav Drink: Coke
What room are you in?: Art room
Hobby: Singing
Fear: Threatened
Where were you last night?: Poker-game
Something that you arenโ€™t: unconditional
Muffins: blueberry
Wish List Item: carpets
Where you grew up: Suffolk
What you are wearing: purple
Your Pet: daft
Friends: varied
Something youโ€™re not wearing: make-up
Fav Store: debenhams
Fav Color: Ornage
Last time you laughed: Morning
Your Best Friend: My wife
Best Place you go over and over: cinema
Person who you email regularly: Emma
Fav Place to Eat: Akbars

I tag farmer femme, Karen and J

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>Inspired by some posts of other blogs I read, I have decided to make Charlie a book of his first year of life and including some pregnancy pages as well. I have spent the last few days trying to master photoshop. I have altered photos in it for years but never attempted ‘layouts’ before. Getting a program to do what you want it to do can sometimes become very frustrating! I am pleased with the preliminary results but feel sure as I improve I might want to come back and do these again.
Please do let me know what you think ๐Ÿ™‚

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>Bump pic 33+5


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>Not posted much lately as there hasn’t been anything news worthy really. I had a consultant appointment this morning in the joint haematology/obstetrics clinic. They changed my dose of Clexane again (which is thinning my blood and stopping me getting any blood clots). We also talked about my management following the birth, which is going to be a tad difficult as we are moving to Norwich almost straight away. My haemotologist is really lovely and has looked after me ever since my blood clot 2 years ago. When I got pregnant she gave me a big hug and always comments on how well I look when I see her. She seemed genuinely sad that I was moving.

Now Charlie boy is a very active baby and never given me any cause for concern as he kicks me so often. This morning I had not felt him move at all! So at the end of my appointment I mentioned this and was told they would do a trace and give me a scan. We sat in the waiting area for another 30 mins or so and just before they called me in, I felt him move. As they were attaching the monitor to me, he got the hiccups and my bump was bouncing around and he also started a major relocation and was rolling and kicking so much the monitor was almost kicked off! I felt like a major fraud! In less than 15 mins of monitoring, he kicked me 95 times! lol
They decided I didn’t need the scan……

We are organising several ‘naming ceremonies’ for him once he is born. We are not going to get him christened as neither of us are religious but we don’t want him to miss out on the party aspect. We are going to have the first of these parties here in Sheffield before we leave. We are planning it to be a sort of open house even from 11 till 4 or something like that with champagne and cake and people can drop in and meet the little fella. We will invite all our work colleagues. both of our choirs and all other people that might like to come. We said to J he could invite a few people (his friends we don’t know etc…) he wants to meet him as well. This was a big deal for me to say that to him, but if we involve him heavily in this party we can have the family events without feeling guilty about not inviting him.
The second party will be at my parents house and will involve all my side of the family (that’s a lot of people!) and all my old family friends. We might actually do an actual ceremony at this one. Our local registry office does non-religious baby welcoming things which might be nice to give the event more of a centre.
The third party will be in Leicester and will be for Stacy’s family and friends and held in a function room. This little boy is going to be so spoilt!

We haven’t taken a bump pic in 2 weeks, I will get Stacy to take one when she gets back from work and post it later ๐Ÿ™‚

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