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>Ever year we go with one of our choirs to Lockerbrook in the middle of the winter for a singing weekend. Lockerbrook is in the Pennines on the snake pass and it is sometimes difficult to get up there. Thankfully we were able to drive up there this time as I don’t think I would have been able to walk!

On the first night we had a soup supper together before singing some new songs taught to us by Richard. We then sang some old faves into the night.
On Saturday morning we got up early and in in the mist and the snow sang Taize songs on the hillside looking over the lake. After breakfast the others went on a mountain walk (which I didn’t go on) we played ping pong instead! lol

In the afternoon my faveourite teacher came and taught a 3 hour workshop which was lots of fun! After dinner we sat and sang until gone midnight, this time by candlelight. Stacy and I also sang a little ‘turn’ to the group which they enjoyed.
Charlie spent all day kicking me very hard…I almost felt like he was saying
‘will you shut up? You haven’t stopped all day! Trying to sleep in here yeah?……’
In the evening my heart went into a psycho 15 mins when it started racing and palpitations and I felt dizzy and weird. It happened again today. I have googled it and it seems to be quite common but I will mention it on my midwife appointment this week.
This morning we had breakfast and more singing, then lunch then we came home. We are both now slobbed on the sofa receovering.
Stacy has decided to go to the interview on Thursday. This means that when she leaves for work tomorrow morning I won’t see her until Thursday evening 😦
This is my 27 + 2 bump pic


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>3D scan

>We had our 3D scan this morning! It was very exciting! However Charlie was very snuggled up in my placenta and gave us only fleeting glimpses of his face straight on, but we got some great profile shots and some ones of his little feet and hands. Stacy thinks he looks like me and my little brother! I thought he looked like a Simpsons character with a massive overbite lol
It was a special 45 mins, and we got a DVD of the whole scan, and when I work out how to rip it off the disc I will try and upload some to the net for friends and family to view (and you lovely blog readers)
In other news Stacy has been offered an interview for the Norwich job. She has been sent into a bit of a quandary if she wants it or not. It is a fantastic job, just what she wants to do, and great rate of pay. It would mean however that we would move, start a new job and have a baby all in the same month! Which understandably she is not keen on. Plus she is still doing her masters at the same time as all of that and essay deadlines in that month. BUT the opportunity is too good to just throw it away, so she will go to the interview and if she gets offered it, we will discuss our options again.
We are off in an hour or 2 for a singing retreat weekend with our other choir (the straight one). I have been looking forward to it for weeks! We also booked a week away at Centre Parks the week after next and I have bought a maternity swimming costume. We want to spend some special time together before Charlie graces us with his presence.

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>Sunday craft project

>Stacy woke up a good hour before me this morning and left me to dose in a weird half dream like state. I was having some very weird dreams…. When she finally came to wake me up she startled me and I screamed in her face! She said it’s snowed again come and look! (I was naked at this point and she threw me a tea towel to cover myself with….yeah….) It had snowed a good few inches!
Anyway we went out to the cinema regardless and when we sat down to watch the film it didn’t start. They told us there was going to be a 45 minute delay in starting the film *groan* so we wandered in the snow down to Toys R Us and bought a stand for the moses basket which Stacy then had to lug back up the hill to where we had left the car bless her.
We realised that we had bought it in the ‘wrong’ colour but had been persuaded by the girl in the shop that we should just paint it! Ok we said! When Stacy went into Homebase the cheapest wood paint in white was £7!!
We both enjoyed painting it though, with ‘One flew over the cuckoos nest’ in the background (what a strange film). I think it looks pretty good now and it’s desperate to have a baby in it!

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>A couple of months ago Stacy read in a book that I shouldn’t be wearing under wired bras whilst pregnant….that it restricted the milk ducts or something. So she bought me 2 maternity bras. When I put them on my boobs were almost down my sides and I refused to wear them. Stacy assured me that my boobs looked fine in them, and that it was for my own (and Charlies) good. So I dutifully put one on and went to work in one. One of my colleagues said to me
Laura your boobs look really weird today
and I said I knew it!!!!
Anyway I carried on wearing my under wired bra defiantly until this week when it was getting painful. So when we were out shopping I said let’s go and buy me a new bra. When the women came in to measure me, she said she would only let me try on maternity (non wired) bras! My lip pouted, I agreed to trying some on. The 11th bra later I found one I really loved. It felt like it had wire in it, gave me lots of support and felt great. It is the most ugly looking bra I ever set eyes on! We bought it in white and black and I am wearing it now…..we shall see if anyone at work notices my boobs ‘looking funny’ lol!
Oooooh and another thing we bought was a baby rocking chair for the living room. My mum and dad gave us £100 to spend on things for the baby so we went for an expensive one with an MP3 player in it! it vibrates and everything 🙂
And I did buy 2 more baby hats……hehe

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>Bump pics from 25 + 3

>This evening we went to a Valentines day singing concert entitled ‘All above the Love Train’! It was a lovely evening, there were lots of gay couples there as one of the women in the trio was gay. This meant we could snuggle up together whilst listening.
We knew loads of people there and had some nice chats with various people during the break. They ran a little competition where we had to write in 6 words what love it. Stacy chose
‘love is….left a bit, yes, just there!
I chose
Love is snuggling in bed together
We were both runners up!
This morning was an interesting morning… I work on Saturdays but Stacy doesn’t. I got up, washed my hair, and went downstairs and made myself 2 boiled eggs and 2 slices of toast. As I went upstairs to brush my teeth, I suddenly projectile vomited it all up! It was HORRIBLE!!!! I am not going to be able to eat eggs for a while! I had to wash my hair again, and I was half an hour late for work, but I felt fine for the rest of the day. Oh the joys of morning sickness at 25 weeks pregnant! So unfair lol
Here are some bump pics from this evening:

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>Baby Hats

>Stacy is being driven mad by my obsession with buying baby hats….. I want to use them in photography once he is born, and I want a good selection of hats, blankets and other props on hand to use when he is just a few days old. I need to buy this stuff now as once he is here there will be no time and I want the photos to be of him as a very tiny newborn!
You only need to visit flickr and type in ‘newborn baby’ and ‘hat’ and you will fall in love with the photos that you see!
So for the time being Stacy sweet, I am going to keep buying hats… (love you!)

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>I was thinking about this all last night after making my post yesterday. How would I feel right now if we had chosen an anon donor? I decided to pretend we were about to get pregnant and started browsing donor lists thinking who would I choose?….what would I base it on?….. why are these men donating in the first place? I found the whole exercise very calming in the end. There is no way on earth I could have chosen a man off a list of paper with his interests and education and his eye colour. I would be forever wondering what kind of person he was really like, if he had a mean streak etc….
I woke up this morning feeling warm and fuzzy towards J. He has given us a great gift, really cares for us and our family and I know exactly what I am getting in terms of DNA. He has never once pressurised us and is very attentive to our feelings. Our child will know where he came from so there will be no ‘wondering’ for him. J sent me this message about a week ago, says it all really…

"Claire told me that you were having some problems
(with your hips) and I had meant
to ring you.
If I'm honest I'm trying to give you both some
space so please don't confuse my
behaviour as lack of interest in your well being.
Anyway I hope you feel better now.

I must say I feel much better today and less insecure. J knows we are moving a good few hours away from him once Charlie is born, and I think space will also make us feel more at ease.
Still….wouldn’t it be wonderful if one day in the future, lesbians can make a baby on their own? It isn’t that far off I don’t think! I would love to know what a combination of me and Stacy looks and acts like. Keep on dreaming for now 🙂

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