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>Day out to Manchester

>My hips felt so much better this morning! We had planned to go to Manchester to an art materials exhibition and so on the way I suggested we stop off and have a little walk through some woodlands around a lake. We took the camera and took a few more bump pics as well as some ‘Mummy and Mammy’ pics whilst waiting for you for the baby book.

People often ask us what we are planning the baby to call us. When we got married we knew we wanted to have a family name and so one of us would take the others surname. I said I would take Stacy’s surname if I got to be Mummy when we had children. She found this an acceptable proposition and so I took her surname!
We talked for hours over what to call Stacy. Up north everyone calls their Mum….Mam or Mammy so we thought that would be a good alternative. We also looked at names for Mum from all over the world. There was some really cute ones like Mitzi, but Stacy wanted something more traditional. It’s working for us right now and other people seem to like it.


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>Bump pic 23+3

>Here is me after a hard day at work! Charlie kicked loads all day….I wonder just how hard these kicks can get?

Last night I fell asleep last night at 8.30 and occasionally woke up in the night, but mostly slept through till 7.30 this morning! I needed it though. We have a fun day planned tomorrow, but will be tiring.
I was paid on Thursday and we put £700 straight into paying off Stacy’s overdraft. That’s it gone now and only a couple of hundred on a credit card and we are debt freeeee! It’s an amazing feeling. We have been crippled with debt since leaving university and moving in together. Stacy did a PGCE which we had to pay for ourselves and I was earning less than minimum wage at the time and the debt just piled up! Ever since then we have paid off a decent amount each month, but have had to furnish a whole house, buy 2 cars and have holidays and generally enjoy life and so it has gone quite slowly. Now with Charlie on the way we are paying it off as hard as possible whilst still saving real money and we have made real progress and feel quite proud of ourselves. We never thought we would get pregnant so easily so it has had to happen in quite a short time!
My SPD has been feeling a bit better the last couple of days. Since I worked out what it was and what made it worse or irritated it, I stopped doing those things. My midwife is sending me for some physio though and perhaps a girdle which should also help. She also found protein and blood in my urine so sent it off for analysis. I haven’t heard anything back….I should chase that.

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>Yay Stacy is back!

>And she made my tea, just ran me a bath and washed my back and then helped me into my pyjamas 🙂 I love her.

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>On my own

>So Stacy is away on a course from Tuesday till Thursday so I am all on me tod, and therefore eating crap (because if no one sees you eat it, it doesn’t matter) and not moving off the sofa!
I am not going to choir this evening partly to hide from the fact I made a big boo boo and don’t want to face the music and party because driving can be painful and I feel a bit vulnerable on my own without Stacy to drive me home if I am in pain. So a night in with a hot water bottle on my back and crap TV.
I spoke to my manager today about my problems…she was really understanding and asked me if there was anything she could do to help me, which there isn’t really. I will just work through the pain!! lol (what a trooper, they should give me a pay rise ;))
I am LOVING having the bed to myself though, well when I say myself, I mean me and the 2 cats, but they are much smaller than Stace.
I have started on the baby book, doctored all of the ‘daddy’ references out of it, and stuck in all the scan piccies, pictures of things we have bought, bump pictures and pictures of pregnancy tests etc… it is looking gooooood, just needs a picture of a baby now! I am writing it to Charlie, so when we reads it, the narrative is to him, I hope he likes that, although he is a boy and they aren’t so sentimental are they?
Anyway I have a busy evening of doing nowt so much be going!

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>I have SPD ;'(

>3 weeks ago during the snow and ice I started getting pain in my groin area and I thought I must have sprained or pulled a muscle by walking funny.
3 weeks later the pain is still here and getting worse so yesterday I went to the GP. I told him it hurt to walk, to get in and out of the car, to put my trousers on in the morning and turning over in bed is so painful oh and pushing things! He said it’s SPD come and lie on the bed.
So I lay down and he did some poking and prodding and I didn’t say it hurt in the right places and so he was a tad confused so told me to come back if it didn’t go away….
Anyway I got home and googled SPD and basically it lists everything I have been having a problem with!! I woke up several times last night in pain and this morning it is even worse.
To top things off Stacy has gone away on a 3 day course leaving me on my own! I am very tearful now at the prospect of the rest of my pregnancy being in pain.


In more cheerful news Stacy took me to the cinema last night to see ‘Daybreakers’ a vampire film. I think it had my adrenalin pumping as it was affecting Charlie and he was going mad inside me! So I grabbed Stacy’s hand and put it on my tummy and she felt for the first time strong kicks that she could be sure she was feeling the baby. This made her really happy 😀 and I was so pleased she could share in the experience I was having. I was glad when the film ended though as my pelvis was killing me sitting so long with no real support.

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>In recent days I am not sleeping very well. This may be becuase I have a lot on my mind and when I stir in the night or go to the loo my mind goes into overdrive and I can’t drift off again. It is 6.30 in the morning right now and I have been awake since 5.00am.
One of my colleagues went home in the middle of the day yesterday with norovirus so I am worrying about that!
Also I am social sec for my gay choir and there has been a major boo boo which is partly my fault and I can’t try and sort out till Monday and that is on my mind.
Also worrying about our plans and if Stacy manages to get a job/we manage to find a house and give birth in the right place. I’ve started telling friends that we are planning to move and they all seem really sad which makes me feel sad to move too 😦 but I still want to!!
I am going to have to give in to the maternity jeans which I hate! I am so uncomfortable in my current jeans at the moment, sitting on a sofa makes me feel like I am being strangled! I just mope around in my pyjama bottoms if at all possible!
We are at 22 weeks, and only another 2 weeks to go before I reach ‘V’ day. This means that if the baby was born he would have a 40% chance of surviving.
On the name front we have been calling him Charlie for a couple of weeks now and we both still love it. Stacy won’t say she is finally decided on it, but I think I am!! lol There is a hilarious video on youtube which has been around for a couple of years now called ‘Charlie bit my finger!’ and we often imitate the little boy in the video when he kicks me, I say ow Charlie! You probably have to be there…..but we find it funny anyway LOL

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>Weight gain!

>Eek just weighed myself and I am 6 pounds heavier than when I got pregnant! I wonder how much of that is baby, placenta and fluid and how much is just me getting podgy! lol
Here is another bump pic taking a few days ago just before 21 weeks.
Today we went to a museum in our town that we had never explored before. It is an industrial museum called Kelham Island. It was good! I am finding it more tiring to walk around things, but it wasn’t too big and then we went and had a big lunch!

I think I might start work on our baby book. It needs a lot of doctoring to get rid of all ‘Daddy’ references and there is already lots to stick in. I am also working on a baby blanket that I am embroidering for him. It is covered in cute little sheep and is pale pastel blue. I’ll post a picture of my progress soon. I can’t knit, so this is my contribution!

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