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>So whilst we were down in Suffolk Mum took us to the January sales! We got loads of stuff! Numerous baby gros, some little jackets, other little outfits and little socks etc… it was soooo much fun buying baby stuff and Mum was so excited too and wanted to spend money as well which is quite welcome! lol
We are now going to buy the pram, and also a moses basket. We are being given a cot and a highchair, oh and we have also found a bouncy chair that we like.
I have my scan on Monday and hopefully everything will be ok and we will find out the gender and then I can go even more mad on buying baby clothes!
The other great purchases were several matenity tops and dresses which will be much more comfortable for wearing to work compared to what I already own which was feeling snug before I had 2 weeks off. I have quite a bump on me now with only a couple of stretch marks so far when I expected them to be a lot worse by now.


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>Merry Xmas

>We made it home to Suffolk, we have had a wonderful day full of presents, chocolate, games and laughing and are now sitting in front of the TV watching xmas specials 🙂
I will get to see my Dad tomorrow when he flies home from Hong Kong (he is a pilot) and Mum has 4 days of travelling around family and friends and just enjoying the company of those we love. I can’t wait to move back home…

We brought the cats with us and decided to take them outside for a walk/some fresh air and perhaps a wee and Poppy totally was having none of being on the lead and just sat down and refused to move. Alfie was loving all the new smells and things to explore and he was off round the garden and was sad to have to come back in! They are so different to each other.
On the drive down here yesterday Poppy was sick in the car and we had to pull into a layby and start mopping it up and dealing with it. I laughed and said it was good practice!!! Although I must admit to having let Stacy do most of the ‘dealing’. LOL

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>Nub theory

>Whilst I have been ill I have been doing a lot of internet reading and came across an article describing nub theory. Bascially at 12 weeks girls and boys have the same looking parts….but it has been known that the angle that those parts are sitting at can give you an educated guess at the gender. How exciting!
Basically if the nub looks horizontal to the spine, it is a girl. If it is at 30 degrees up to the spine it is a boy. OK! So I went on a forum where you can post your scan piccy and then all these totally obsessed people make comments and say what they think you are having.
I posted my pic there earlier this evening and so far have 7 guesses for a girl and no one has yet guessed boy.
Here is the scan pic again. The nub does look kinda horizontal (with respect to the angle of the spine) so I can see why they are guessing girl!

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>Big decisions

>On Saturday evening Stacy said to me..do you want to move back home to Suffolk so that you can be closer to your mum and so that our baby can go to school in a better area? It was so out of the blue she must have been sitting there thinking about it…. I said yes I would love to move back home! So we talked about it for a couple of hours and basically made the decision to relocate when the baby is in it’s first few months.
She has been working on the NHS graduate scheme and it is due to end in May and at that point she has to look for a new job. This is what has prompted her to think about it. I rang my Mum and she was sooooo excited of the prospect of us being near to her, she excited said I will childmind for you! Which of course is a great offer.
The only thing on my mind was J. When we were discussing the conception we did bring up the situation of us wanting to move…. however we are now planning to move almost as soon as the baby exists which I felt may be unfair to him. It was on my mind all night and I woke up really early thinking about it and not able to get to sleep.

On Sunday we were performing in 2 choir carol concerts and he came to the first one to listen to us sing.

We took him to a cafe for lunch and brought it up. His reaction was perfect! He was very calm and realistic about things and said if we needed to move that was ok with him as long as he could come visit regularly. He even mentioned moving himself to be nearer to us. It was a huge weight off my mind and I am very excited about the next stage in our lives.
during the night I woke up with a very painful throat and sore head and legs that were aching. By the time the morning came I was being sick as well. I rang work to say I was sick and when my manager spoke to me I almost cried she was so sweet about it. During the day I have felt worse and feared it may be flu! However I have no temp. Stacy just got home and has gone out to the shops to buy me some soup to see if I can keep it down. I feel like I am ill so often, my immune system whilst pregnant has been a bit pants! I hope I am better super speedy and feel ok for xmas.

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>A big kick

>I am sitting in my living room watching a very long film and about 5 mins ago I felt a big kick! It made me jump! I hoped it would do it again and have been looking out for one, but I think she might be asleep now!
This is so exciting!
At work yesterday a patient noticed that I was pregnant and asked me when I was due. That is the first time a stranger has noticed, I liked it!
I also have a midwife appointment tomorrow. I hope I get to hear a heartbeat 🙂
On Sunday I received an electric shock from an appliance and it has had me worried for a few days. Now I felt the kick I feel better, but hearing the heartbeat would make me feel even better.
At the weekend we bought a few items for the baby, 7 babygrows, 4 baby hats! some bibs and a towel with ears for bedtime. We have also chosen our bedroom set that we like and might start buying bits for that as there is a lot of it and it isn’t cheap.
Really looking forward to xmas and some time off, then our next scan in on the 4th of Jan so much to look forward to.

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>Last night as we were lying in bed, I felt some unusual sensations coming from my lower tummy! I lay quietly and monitored them, they were random in occurrence and staying in the same place and very light and fluttery. Stacy put her hand on my tummy but couldn’t feel anything, not that I thought she would as I could only just feel them.
I think I felt my baby for the first time. I look forward to bed time now where I can just lie still and concentrate on feeling for them 🙂

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>At the weekend we had some old uni friends over to celebrate xmas. We do it every year and have a big xmas dinner and play games into the evening. We don’t get to see each other very often and so it is always special. We were all planning on how it was going to be next year when there was a baby joining us!
While the camera was out we took the oppertunity to take a 15+3 week baby bump picture. I hadn’t realised I was thing big!
I had to wear my maternity trousers to work today, they were well comfy!

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