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>Halloween (cat torture)

>We had fun this evening carving out a pumpkin and dressing Alfie up in a Dracula outfit, bless


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>3 magpies

>There were 3 magpies sitting on my fence this afternoon! That was exciting…..come on girl!
I have felt so poorly today. I was up all night again with my body trying to clear a weeks worth of constipation….2 hours of cramps and then up again every 20 mins for another couple of hours. Woke up this morning (luckily my day off) and felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.
I have had no energy at all and didn’t feel up to leaving the house to do the supermarket shop and I felt sick again today as well.
*sigh* feeling sorry for myself again, not pretty considering a co-worker lost her sister suddenly and tragically during the week and it puts things into perspective.

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>My Dad

At the very moment that S and I got our positive pregnancy test result, I wanted to ring and tell my parents! As it happened my Dad picked up the phone and I blurted out the news to him and he said I’ll go get your Mum…. a few days later I was chatting to my Mum and asked her if Dad was ok with me being pregnant…she said he was but that he thought he was too young to be a Grandad! lol As with most things about my life it takes my Dad a while to come round to the idea of something. It was the same with my coming out/us getting engaged etc after a while he normalises it and copes with it but it does tend to take a while.
Well on my birthday he sent me a little text saying ‘Happy Birthday, hope that you and the baby are well, love Dad’ and it actually made me cry…he achnowledged it! lol
Then we asked for his help on buying our second car and he said well think about when you have the baby and what you might need then. I thought it was wonderful he was thinking about it without being asked and also seeming to be ok about it and almost in anticipation.
I love my father a great deal, and having his love and support means a lot to me. He is a great Dad and I only hope for our child that they admire us as much as I admire him.

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>We went to Clumber park to take some pictures using my new macro lens that I got for my birthday. It’s very difficult to use!

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>I got my scan date letter through and it is scheduled for Friday 13th November! Now I do plan to rearrange this as my day off is on a Tuesday and better than missing work, but if they can’t give me an appointment close to it , I will keep it *eek*
My dad used to be in the RAF and he was on 13th squadron, plus I was born on the 13th of October. He said that whenever they had a Friday the 13th they always used to have a little party and all go up flying and say ‘PAH’ in the face of superstition. I am going to have this opinion as even if I do change the the date, I can never escape the fact that this was the date originally given to me….lol I think about things too much!

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>Now I have a new fashion accessory to add to my outfit daily, sea sickness wristbands!

They don’t look great but they do seem to help with my sickness.
My work colleagues and I went out for a meal last night, then we went bowling afterwards. It was fun, and S won the bowling much to my horror!! lol
Not much else to report really. I booked some time off work to spend at home with my parents at the end of Nov which I am now really looking forward to.
We are still looking to buy another car for S to drive to work. She thinks she would like a Ford Ka, and I think they are quite nice little cars!

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>My birthday today!

>So the sickness lasted all weekend with it easing enough on Sunday evening for us to go and visit our friend Rick who has his baby last Tuesday. She was 5 days old when I got to cuddle her! As I walked into the living room I said
‘oooooh she is just soooo small!’
Then whilst I was cuddling her, I asked is this the size she was when she came out? Rick said actually slightly smaller she has lost a little bit of weight….. to which I replied
‘she is enormous!!!!’ lol

Last night 7 of us went out for a meal to celebrate my 25th birthday! It was a lovely affair with much hilarity and I felt blessed to have such lovely friends 🙂

Today S took the day off work to spend the day with me and we did a bit of shopping in the morning and then had a spot of lunch before I went to my pottery class. S looked at cars whilst I was doing my class. When we got home I had to have another nap! But it was sooo good.

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