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>After just over 2 weeks of dieting and intensive exercise I have now lost 10 pounds! I feel great for it and VERY motivated to carry on and lose as much as I can before conception. I hope that I can carry it on whilst pregnant as well although not sure what the advice is on dieting whilst pregnant? I will have to look into it. Maybe just very healthy eating and gentle exercise!
We have started using the ovulation monitor now. My morning routine is getting very complicated! I wake up and take my temperature which takes 5 mins, then I pee on a stick and stick it in the monitor and head downstairs for half an hour of aerobics, then eat a boiled egg, then jump in the shower and head for work….phew!!


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I was diagnosed with PCO last year my cycles have always been so erratic!

Last year I went from August to end of Nov without having a period, and my shortest cycle was about 6 weeks.

When we finalised our plans with our donor around Dec last year my cycle seems to have been getting shorter and shorter and getting some regularity to it….. I think it is all to do with my mental attitude and my body preparing to have a go at getting pregnant!

My last 2 cycles were both 6 weeks long so I thought that was it for me, and that we would only be about to try every 6 weeks. We are due to have our first insemintation on my next ovulation which I believed to be 6 weeks away but today WOOOOO I started my period which means my cycle has shortened by another 2 weeks!

I have been grinning all day today.

I just hope that I DO in fact ovulate. Here’s to our first attempt 😀 Getting nearer and nearer,

In other news the diet and exercise regime is going very well. I have lost a few pounds in the first week and feel better for all the exercise. I have been getting up 45 mins earlier and doing 30 mins aerobics and eating a proper breakfast. I am enjoying all the cooking I am doing in the evening! This also perhaps has something to do with the early period? The next time I have a period I will proabably be crying as it will mean I am not pregnant.

Anyway enough of the ramble! I looking forward to tomorrow morning when I can start monitoring my temperature and peeing on sticks for my fertility monitor!

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>Bitter Sweet

>We had our hospital appointment yesterday with a haematologist and an obstetrician about planning our baby.
We have decided to keep me on Warfarin while we try and to inform them immediately that we get a positive result and then change onto the Clexane injections (this is to prevent me getting blood clots). I was pleased about this but we shall have to be very careful I don’t go past 4 weeks without noticing (not that that will happen!!!)
The bitter thing was that they commented on my weight a few times and told me to lose some which I know I need to, it’s just hard to hear. The trouble with me is that I feel I already watch what I eat and so some exercise, but that is just to maintain my weight. In order to lose I have to completely throw myself into it and get obsessed which takes over my whole being. I need to do it though so the last few days I have eaten very well and done loads of exercise and I do feel better for it.
When they weighed me i nearly hit the floor from shock!!

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>I persuaded her to get the monitor and we bought one online last night. We got it reduced from an ebay seller and therefore cost us £60 instead of £100
The excitement level has lifted another step, I am dreaming a lot about sperm and insemination lol
I worked out I was ovulating in the next few days and wanted to have a crack this cycle but S put her foot down and said no and this is sensible.
This time last year I had a pulmonary embolism and am now taking Warfarin to prevent further clots. It is not safe to get pregnant on Warfarin, so I am seeing a consultant next week to change onto injections daily which is safe to become pregnant on.
I am lucky to have S who keeps me sensible!!

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>My partner and I got a civil partnership last August and are now ready to move to the next stage in our relationship and make a baby together.
Now obviously being lesbians we need a bit of help to do this and have chosen our good friend J who is also gay and who is 52 and ‘past it’ (his own words). He is going to be our donor and we plan our first insemination the next time I ovulate. My cycle is pretty long (about 42 dys) so this is quite a while away.
Yesterday we ventured into Boots to look at ways to find out if I am ovulating and were staggered by the price of things!!!
We looked into a few different option including the clear blue fertility monitor £99.99!!
It does seem pretty cool giving us a window of fertility rather than a one day surge that the ovulation sticks do.
We left it for now, but will prob get one from ebay or 2nd hand from somewhere else. We did get a temperature monitor that detects the temp changes associated with ovulation. Our donor works for Boots so got as discount. I have decided to keep a running total of how much having a baby cost us. Total so far:
We also got some pregnany tests! (putting the cart before the horse?)
We came home feeling pretty excited. We discussed the clear blue monitor again yesterday evening and the discussion got pretty heated. It seems I want more than one way of detecting ovulation where as S is happy to try out one method at a time.
I just want to get pregnant as quickly as possible!
Last night I found a forum of lesbian mums that seemed very friendly, I hope to gain lots of advice from them in our quest for a child.

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